2018 Renault Symbioz Concept

2018 Renault Symbioz Concept. Zero emissions and level 4 autonomous tech has been crammed into Renault’s latest concept vehicle – the SYMBIOZ. Unusually, Renault opted for a rear-wheel drive setup using two motors – one per rear wheel – rather than the now typical dual motor setup driving the front and rear.

However, the French carmaker has equipped SYMBIOZ with all-wheel steering. Acceleration from 0-62mph takes just six seconds thanks to 500kW and 660Nm peak output, while a 72kWh battery takes care of ample range, although Renault says the vehicle’s architecture can accommodate up to 100kWh. Crucially, it can also support 150kW charge rates, ensuring an 80% charge takes just 30 minutes.

2018 Renault Symbioz Concept

2018 Renault Symbioz Concept


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