2019 Honda CB500X, CBR650R and CB650R

Honda led its 2019 charge with the Monkey, Super Cub, CB300R roadster and CRF450L dual-sport, all of which we have covered in recent issues. Joining these bikes for 2019 are the upgraded CB500X, which gets a more off-road-ready 19-inch front wheel in place of the 17-incher, and increased suspension travel to 5.3 inches (front) and 5.9 inches (rear) contributing to a one-inch-taller seat height of 32.7 inches. The CB500X also has a more upright riding position and engine changes said to result in increased torque and crisper throttle response. It will be available in Grand Prix Red.

Honda’s “Neo-Sports Café” restyle campaign continues with the new CB650R (and its sporty sib- ling, the CBR650R) replacing the CB650F/CBR650F for 2019. A total redesign for the CB650R includes a trimmed-down chassis, a round LED headlight and a new LCD dash that includes shift and gear position indicators. Seat height is unchanged at 31.9 inches and it weighs a claimed 445 pounds wet compared to the F’s 454 pounds. Some of that weight loss is due to the half-gallon-smaller 4.1-gallon fuel tank.

Honda led its 2019 charge with the Monkey, Super Cub, CB300R roadster and CRF450L dual-sport

Honda led its 2019 charge with the Monkey, Super Cub, CB300R roadster and CRF450L dual-sport

Performance upgrades include a new inverted 41mm Showa fork, radial- mount 4-piston brake calipers, floating brake rotors and new wheels. Its 649cc in-line four has a revised intake and exhaust, new cam timing and a slightly higher compression ratio for more peak power and smoother torque delivery. An assist- and-slipper clutch and Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) round out the CB650R’s features. The 2019 CB650R will be available in April. It comes in Chromosphere Red, with an MSRP of $8,899 for non- ABS, and $9,199 for the ABS model.

New styling and a more aggressive riding position for the CBR650R that shifts the rider’s weight forward and down make the CBR650F’s replacement even sportier than before. Its 649cc in-line four revs higher and makes more power and torque, plus it gets HSTC and an assist-and-slipper clutch.

Revisions to the frame, fuel tank and footpegs result in a claimed 456 pounds wet, an 11.6-pound weight loss. Like its naked CB650R sibling, wheelbase is 57 inches, seat height is 31.9 inches and it holds 4.1 gallons of fuel.

The CBR650R also gets all-LED lighting, a new LCD dash with shift and gear position indicators, a new 41mm inverted Showa SFF fork, radial-mount 4-piston brake calipers and floating brake rotors, and redesigned wheels. It will be available in Grand Prix Red/Stripe.

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