2021 Volkswagen MK8 Golf almost ready

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Development of the eagerly awaited Mk8 Golf is so close we can almost smell the hybrid motors (and combustion ones). The new Golf is set to premiere this Autumn, going on sale in the UK in 2020 with Volkswagen promising it will be the most 'digitally connected' Golf to date.

Even from the spyshots, it's clear to see that the Mk8 has unmistakable Golf DNA. Head of VW design Klaus Bischoffsaid: "At this time, we will not disclose all details of the new Golf, but you can already perceive its elegant proportions. The next generation will be a genuine eye-catcher!"

New VW Golf Mk8: next hatchback nears production
New VW Golf Mk8: next hatchback nears production

Well Klaus, if it's not a hit straight from the factory, it will be after the Dub fraternity have slammed it on Air Lift and Rotiforms - we can't wait for Ultimate Dubs 2021!

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