Reduced to its essentials: #1980 #BMW-320/6 #E21 with racing genes. The idea for this car was born out of necessity. "Here in Belgium cars to have annual technical inspection," says Dieter Verboven, the owner of the 3 Series presented. "This was so consuming my E30 Cabrio converted information. With its wide body kit, the 218-hp M20B27 engine Kempower and Tramont rims would never have arisen by the test But I did not want to demolish the car Then I had an idea .. ".
    The opposite of a trailer queen: The E21 by Dieter Verboven is a true and proven piste M3 shock.

    The what, in essence, to tune an older model BMW. For vehicles over 25 years in Belgium must only once for technical control - never again. "So I've been looking for a #BMW-E21 out and finally found him in Antwerp." Fortunately for Dieter: The car Which shut in, first owner, stainless and had just 76,000 kilometers on the clock. For this one Could only speculate about its colour: In the initial survey in underground garage on of the E21 wore on opaque layer of dust.
    Now it happened in quick succession: Dieter bought the E21 and E30 sold his, Which he had Previously equipped with the standard engine and the other wheels. The tuning unit and the Tramont Rims he lay back for the new project. The E21 has been thoroughly cleaned, worked the paint and installed the engine Kempower Including homemade exhaust system. The car got adjustable "Koni Yellow" -Federbeine and fits to lowering springs, clipping off the 60 mm ground clearance. In this state, we went to the scrutineering. Dieter remembers: "Everything went smooth, the BMW came through without a problem!"

    Then the Tramont wheels turn came. Your wedding with the E21 Proved difficult, as They are very wide - 8.5 x 17 front, rear 11 x 17! The solutions werewolf flared wheel in the style of classic round distance running. The rear did what Intended for a #BMW-2002 Turbo werewolf Further extended by 50 mm, Then They fit.

    Dieter drove the BMW for a while, then he Decided to completely strip the interior. In the empty shell height adjustable bucket seats built, a safety cage, a 33er Alcantara steering wheel and a CAE - a Short Shifter. Externally, the car modified by #AC-Schnitzer E36-mirrors, tinted turn signals and tail lights red.

    Then, after a few track days, the engine gave up the ghost. Dieter newly built it on, in addition, he Exchanged the twin headlight front against the Einschein bowler - version of the 316i and the converted information 3 with adhesive film-in-a "RS Edition". This is Followed by more track-days Participants. When the engine faltered again, Dieter decided instead to invest in another overhaul in a new unit. So he bought a #E36 #M3 engine (S50B30), built in 1994. After several optical upgrades and adaptation to the environment E21-Dieter did not begrudge the engine, among other things, a custom exhaust system and a self made "Ram Air" - air supply. In Conjunction with a customized mapping of Alpha N of the six-cylinder shoulder stand now pull the trigger to the 320 hp (at the rear wheels!).

    "A real nightmare what the wiring," says Dieter. "But are all spent countless hours." Howewer, was still there time for niceties: The previous seats had Sparco models soft in your dash tachometer with shift light and a display for the fuel-air mixture werewolf integrated. About oil pressure and oil temperature instruments give #VDO information, a GPS-driven speedometer measures the speed.

    "I'm glad did now everything is done," says Dieter. "This is something I Probably will not do it again. But what I still want to change the struts." Semi-slicks werewolf not bad either. And the unit is to be Replaced. And the differential ... Well, so is it with real athletes, ever higher, faster, farther.

    This is not a control center, Which is a switching Cathedral: CAE Shortshift- Tower.

    The disciples folk music like "La Montanara" #BMW junkies tend to be on "Tramontana". Here the model "Staria" in 8.5 x 17 ET18.

    Upper-class underbody - there is no #E21 this sleazy corners.
    What is written on the back, front, inside: a 320 with 320 hp (Real!).

    Lightning Clean E21 engine compartment with "foreign engine" strut, bar and very delicious looking intake air supply.
    Sparco twice, twice different: left the version "Corsa" right "by 2000 'variant in professional sports instructors, leisure driver- Genius: Dieter Verboven of guillemots, Belgium.

    FEATURE FACTS 1980 BMW E21 320/6

    Motor: #S50B30 -line six-cylinder, 3,201 cc, 320 hp, #E34 #M50B25 oil pan, 2 "-Custom exhaust system, Supersprint manifold, self-made" Ram Air "- air supply E30 M3 aluminum radiator, Alpha N mapping, engine compartment gecleant, in Conjunction with a customized mapping of alpha-N mapping Transmission: Five-speed manual transmission from #325i #E30 , SAE Shortshift- Tower.

    Suspension: adjustable "Koni Yellow" - shocks, lowering springs (- 60 mm), rear axle with #ZF limited slip differential (25%).

    Brakes: front Fiat Coupe 20v turbocharged-disc brakes with Brembo four-piston calipers, rear #E30 slices with Alfa Romeo Gtv dual piston calipers.

    Rims: Tramont "Staria", 8.5 x 17 ET18 front, rear 11 x 17 ET 08 Tyre: #Kuhmo , front 205 / 40-17 rear 245 / 35-17.
    Bodywork: Two-door sedan, #BMW-2002-Turbo spreads wheelhouse, 316 single spotlight, #AC-Schnitzer mirrors, painted black kidney, painted in white with "RS Edition" - Folierung.

    Interior: Sparco 'by 2000' - bucket seats, Sparco Corsa-shell seat, Both with "Sandter" logo, 33ers Alcantara racing wheel, CAE Short Shift Tower, safety cage, tachometer with shift light, Ads for gasoline-air mixture, oil pressure and oil temperature GPS speedometer.