• CAR #BMW #F10 #M5
    YEAR: #2012
    TOTAL MILEAGE: 41,422
    MPG THIS MONTH: 21.4
    £120 (Connected Drive renewal)

    I have been away with work and on a family skiing holiday this month and, as a result, the #BMW-M5 has spent a lot of time stationary in a car park. It started first time after a couple of weeks of inaction and has run without any problems since. It did demand a litre of oil, though, and this was added by the good folk at BMW Swindon under the Service Inclusive pack.

    The odd small flurry of snow has, so far, offered no challenge to the winter tyres with the M5 driving through the cold weather and snow with ease. Thanks to good quality screenwash, and effective airflow I have never struggled to clear the windscreen although I do sometimes wish that a heated windscreen had been on the options list. I have it on other cars and it does dramatically cut down the time it takes to clear away ice on a cold morning.

    The car is now coming up to three years old and the reminder of this arrived on the doorstep in the form of a renewal form for the Connected Drive. Although I collected the car on 1 March 2012, the Connected Drive was registered in February so that was why the polite request for £120 for the next 12 months arrived in January. £10 per month for a data connection does seem quite strong but it does allow me to send routes and data to the car from the BMW website. It also enables the Google local search functions and the very effective traffic data. I therefore signed up for another year. I pay less than this for the 3G data on my iPad, so it does seem pretty expensive given the amount of data that the service uses. However, as not having the Connected Drive functions active would be a bit of a pain, and I do use them fairly often, I coughed up.

    Next month is going to see the #BMW-M5-F10 on a winter road trip across Europe. We shall see if BMW’s reputation for poor winter driving characteristics survives the reality of the Alps in winter, or if fitting the right kit makes the car usable in any conditions that it is likely to encounter, short of going off-road that is.