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    CAR: Triumph-2500TC / Triumph / Triumph-2500
    RUN BY Greg MacLeman
    OWNED SINCE June 2017

    / #Triumph-2500TC / #Triumph / #Triumph-2500TC / #Triumph-2500 / #Triumph-2500-Mk-2-Saloon / #Triumph-2500-Mk-2 / #Triumph-2000-Mk-2 / #Triumph-2000 / #1972

    Grand plans to battle through the winter and visit Paris for the biannual Traverseé came to naught, but thinking about the trip did prompt me to consider some rust protection for my cars. The Triumph was of most concern, given the age of the underseal – and the rather concerning MoT advisories referencing its excessive thickness that seem to get progressively more grumpy each year.

    I’m usually keen to roll up my sleeves and get stuck in, but I draw the line when it comes to lying down on the concrete and spraying bitumen into my eyes. So I took a trip back home to Spalding to see top specialist Rustbuster – by coincidence located just five minutes from where I grew up.

    It’s safe to say I wasn’t the most popular man in the Fens when Chris Allen and his team took a look at the car’s underside, which wasn’t undersealed at all – rather, it was caked in around 30 years’ worth of old engine oil and the muck that had stuck to it. The inches-thick layer of stinking black chewing gum must have been a nightmare to scrape off. I can’t confirm that, because I ran off when the going got tough – but I came back with beers to say sorry.

    Despite the grim task, the chaps had all of the muck removed in a matter of hours, getting down to bare paint across the underside of the car before steam-cleaning the chassis and applying a liberal dose of Chlor-X – a solution used to eliminate residual salt. From there, a layer of Corrolan penetrator was brushed onto the exposed metal, followed by a spray coat of Corrolan Pure – essentially an all-natural alternative to chemical underseals that is derived from lanolin. Holes were then drilled into sealed box-sections and subframes before a final fog of cavity wax was sprayed into every nook and cranny using a probe.

    The overall impression is a bit unusual, being light brown instead of black, but Chris tells me a black version is in development.

    The process was always going to be a bit unnerving – who knows what’s lurking beneath the underseal on their car? – but I was pleasantly surprised that the team only uncovered one small hole, which was at the bottom of the passenger-side wheelarch. Bad news on the face of it, but great that the rest of the car is as solid as I thought – and any further issues will be much easier to spot. Slightly more concerning was the return of the misfire that I thought I’d cured after my last running report. Nothing seemed to bring cylinder one back to life, so I borrowed Port’s compression tester before the journey north.

    Predictably, the problem cylinder was only holding 25psi. I broke up the trip home with a stop at Triumph specialist TRGB, where Jason Wright cracked out a leak-down tester and endoscope, revealing a burnt-out exhaust valve. Incredibly, you could see the chunk of missing valve by peering through the spark-plug hole.

    The car limped back to London, getting ever hotter with each passing mile. I just hope that it’s up to the return journey for a hastily planned engine rebuild!

    Rustbuster: www.rust.co.uk
    TRGB: www.trgb.co.uk

    ‘The team only uncovered one small hole; bad news on the face of it, but great that the rest of the car is solid’

    Clockwise from main: Triumph stripped and prepped; paint eventually resurfaced; cylinder issue diagnosed, the car was taken to TRGB. Main: Rustbuster’s work is meticulous. Right: single hole was found in the passenger wheelarch – a positive result.
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