2018 Ford Mustang GT V8 cruiser

IT MAKES SENSE that one of the most attention-grabbing cars on the road would be available as a drop-top. The Mustang has always had a strong image as a convertible, and Australia’s weather is mostly sunshine and warm air, but the Mustang’s trick new exhaust demands full attention. Because of this, if the weather’s good, you’ll want the roof down.

2018 Ford Mustang GT2018 Ford Mustang GT

Something the Coupe doesn’t allow you is the full brunt of the new four-mode exhaust fitted to the Mustang GT. The distinctive roar of the Coyote is amplified by it, especially in Track mode. Almost racecar-like cracks and burbles occupy the downshifts and overrun, and the idle rumble will remind some of the classic Americans.

For those returning home at 11pm, there’s Quiet mode. You might also hear more creaking when angling the Convertible over steep dips or bumps in the road than in a hard-top. The dynamic differences are mostly down to added weight. Obviously, you’ll not get to use it as intended all the time because rain exists.

Even with the roof up it’s an aggro muscle car with a cracking engine and brutal exhaust, but so is the GT Coupe, which costs almost $10K less. Plus, it’s even cheaper if you opt for the six-speed manual, something the Convertible prevents you from doing. – Chris Thompson


5.0 V8; 339kW @ 7000rpm; 556Nm @ 4600rpm; RWD; 1818kg; $65,916

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