Turbo charges into Stoneleigh

    1981 RENAULT 5 TURBO

    The #Renault-5-Turbo that crashed out of the #1983-Monte-Carlo-Rally in mysterious circumstances has returned to a rally stage for the first time since the Eighties.

    ‘It probably won more rallies than any other 5 Turbo,’ said restorer Kevin Jones of GTO Engineering. ‘It was the first 5 Turbo imported into the UK and the first to be rallied by a British driver. John Price easily won the Motoring News British Rally Championship with it in 1982, so he targeted a number of European events – including the Monte Carlo rally – the following year.

    ‘He was sponsored by a Renault dealership and had works backing, but as a privateer was seeded 60th. Unexpectedly, he overshadowed the works Renault drivers by putting in some incredible times and was gaining on the leaders when he suddenly shot off the road and down a ravine. ‘When he got the car back to the UK he found a bullet hole in one of the tyres. He never found out who fired it – it could have been a disgruntled local or even a rival team.

    ‘He sold it in 1987 to a guy who dismantled it but didn’t do anything to it. We bought it eight years ago and restored it but we’ve only just got the engine running – all 320bhp of it.’

    This Renault-5-Turbo was taken out of the #1983 #Monte-Carlo-Rally by a sniper’s bullet. / #Renault-5 / #Renault /