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    At Dan Haarmann's place deep in the West, the clocks tick the same as in the rest of the republic. Well, putting an almost brand new Audi-RS3 on the ground and replacing a few design keys from #Audi with his own, does require some bails. The modifying started in his teenage years, when Dan bumped his 4,6hp strong scooter up to 21 hp. Today is not much different, apart from a 300 percent power increase being a little harder than before. His goal is a .moderate' 440bhp at 640nm by „HPerformance" from Heilbronn, which should be good for 3,7sec 0-100 time.

    Definitely quick enough to get from A to B, but Dan is much more drawn to G for „GGROUNDED", because his crew and much more his passion runs under this name. In GGROUNDED he's .only' one of many crazy members, where physics don't matter and lowering comes first.