2019 Bentley Continental GT exports begin

Exports of the eagerly awaited new 2019 Bentley Continental GT have begun, with cars having now arrived in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan and much of south-east Asia ready for delivery to customers. The latest version marks a thorough redesign of the model that has brought Bentley huge commercial success over the last fifteen years.


Sarah Simpson, Bentley Motors’ regional director of the UK and Asia Pacific, said: “The Bentley Continental GT is a model that we are immensely proud of – and since the first generation was launched in 2003, it has become our most successful model in history.”

2019 Bentley Continental GT

2019 Bentley Continental GT

The latest Continental GT combines what Bentley calls ‘spirited, focused performance with handcrafted luxury and cutting-edge technology’. At its heart sits a redesigned version of the 6.0-litre twin-turbo W12 TSI engine, mated to a dual-clutch eight-speed transmission for the first time. A new adaptive chassis uses Bentley’s intelligent 48-volt Dynamic Ride System to ensure a responsive ride and impressive handling, while also controlling comfort and lateral roll – cushioning passengers from excessive movement as well as making the car feel more precise.

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