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    The BMW E3 saloons made from 1968 to 1977 were lovely old things and in their day were a rightful competitor to Mercedes’ finest – this excellent BMW saloon was the model that really woke Stuttgart from its slumbers and made it recognise that BMW would be a real threat. Not many were sold in the UK because they were a lot of money – a #BMW-2500 cost more than a 4.2 XJ6 for example.

    I heard recently of a 2500 – a very rusty one dragged out of a damp garage – that ended up in a scrap yard. You’d think BMW breakers would be putting a bid in for this but, really, they’re not good news. Assuming there are some decent bits on it, who will even buy them? There are so few left that the demand for parts is minimal and because it’s not a 3.0 variant, the engine is of no use to E9 owners either. A breaker said to me: “I could get the useful and saleable bits off that in about 20 minutes. It’s not worth the yard space”. By comparison, a knackered E9 will always yield some useful stuff.

    Some bits are like this, though. A mate has a carbon fibre 320Si cam cover for sale, the N45-engined homologation special. With a new price of £2500 and genuine BMW Motorsport pedigree you’d think a mint used one was worth £200 or £300 but in reality, they’re worth much less than that. Why? Because again, there are very few 320Si cars around, the cam covers don’t go wrong, and they only fit that model. For the £150 he paid, it would make a very nice office wall ornament but not much else!