2004 Chrysler Crossfire

2018 GUY ALLEN & Drive-My

You won’t see one of these every day and owner Peter says he’s often pulled up for a chat, when he’s out with his Chrysler Crossfire.



2004 chrysler crossfire2004 chrysler crossfire

He’s a regular at Brisbane coffee and cars events. A collaboration between Mercedes-Benz and Chrysler, it sold in tiny numbers. Prices were high for the time, starting at around $80,000 by the time you put one on the road.

They went higher if you opted for a soft-top or one of the supercharged versions. “I’m just in awe of it,” says Peter, “It’s just a fantastic package.” The normally-aspirated V6 in this car claims 210 horses and the owner reckons it’s a pretty tidy handling package.

2004 crossfire interior2004 crossfire interior

He estimates there may be as many as 200-300 of them in the country, though the owners are scattered to the four winds. He wants to set up an owner register/club. Locally there’s nothing, though there’s a good forum in the USA. If you own one of these rarities, contact Peter at [email protected].

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