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    BMW UK has now announced full details of its new eco champion, the 520d SE EfficientDynamics, that will go on sale in the UK in March. It uses the familiar four-cylinder 2.0-litre diesel engine with the twin-scroll #TwinPower turbocharger which delivers 190hp and 295lb ft of torque available from 1750 to 2500rpm, good enough for a 0-62mph time of 7.5 seconds and a combined economy figure of 72.4mpg and emissions of just 102g/km (depending on wheel and tyre dimensions).

    The power unit of the #BMW-520d-SE-ED features a turbo charger mounted on anti-friction bearings, high pressure exhaust gas recirculation, a mapcontrolled oil pump and further developed common rail direct injection technology, the solenoid injectors of which ensure precise fuel dosing with a maximum pressure of 2000 bar.

    In addition to the optimised efficiency of both the engine and the standard eight-speed Steptronic transmission, the enhanced aerodynamic characteristics as well as a reduction in weight contribute towards achieving the favourable fuel consumption and CO2 emission levels. Moreover, in order to optimise emission behaviour, the 520d SE ED is equipped with #BMW-BluePerformance technology, which in addition to the particulate filter, an oxidation catalyst and a NOX storage catalyst, also features an SCR catalytic converter with #AdBlue injection technology reducing nitrogen oxide emissions even further.

    The 520d SE EfficientDynamics Saloon goes on sale from March 2017, and is priced at £37,220 OTR.