03 Mar 1962 Ferrari 250GTO vs. 1995 McLaren F1 GTR Featured

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1962 Ferrari 250GTO vs. 1995 McLaren F1 GTR road test 1962 Ferrari 250GTO vs. 1995 McLaren F1 GTR road test 2017 Drive-my.com and Charlie Magee

The icons square up. Will the McLaren ever replace the Ferrari as the ultimate classic? The experts decide. Ferrari 250GTO and McLaren F1. Three decades apart yet still ultimates in their own right: but can the F1 take a tilt at the GTO’s connoisseur crown? They’re two of the most desirable cars in the world – and they have more in common than you might think. But can McLaren’s first hypercar ever aspire to the mantle of the ultimate Ferrari? Photography Charlie Magee.

On the face of it, the comparison seems an unlikely one. Pitch an early-1960s Ferrari against a McLaren that appeared more than half-a-century later? Yet there’s no dispute about their desirability, that’s for sure: the going rate for a 250GTO is north of £20 million and, while the F1 is worth only a fraction of that, as fractions go it’s still a substantial amount – say £2.5-3 million.

But the suggestion for this unique back-to-back came from no less an authority than the motor sport historian Doug Nye, who provocatively claims that the two cars have more in common than you might think. Over the page, you can read his entertaining explanation of what links the GTO and the F1. And, to continue the theme, Mark Hales explores the way the two cars drive; while international classic car broker (and F1 owner) Simon Kidston speculates on how they may both fare on the market in years to come.

Epic road test

Epic road test

Ferrari 250GTO and McLaren F1 GTR

We’ve also included some comments from the two individuals lucky enough to own our feature cars. You certainly need to be very well-heeled to buy one, these days – but do they cost a fortune to run? The answers may surprise you…


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