2019 Dendrobium D-1 to be built in UK

The rather oddly named Dendrobium D-1 was unveiled at last year’s Geneva Motor Show and the electric hypercar has now taken a significant step to reality with the announcement of a new company, Dendrobium Automotive Limited now established in the UK.

2019 Dendrobium D-1 All Electric Hypercar to be made in the UK

The concept for this hypercar has been around since the mid-1990s as the project of Vanda Electrics, a Singaporean product design company. In 2016, further design work was done by Williams Advanced Engineering with the aim to produce a working show car.

 2019 Dendrobium D-1 to be built in UK

2019 Dendrobium D-1 to be built in UK

The Chairman and CEO of Dendrobium Automotive Ltd is Nigel Gordon-Stewart, who has been involved with supercars since 1989, with McLaren, Lamborghini and Lotus, he told Ultimate Supercar magazine: “Dendrobium Automotive is one of the most exciting businesses I have been involved in. We are developing what will be the most impressive all-electric hypercar. We are developing our own in-house all-electric power train. We are developing our own cabling and connector systems as well as our own vehicle integration and ADAS hardware and software. The D-1 will be a British engineering tour-de-force.”

There are few technical details available yet, but mentions are being made of 1800bhp, 2000Nm of torque and a weight of only 1710kgs, so it is going to be quick! We look forward to learning a lot more about this electric hypercar in the near future, and take time today to celebrate that this is going to be built with British engineering.

The name? Dendrobium is a genus of orchids native to Singapore and when the car’s door and synchronised roof are opened, the shape resembles that of the plant. If that sounds a little odd, check out the company’s website (www. dendrobium.com) and compare with pictures of the plant; it’s odd, but you can see the resemblance!

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