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    Vorsteiner bodykits for #BMW-i8 / #BMW / #BMW-i8-Vorsteiner / #Vorsteiner / #Vorsteiner-bodykit

    It takes quite something for a modern car to be truly groundbreaking, particularly now that we live in a world dominated by amazing hybrids and battery-powered wundercars, but the BMW i8 most definitely fits the bill. It’s a car which manages to marry technology so cutting edge that it should come with a health and safety warning; great looks and breathtaking performance – no mean feat! Better still it’s a car that has recently been added to the Vorsteiner range of Aero body components, meaning i8 owners now have the option of making their already eye-catching cars that bit more jaw-slackening.

    Probably best known for its aerodynamics, wind tunnel-honed bodywork additions, carbon fibre creations and hyper-aggressive alloy wheels, Vorsteiner’s portfolio is ideally suited for the UK market.

    Brought to the UK under the umbrella of The Performance Company (TPC), the Vorsteiner kit for the i8 is drawn from the much-lauded Aero range, and has the potential to utterly transform the look of this already striking-looking Munich machine.

    Vorsteiner’s offerings for the genre-defying i8 are particularly special, and the full range of components includes a VR-E Aero front spoiler, #VR-E-Aero rear diffuser and VR-E Aero ‘ducktail’ rear spoiler. Striking enough in their own right, these components have been further elevated by being rendered in glossy carbon fibre. The Aero parts can be ordered separately or, for the full effect, as a complete, show-stopping package.

    Those opting for the latter will create an i8 that’s quite unlike anything else on the road today, the Aero add-ons serving to enhance the already aggressive styling of this spectacular-looking car.

    Pushing the boundaries of art and technology, Vorsteiner is able to supply premium composite components made to exacting standards, all realised in the finest autoclaved pre-impregnated carbon fibre.

    Vorsteiner carbon fibre provides superior stiffness, aerospace strength and durability, compared to traditional hand-laid carbon fibre composites, meaning it can be counted on both to perform and look jaw-dropping.

    Prices for the components are as follows:

    • VR-E Aero front spoiler carbon fibre PP 1x1 glossy - £1,974
    • VR-E Aero rear diffuser carbon fibre PP 1x1 glossy - £1,974
    • VR-E Aero ducktail spoiler carbon fibre PP 1x1 glossy - £1,036
    (all prices excl. VAT).
    Call 01933 685840 or visit theperformance.co for more information.

    Enhance the look of your i8 with the impressive new aero kit from Vorsteiner.
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