2019 Kia Stonic

Handsome looks and a peppy drive mark the Kia Stonic as the ideal car for the fun-loving family.


Cheaper cars almost always feature a less involving driving experience, and don’t come with much kit. But the bold new Kia Stonic turns that frown upside down with its combination of low price and high value. Modern, sleek looks and exciting driving dynamics keeps the Kia Stonic a world apart from the same same crossovers plying the roads.

Kia Stonic

2019 Kia Stonic

Some cars come with several paint options in any shade of grey or black. Not only does the Kia Stonic come with those choices, but you can also select from a range of vibrant colours.

Design isn’t the only thing going for the Stonic, with loads of kit inside to keep keen drivers occupied and their passengers sated.

A sporty dashboard greets you upon your keyless entry to the cockpit, which features large, clear instruments and a sunroof for some wind-in-the hair motoring.

Under the hood, the peppy turbocharged 1-litre engine and seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox harmonise to give you the power you need on the move while minimising overall running costs.

Compact and responsive, the Kia Stonic is great fun in day-to-day driving, keeping you engaged with the fun factor expected from its cheerful disposition. On the road, the multi-function steering wheel has remote audio controls and available auto cruise controls, keeping your hands where they need to be. While driving, don’t miss a beat with the Bluetooth-enabled infotainment screen, which also supports both Apple Carplay and Android Auto.

With a roomy rear and supportive seats, rear-seat passengers get to enjoy the ride as much as you do. They can even charge their phones on the go with the rear USB port.

Compact should also mean versatile, and the Stonic’s folding second row of seats opens up an array of possibilities, as does its adjustable cargo floor.

Keeping you protected are the Stonic’s six airbags, while Vehicle Stability Management (VSM) and Torque Vectoring By Braking (TVBB) ensures occupants are safe no matter the road conditions.

All that is backed up by Kia’s 10-year engine warranty and 5-year unlimited mileage warranty for peace of mind.

With its engaging drive and sharp looks, the Kia Stonic proves that you don’t need to spend top dollar to have the most fun.

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