100,000 electrified cars for Europe

Despite overall European vehicle sales in March 2019 falling 3.6% on the previous month, there was good news for electrified cars, as it was the first time that BEV, PHEV and HEV registrations exceeded the 100,000 mark with a total of 125,400.

Demand was up by 31%, driven by Dutch, German, Norwegian and Spanish markets, according to JATO Dynamics. Electric and plug-in hybrids counted for almost half the total. BEV registrations increased by 85 %.



The Tesla Model 3 was under strong demand, and the brand entered the top 25 best-selling brands in Europe. Registrations of the Model 3 jumped from 3,747 units in February to 15,755 units in March, crowning it Europe’s most popular electric car.

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