2019 BMW F 850 GS Adventure and R 1250 GS Adventure

In addition to the 2019 BMW R 1250 RT touring and R 1250 GS adventure machines we showed you in the December, both the R 1250 RS sport tourer and R 1250 R roadster get BMW’s new 1,254cc opposed twin (up from 1,170cc) with Shift- Cam variable valve timing and valve stroke, resulting in more power, better fuel economy, reduced emissions and smoother operation. Two riding modes, Automatic Stability Control (ASC) and Hill Start Control are all standard. Riding Modes Pro, which adds Dynamic and Dynamic Pro modes, Dynamic Traction Control (DTC), ABS Pro (cornering ABS), Dynamic Brake Control (DBC) and “Next Generation” Dynamic ESA (semi-active electronic suspension) are all optional.

Both models also get a styling refresh, an LED DRL (daytime running light) as an option and a new 6.5-inch, full-color TFT display. The 2019 R 1250 RS and R 1250 R are each available in one standard color, two style variants and Option 719 Spezial finishes. Fans of the GS models will be pleased, since BMW isn’t making us wait for the Adventure versions of the new F 850 GS (see the road test on page 30) and R 1250 GS. Details on the R 1250 GS Adventure are scarce at this stage, except that we know it’s powered by the same new 1,254cc boxer engine with ShiftCam technology used in the rest of the R 1250 range. The R 1250 GSA also comes with ASC, ABS and two riding modes as standard, with optional Riding Modes Pro adding Dynamic, Dynamic Pro, Enduro and Enduro Pro modes. Dynamic Traction Control, ABS Pro, “Next Generation” Dynamic ESA and Dynamic Brake Control are all options as well.

2019 BMW R 1250 RT touring and R 1250 GS adventure

2019 BMW R 1250 RT touring and R 1250 GS adventure

The big GSA also features a standard LED headlight (an LED DRL is optional) as well as a 6.5- inch, full-color TFT display and four color options.

We’ve got a bit more info on the F 850 GS Adventure, which is powered by the new 853cc parallel twin used in the standard F 850 GS. Like its 1250 GSA big brother, two riding modes, ASC and ABS are all standard, with Riding Modes Pro, ABS Pro, DTC and Dynamic ESA all optional. It also gets the 6.5- inch TFT display and an LED   headlight as standard (with optional DRL).

Changes from the standard GS include a more robust electrical system, a larger 6-gallon gas tank (vs. 4 gallons on the GS), a larger two-position windscreen, hand guards, wide enduro footpegs, adjustable foot brake and shift levers, engine protection bars and a steel luggage rack. The F 850 GS Adventure will come in one base color and two style variants.

First released in 2009, the S 1000 RR sportbike is now entering its third generation, with significant engine and suspension changes, improved ergonomics and a totally new look. Horse-power is up to a claimed 205 peak at 13,500 rpm, weight is down from 459 pounds to 434 and refinements to the suspension and electronics improve performance, feedback and rideability. The S 1000 RR will be available in Racing Red or, as part of the M option package, Motorsport livery.

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