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    With a great location and a fantastic turn-out, the first Gravity show was one of the most impressive inaugural events we’ve seen. Words: Elizabeth de Latour. Photos: #Matt-Dear . #2016

    First shows are always a slightly nerve-wracking affair but even juggernauts like Players had to start somewhere and by doing all the right things the chances of your inaugural event being a great success are much improved. It’s safe to say that #SlammedUK definitely did all the right things because the group’s first event, Gravity, held in Coventry got a whole load of love from everyone that attended.

    The turn-out was not only impressive in terms of numbers but also variety and while German machinery dominated, the show was open to all and as a result there was a good mix of modded cars in attendance. Gravity offered a combination of indoor and outdoor exhibition areas, which was definitely a good combo, and with great weather it didn’t matter if your car spent the day inside or outside, it was guaranteed to look good either way.

    It goes without saying that the multitude of #BMW s present on the day looked exceedingly good and there was a fantastic mix of Bavarian machinery with something for everyone to enjoy. Steve Foxall’s fabulous M50 turbo E30, which you can read about on p40, was there along with Lala Miah’s awesome bagged E24 635CSi on its custom Throwing Star splits. Dan Taylor had brought along his air-ride E46 M3 on custom #BBS RSIIs and sporting ultra-sexy carbon front wings. Edward Johnston’s wild, big winged E36 Touring was also there and it has not lost any of its visual impact since we first saw it. Am Singh was also in attendance with his ex-PBMW feature car bad boy bagged X5 on Brada splits, and Sumil Pancholi’s beautiful black E39, another ex- #PBMW feature car, was also on show parked alongside Shaun Grazette’s E92 on Blitz Technospeed Z1s, the pair showing off matching red headlights. We also loved Kaz Singh’s bagged E39 on Rotiform LHRs and Charlie Evans’ static E28 on Schnitzer Type 1 Racing wheels.

    Judging by the quality of cars on show and the attendance, the SlammedUK team should be incredibly pleased with how the inaugural Gravity show turned out. This is one show you definitely don’t want to miss out on in 2017.

    Steve Foxall’s mighty #BMW-M50 #turbo-powered #BMW-E30 , which you can read about.
    Kaz Singh’s very tidy bagged #BMW-E39 on #Rotiform LHRs.
    Am Singh’s tough-looking bagged and ICE’d #BMW-X5 .
    Edward Johnston’s #BMW-E36 / #BMW-M3 Touring has lost none of its impact.
    Dan Taylor’s slick #BMW-E46 / #BMW-M3-E46 .