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    They are playful variations serious medium-class sedans, but more expensive, exclusive and saver. Three distinctive coupes from Audi, Mercedes and Opel twisted in the 70s men the head. Emotion overcame reason - that still holds true today.

    Audi has succeeded particularly refined, the Coupe S significantly from the 100 LS sedan lift. This is the sophisticated equipment as well as its entire appearance. They emancipated already from the A-Sauleldar of the conservative line of the good middle class moth, the only GL nor has the slightest chance to compete with the Coupe.

    The Italian Gran Turismo styled by Audi shows an expressive face double spotlight as it once came into fashion, and uses distinctive gills on the flanks to loosen the massive C-pillar. The Audi takes the name Coupe, which means simply "cut off". Its wheelbase was shortened as against the sedan to eleven and a half centimeters. This led him to the proportions wider and appear lower. A shot Fiat Dino swings in its line. The ensure swept front and the other a dynamic profile.

    Unfortunately, the Audi is not a classic hardtop coupe as its competitors Mercedes-Benz 250CE and Opel Commodore, which finely different-graced demarcation for Limousine succeeded otherwise less convincingly in all formal race. Both have frameless side windows which can be fully sink, which helps them to stresses appearance. Your undisturbed silhouette is not only characterized particularly slender and because "docked" has neither Mercedes nor Opel, both use the wheelbase sedan.

    The Audi impresses in detail

    The gorgeous zeitgeist hue Tibet Orange in combination with corduroy velvet cushions makes the Coupe S certainly an eye-catcher amidst the attractive trio. The interior with the already designed seats, the elaborately decorated coverings and subscribed instruments tachometer supplied with current from a very special coziness. Even the luxurious steering wheel with the flapper remains a Coupe-exclusivity.