• F21 120d M Sport

    You may have noticed that it’s been getting cold recently. In fact the temperature change really snuck up this year; one moment it seemed unseasonably warm for autumn and then suddenly it was very cold indeed and the 120d’s temperature display was showing some very small numbers of a morning.

    Partly due to bad weather, a string of busy weekends and thinking that I had plenty of time to get my winters on, I invariably didn’t, meaning I was left with the 1 Series feeling a little light on traction on damp and slippery autumn days. I hastily made arrangements with my local, and really rather excellent, village garage to pop in one Saturday and get it to quickly swap my wheels over. I do have all the gear (trolley jack, torque wrench etc) but I honestly couldn’t be bothered to spend a cold Saturday morning messing around with wheels.

    When it came down to winter rubber, I was spoilt for choice as I have both my Conti-dedicated winters from a few years ago, along with my Michelin CrossClimate all-season tyres that I ran on the 118d for about a year or so. I would have preferred to run my Contis, simply because they’d only be performing winter duties, but seeing as the CrossClimates were already mounted on the set of 17s I had been running them on previously I decided that for the sake of simplicity, (and not having to pay to have a set of tyres unmounted and new ones mounted) I would just go with the CrossClimates. I was very impressed with their performance previously so was more than happy to have them on the 120d.

    Typically, the weather since having them fitted has been pretty mild again but I’m glad they’re on as it means that when the cold snap does come, which it’s due to any day at the time of writing this, along with the generally grim winter weather I’m fully prepared.

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    YEAR: #2016
    MPG THIS MONTH: 52.6
    COST THIS MONTH: £10 (getting wheels swapped over)