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  •   Jos Claes reacted to this post about 2 years ago
    THE NAME OF THE BEAST / #Lamborghini-Miura-P400SV / #Lamborghini-Miura-P400 / #Lamborghini-Miura / #Lamborghini /

    A record 23 Lamborghini Miuras came from across the globe to toast the car’s halfcentury in Andalusia, Spain. The rally featured a visit to the Miura ranch, which gave the model its name. It was devised by Miura expert Simon Kidston (by his black SV) Kidston SA. ‏ — at Andalusia, Spain
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  •   James Page reacted to this post about 3 years ago
    CAR #MG-1300 / #MG / #ADO16 / #BMC-ADO16 / #BMC
    Run by James Page
    Owned since June 2014
    Total mileage 96,319
    Miles since September
    2017 report 315
    Latest costs £550


    Back in August, the MG passed its MoT with flying colours. I’d given everything a quick check beforehand, which threw up a couple of things that needed doing. First was the handbrake operation on the nearside rear. Or lack of operation, I should say. I adjusted it so that it felt quite convincing and, while it wasn’t so impressive a couple of days later on the rollers at the #MoT station, it did enough to pass.

    The other job was to replace the brake-light switch. The lamps were a bit feeble, coming to life only when the pedal was some distance into its travel, but a new switch sorted it. Not that the old one gave up without a fight – as is often the case, a five-minute job turned into about 20 minutes as we tried to unscrew the stubborn b… blighter without knackering the pipework.

    With those minor tweaks sorted and a new ticket issued, the MG then had a short period of behaving itself. When a headlight failed, I took the opportunity to convert to halogen units, but time was always against me when it came to various other small annoyances.

    That being the case, I eventually gave up trying to do it myself and took the car to local specialist Autoclassico, which had Jaguar, Aston, Maserati and Lotus projects on the go when I dropped the MG off. My humble saloon still seemed to be a popular visitor, though. Everyone who drove it did the universally recognised ‘bobbing’ motion to describe their progress, bouncing down the road on Hydrolastic suspension and softly sprung seats. As well as a general service and a look at that handbrake, I asked them to investigate its embarrassingly long-standing clutch problem.
    For a while, selecting and deselecting gears had been something of a hit-and-miss affair, although predictably it behaved perfectly during their first test drive. They nonetheless rebuilt the master and slave cylinders. Apparently, the crud in the old fluid was a sight to behold. I went to pick up the car and, for 25 miles or so, it was transformed.

    As part of the thorough fettling, the timing had been checked and the carbs adjusted – even though emissions didn’t officially form part of its MoT, the ever-affable tester at Elberton Garage had remarked that it sounded rich and took a reading that confirmed it. The handbrake was much more effective, too.

    The following day, and buoyed by how well it was running, I went for a random lunchtime drive. After about 10 minutes, the pressure again started to disappear from the clutch pedal and gear selection proved stubborn. Eventually, at a T-junction, it went completely and I couldn’t find anything – the first time that it had reached that stage.

    I checked the master cylinder and it hadn’t lost any fluid, so there was nothing to do beyond calling for recovery. By the time that it arrived (which wasn’t long, despite me initially sending them to Tockington by mistake rather than Tytherington…), gear selection had been restored, but back the car went to the chaps at Autoclassico.

    This time, the diagnosis was that the piston was sticking in the master cylinder – it would be okay for the first few gearchanges, but gradually it wouldn’t return correctly. Given time, it would get there eventually, hence why it had ‘come back’ after 20 minutes or so. Mike at Autoclassico refused on general principle to order one of the plastic master cylinders that are currently on offer, but eventually we found a genuine Lockheed item on eBay. With my credit card recovering in a darkened room and what must surely have been the world’s most expensive master cylinder fitted, the MG was once again back to full health – and seemingly on a rather more permanent basis this time.

    THANKS TO Autoclassico: 0117 956 9115; / Elberton Garage: 01454 414670

    With everything finally sorted – after a return visit to Autoclassico – the MG is back on the road. MG ready for MoT test at Elberton Garage. Recovered, but note bright brake lights! VW rolls by as MG refuses to select gears. A fresh pair of Wipac halogen headlamps. New master solved the gearchange issues.
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  •   James Page reacted to this post about 3 years ago
    CAR #MG-1300 / #MG / #ADO16 / #BMC-ADO16 / #BMC
    Run by James Page
    Owned since June 2014
    Total mileage 94,940
    Miles since May 2016
    report none
    Latest costs nil


    Brown sludge isn’t what you want to see when you remove your car’s radiator cap to check its coolant level. The hope was that it was remnants of oil from its previous head-gasket failure rather than a new problem. I checked the dipstick and the oil-filler cap, but there were no signs of either water getting into the oil or of the oil level dropping. The coolant level, too, was okay.

    The obvious place to start was therefore flushing out the radiator. Removing the radiator was easy, but once it was free it was obvious that assorted rubbish and grime had collected on it. Air-flow must have been minimal, so I applied a little detergent to the muck and then poured hot water over it to loosen it all off. It cleaned up nicely, so I moved on to back-flushing the radiator itself. Not surprisingly, it took some time for the water to run clean, but I left it for a few minutes and eventually it did.

