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    The somewhat well-known quote ‘stick to what you know’ couldn’t have rung more true when I decided to take my car to another #BMW specialist for the first time in over ten years (simply because it was nearer). A big lesson was learnt as a consequence.

    The specialist was recommended to me by the removal firm that I hired back in January last year to move me and my husband into our first home. I had heard of the name from days gone by when I was editor of this very magazine, so was confident it would be a good choice. As one of my old bosses once said, never assume anything.

    The experience all started very positively. To save me going out of my way to his workshop, the owner of the company said that I could drop the car off at his home, which was just a stone’s throw from where we live. Upon arrival he wasn’t there, but his wife was in, so I left my keys with her and my car outside. My husband thought I was mad. I too had concerns but I had committed now and to save face I had to show complete confidence in my decision. A few hours later I received a phone call. It was from the man to say that the car was ready to be picked up. Sure enough the Z4 was waiting outside his house and I handed over £100 for the oil service. So far, so good.

    Unfortunately I forgot to bring my service book. “No problem”, he said “I’ll pick it up in a few days from your house when I visit my daughter who lives just down the road from you.” Great, I thought. Sadly I never saw that service book again. After numerous excuses he finally confessed (some months later) to losing the book. To add insult to injury he then lined-up a potential buyer for the car. I was never given a contact number for this ‘buyer’ and apparently when he viewed the car he never drove it. Even though we’d not heard from the buyer for a few weeks, I was assured by the owner that he definitely wanted it. He told me the buyer always takes a while to agree to a sale. Hmmm, really?! Needless to say, over the next few months the owner offered no solution to the lost service book and was still trying to convince me that this mystery man wanted the car. In the end I took it upon myself to order a new service book and then trace its service history to get all of the stamps.

    Fortunately, the Z4 only had two previous owners and BMW has a record of every vehicle that is serviced by its main dealership, and the car came with more history than your average American town. As it turned out, only Broad Oak Canterbury and Highams Park were responsible for it before I took over the V5, and they both duly stamped it and posted it back FOC.

    In the specialist’s defence, he paid me back for the service book and for my postage costs but he offered no apology. By this point it was December (over ten months since that fateful service) – a fruitless time to sell a convertible, so I’ve decided to hold on to it until spring. On the upside, at least I had the best car for what was the warmest year on record.

    So, what else has happened in my ownership of the Z4 since my last report in PBMW? Well, I never got any money from the council for having to replace my tyre after hitting a pothole that had been marked up to fill in for some months. What a surprise. And a few weeks ago the service light reared its ugly bright yellow head.

    Needless to say, this time the keys were handed over to my trusty friends at ETA Motorsport, whom I should have never turned my back on in the first place. My plans over the next few months now are to tidy it up ready for a new owner. 2016 is supposed to be even hotter so if you fancy a spot of drop-top motoring for the summer, please email me ([email protected]).

    ETA motorsport
    01474 850505
    BMW Broad Oak Canterbury
    01227 828888
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