20 years of the Audi TT

Celebrating two decades of the ultimate Germanic style icon. Burghley House in Stamford, Lincolnshire made for a stunning backdrop to this year’s even TT – the biggest gathering yet catering solely for Audi TT enthusiasts.

It couldn’t have been a more perfect Sunny day, and the magnificent Capability Brown gardens were an excellent setting to showcase some superb examples from the model’s 20-year production run. Our favourite was a rare MkI Kingfisher Blue 3.2 V6 manual, which won the award for ‘Best in Show & Shine’. It was closely followed by a one-owner, special-order 1.8 225 turbo in Imola Yellow.

Looking especially spiffy in the glorious Weather was a gorgeous MkII convertible in Brilliant Red and a stunning MkII in Java Green. Peterborough Audi bought along a MkIII to complete the TT history and make it clear that, 20years and three generations later, there’s been no loss of character from this highly original design.

3.2 V6 Manual Chris Wood ordered this Kingfisher Blue TT on 14 March 2006 and has spent the last twelve years keeping it in immaculate condition. The result was a win in the Show ‘n’ Shine comp. Nice reg too, that’s not just a show plate!

240bhp 1.8 Looking resplendent in Misano Red and Phantom Black is David Clark’s Quattro Sport, Number 961. It has been on his drive for four years. Readers with good memories might remember this car from our June 2017 issue, when it was featured alongside ‘Simon’s’ TT in Our Drives.

Special order 1.8 225 Audi enthusiasts are steadfast. Andy Stevenson has owned this superb 2001.

20 years of the Audi TT

Imola Yellow 225 turbo from new. He’s clearly more than just your average Audi fan as he’s also been squirting a mighty Quattro Sport TT around for the last ten years. Well done that man.

Fruit cocktail anyone? You won’t see many Java Green TTs running about the place: they’re extremely rare. So it was great to see this lovely MkII glinting in the sun.

Even TT 18: biggest yet The TT Owners’ Club’s last visit to Burghley was in 2003. This year’s return marked the biggest-ever TT-only event in the UK.

Specialists The TT Shop and Quattro Tech both had stands, offering cleaning and bodywork services on site.

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