2019 Coventry MotoFest

From ring road to race track, Coventry once again drops the chequered flag on another successful MotoFest.



Outrageous full-throttle launches, smokey burnouts, high-speed antics, the roar of exhaust notes reverberating under flyovers and thousands upon thousands of horsepower blatting up and down the A4053 – and that’s just a regular Saturday night in Coventry. But for one weekend a year it’s all completely above board and legal as the MotoFest takes over Coventry city centre.

Modern classics in all shapes and sizes flooded the city as the ring road was transformed into a racetrack, and the city centre’s pedestrian areas were overtaken by show cars. What we love most about MotoFest is that it’s a car show for non-car enthusiasts, first and foremost, and so the vehicles on display are wildly different than you’d expect to find at most gatherings.

With everything from rally cars to exotic supercars, unloved oddballs and ’80s hot hatches well represented, Coventry’s brutalist backdrop couldn’t have been more fitting for such an eclectic collection. If the people won’t go to the racetrack, then you bring the racetrack to the people…

[youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K3txLiWqIrI” width=”980″ height=”480″]

When the flag drops

While most of the runs up and down the A4053 were processional, competitive timed rounds nine and ten of the BARC Connaught National Speed Championship were also held at MotoFest this year.

Toyota Supra MkIII

While the rest of the motoring press tries to figure out whether they like the new Supra or not, we’ve still got a soft spot for the classic MkIII model. How about you?

Austin Maestro Turbo

One of just 505 produced, this is Maestro Turbo number 76 to roll out of Tickford. With a couple of choice performance modifications and some engine upgrades on board, we bet this raises a smile or two.

Smiles per gallon

The V8 Vantage has stood the test of time incredibly well, and this one sounded glorious as it howled under the ring road flyovers. With prices down as low as £25,000 for early examples, you need to act quick if you fancy one. Or would you rather have a 911 997 Carrera S or Maserati GranSport?

Something for all

Broadgate was packed with an Eclectic mix of cars from all eras. This tidy rally-themed MkII Escort attracted a steady strea mof admirers all weekend, though JJ was obviously taken with the mint.

VW Scirocco

A Great British Icon Ellmore Group’s 1987 Metro 6R4 is number 188 of just 205 made before the plug was pulled on Group B in 1986. With 400hp on tap it’s not your usual ring road traffic – though it reminded us of its Birmingham Superprix race in the late ’80s.

City Slicker

There’s as much interesting metal cruising the city during MotoFest as there is on display – find an outdoor table at one of the many pubs, pull up a chair and take in the procession.

Escort Cosworth

With a host of international rallies under its belt with Robbie Head at the wheel, this Escort Cosworth has seen its fair share of action over the years – it can probably cope with a lap or two around the ring road.

Alfa Romeo GTV Cup

The Alfa Romeo Owners Club was out in force at MotoFest this year, making the most of the summer sun. Its taste in cars appears to be better than its taste in hats, however.

Sideways antics

The Skydome Fueltopia Arena was staged underneath the sprint circuit and played host to plenty of tyre-shredding gymkhana, drift and autocross action.

Tarmac stage

Everything from supercars to rally replicas took to the circuit over the weekend. Everyone had a soft spot for this stripped-out 205 GTI, though.

The scene


If you were one of the many attendees, we’d love to see your favourite cars. Share your images at https://drive-my.com/en/contact.html If we’ve papped your car here, get in touch as we’d love to cover it in the Your Drives section…


The crowds lined the edges of the sliproad and bridges to see who could pull off the most outlandish launch from the start line. Al Clark’s screamer Toyota Corolla AE86 track car might not have had the most power, but it definitely put on a show. And it looked absolutely stunning in this eye-searing shade of red.

Sunbeam Lotus

While the original Sunbeam wasn’t built too far from here, the spruced up Lotus version was a collab between Linwood and Lotus Cars in Norfolk.

Prancing Pony

Skipping past the suspiciously narrow and short ‘F40’ on display around the corner, this 308 GTS was the real deal yet attracted less attention.

Space for all

There was little rhyme or reason as to what constitutes a show car at MotoFest – as long as it was interesting and was presented with pride it had a place, and an eclectic mix it was. We love the Seven.

Black is the new black

This blacked out Mazda 323 GTX Turbo, complete with semi slicks, single bucket seat and full cage looked like it meant business.

Spirit of BTCC

It’s 25 years since Alfa Romeo won the British Touring Car Championship courtesy of Gabriele Tarquini so it was fitting to see a red 155 flashing past at high speed. We’ve more on the 155 later in the year…

Aston Martin DB9

Sleek Aston Martin styling and 12 cylinders of wailing banshee under your right foot? Yes please. This is the easiest way you can buy yourself into the James Bond lifestyle without being shot at by a man in implausable loafers, and is much more impressive than turning up in a dinner jacket to your local multiplex for a new Bond screening.

Double Trouble

The brave classic car owners club – otherwise known as the TVR Car Club – found a prime spot to park up and discuss what terrified them most about leaving the driveway. Chimaera or Wedge, though?

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