2019 Megane RS Trophy 296bhp most powerful Renault Sport car ever

Megane RS Trophy to land this autumn. Hot hatch’s 296bhp heralds most powerful Renault Sport car ever.

Renault is wating no time in offering a Trophy version of its Iatest Megane RS. Set to go on sale this autumn, the new Trophy follows a familiar path, gaining more power and a sharper chassis to take it beyond the standard car.

2019 Megane RS Trophy

2019 Megane RS Trophy

With 296bhp – 20bhp more than the regular RS – the Trophy will be Renault Sport’s most powerful car to date. It’s far from an ECU job, though. Upcoming WLTP emissions regulations have necessitated the fitment of a particulate filler, which has increased exhaust back-pressure, so the engineers have responded with a lower-friction, ceramic ball bearing turbocharger for quicker responses, and a valved exhaust for greater flow – and more noise when it’s desired. Six-speed manual and dual-clutch EDC transmissions are available, the latter rated for greater torque (310lb ft versus 295 for the manual, compared to 288 for the standard car).

The Trophy will get the Cup chassis as standard, which brings a Torsen limited-slip differential, firmer dampers and stiffer springs and anti-roll bars. Bi-material (aluminium and cast-iron) front brake discs – an option on the regular RS – are standard, saving 1.8kg apiece and being more resistant to fade. From 2019 it will also be possible to replace the standard 19-inch wheels and Bridgestone S0011 tyres with lighter (by 2kg per corner) 19s fitted with stickier S007s. And Recaro seats will be an option from the off.

Of course, the new model still leaves room for an even more hardcore Trophy R, so you might want to hold off on that Civic Type R purchase for a little longer.


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