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    Typical, you wait ages for an E36 Compact and then two come along at once! Oliver hasn’t gone quite as wild with his example as the owner of the armyinspired machine you’ll find, but he has built himself a great-looking Compact. Oliver’s owned the car for just over a year, initially planning simply to use it as a daily before the modding bug took hold and it transformed into a pretty serious project. K Sport coilovers have been employed to drop it nice and low over the BBS RC090s that have been fitted and the styling has been enhanced with the addition of M3 door mirrors, a matching M3 front bumper with functional Hella rally lights (one of Oliver’s favourite mods) and clear repeaters and Euro tail-lights. Inside he’s fitted M3 Vader seats and a Condor gear knob while the chassis has been uprated with Condor delrin bushes and engine and transmission mounts, E30 axles and an E28 M5 LSD. Future plans, says Oliver, include an #S52 / #BMW-S52 / #ZF / #S52-swap , black interior swap and a Felony Form wide-body kit.