2019 BMW Z4 M40i M Performance G29 third-generation roadster

New BMW Z4 breaks cover. Third-generation roadster gets compact body and soft-top roof.

It seems like we’ve waited an age for a new Z4 but finally BMW has rolled out its all-new roadster – so far only in flagship M40i M Performance form.

This is the third-generation Z4 and by now you’ll no doubt know that it has been twinned in development with the incoming Toyota Supra. Spreading the cost of developing a niche model has meant that the previous Z4’s pseudo-GT vibe has been replaced with a more aggressive, back-to-basics approach, which we’re hoping will have a positive effect on the driving dynamics.

2020 BMW Z4 G29

2020 BMW Z4 G29

The new Z4 goes on sale next year. Here’s everything you need to know.

Only the 2019 BMW Z4 M40i M Performance G29 variant has been revealed so far. featuring BMW’s 3-litre TwinPower turbocharged straight-six with 335bhp. Thus equipped, a 0-62mph time of 4.6sec is claimed, with top speed limited to 155mph. An ZF 8HP eight-speed automatic gearbox will send power to the rear wheels. Four-cylinder engines and manual ‘boxes are expected, too.

Where once there was a pert, short tail and long, extending bonnet, there is now an awkward combination of a short wheelbase and long overhangs. The styling takes inspiration from the Z4 Concept revealed at Pebble Beach last year, but when grafted onto a less extreme set of proportions, It’s obvious there have been compromises.

Despite Toyota’s influence in the new Z4, BMW’s core chassis elements have very much been adhered to. As a result the car has a 50:50 weight distribution and a wide stance and should weigh less than the outgoing model thanks to a fabric roof and more compact dimensions. This M40i M Performance model will also get larger performance brakes, adaptive dampers and an M Sport differential.

SPECIFICATION 2019 BMW Z4 M40i M Performance G29

Max Power 335bhp @ 5500rpm

Max Torque 368lb ft @ 1520rpm

Weight 1398kg

0-62mph 4.6sec

Top speed 155mph (limited)

Basic price 39.520

On sale Spring 2019

As with the chassis, the interior consists of a combination of new-generation BMW components, sharing most of its switchgear and tech with larger models such as the new BMW X5 G05 and 8-series G15. There’s a major upgrade in tech too with the latest iDrive and a head-up display.

A driver focus is still apparent, albeit toned down compared to the previous model’s steeply angled dash.

Top: head-up display among tech. Above: folding hard-top has been swapped for lighter fabric roof.

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