1971 Honda N600 in National Museum

A 1971 Honda N600 belonging to Alan Faggeter is currently on display at the National Museum of Wales, in a display commemorating links between Wales and Japan.

The display entitled Kizuna, runs until 9 September and entry is free. The publicity material states, “For centuries, Japan has had one of the world’s most exciting and refined design cultures. From cars and cameras to household items and animation, Japanese design has changed our world and is now part of our everyday lives. In this major new exhibition you’ll see how Japanese culture and design has captivated the rest of the world. You’ll also discover that Wales has played its own distinctive part in this fascinating story of international exchange. In Japanese, Kizuna means the bonds of friendship, which we celebrate in this exhibition.”

1971 Honda N600

1971 Honda N600

As well as the colourful Honda, the display includes rare works of art, including a 400-year old handscroll with painted monsters – the forerunner of anime art. For more information, visit www.museum.wales

1971 Honda N600
1971 Honda N600 / A Honda N600 on display at the National Museum of Wales. It is part of a display of Japanese artefacts running until 9 September.

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