    With the exception of the time we had to wait in a queue for the ferry while en route to the 2014 Le Mans Classic, the MG has never run even remotely warm. Quite the opposite, in fact – despite its horribly bunged-up radiator, the needle never really gets beyond one-third of the way up the gauge. While it was empty of coolant, therefore, I satisfied a quick bout of curiosity and checked that it did indeed have its thermostat in place. It did, but the inspection proved that a new gasket was required.

    The area of chassis that’s usually hidden beneath the radiator was looking scruffy, with peeling underseal, so I scrubbed off the loose bits, wiped it down, and reapplied some Waxoyl to protect it.

    Space is a little tight when putting the side-mounted radiator back in, so I tried a couple of methods, but quickly realised that my ‘brilliant’ shortcuts involving the bottom hose and the fan shroud weren’t going to work. Instead, I settled for doing it the traditional way and actually it wasn’t too hard.

    The fiddly hose went back on easily enough, and the bolt that goes through the bottom of the shroud, and which you have to fit by feel alone, was remarkably faff-free. I refilled it with coolant, fired it up (which is becoming an increasingly long-winded process, but the battery seems to be coping well) and checked for leaks. Nothing from the bottom hose, a little – predictably – from around the thermostat housing, but otherwise all seemed to be as it should.

    With that done, I turned my attention to fitting the rear seatbelts that I got a while ago. The only other time I’ve done this job was on my Morris 1800, which had all the relevant mounting points. It was a doddle. On the MG, though, the central points were there, but there was no sign of the ones in the corners that are needed for the bracket coming down from the retractors. Those corners, a corrosion hot-spot on these cars, comprise metal that is noticeably more recent than 1970, so they could have been replaced without replicating the mounting points.

    It looked as if, as Martin Port put it, I’d have to be getting busy with the drill, but installing belts is obviously something that I’d rather get absolutely right. Probably better for a specialist to take care of that. While everything was out, though, I cleaned up the muck that had collected on the floor, then treated the seat itself to a thorough clean.

    Next up, though, is to get it to Phil Cottrell at Classic Jaguar Replicas to see if he can sort the rough running. Having read Graeme Hurst’s running report this month, it’s tempting to invest in a new electronic distributor and see if that has the same effect as it did on his Mustang. Perhaps it’s simply time to hand it over to someone who would no doubt be somewhat more methodical than that.

    ‘Not surprisingly, it took some time for the water to run clear, but I left it running and eventually it did’

    Underseal was peeling from chassis… …so a new coating of Waxoyl was applied Once removed, rad grime was all too clear Proof that oil and water really don’t mix Rear seats came up nicely for a quick clean Thermostat was in place; gasket crumbling
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  •   James Page reacted to this post about 3 years ago
    CAR: #MG-1300 / #MG / #ADO16 / #BMC-ADO16 / #BMC
    Run by James Page
    Owned since June 2014
    Total mileage 94,940
    Miles since October 2015
    report 512
    Latest costs nil


    After being used as weekend transport to the golf club through the autumn, the MG – like my woods and irons – has been hibernating over the winter. Knowing full well that, when I did dig it out again, I would quite likely face a continuation of last year’s endless niggles, I was still unwilling to subject it to month after month of salty roads. So, when the first signs of spring appeared, out came the battery charger. Despite being started and warmed at regular intervals over the winter, the A-series took a bit of waking up this time. But wake up it did, so I headed off into the countryside to see if all was well.

    As I was checking the tyre pressures at the local garage, a chap stopped to compliment the car and how sweetly it was idling. He then noticed the wing badge: “ British Leyland ? God, they were lousy…” People clearly have long memories. I was reminded of the various non-mechanical jobs that I had intended to sort over the winter, but which I’d never got around to. First is the tear to the driver’s seat base – one of few interior blemishes and so all the more noticeable. Martin Buckley has pointed me in the direction of a local trimmer, so that should soon be sorted.

    The other problem is that the driver’s door is hung in such a way that the upper-rear corner slightly fouls the B-pillar. It’s now reached the point where it’s worn away the paint, so that’ll be another job for Cromhall Refinishing in Thornbury – as will the rust bubble that has appeared on the windscreen surround. That has the potential to be more involved than it looks, but is best sorted as soon as possible. The MG’s still not running quite right, either. Having spent almost countless evenings going through the timing, carbs, points gap and valve clearances, it may be time for a second opinion. Martin Port has suggested that Phil Cottrell at Classic Jaguar Replicas – a man who knows the A-series inside out – would get it sorted in no time. I still reckon that it’s distributorrelated in some way, but no doubt Phil will be able to tell me for sure. It would be good to have it at full strength, because it feels abusive to be driving the 1300 when it’s clearly not right. I’m sure that’s not far off, and then it can once again be loaded up with golf kit on a regular basis.

    After being laid up for the winter, the MG is gracing the roads again but poor running still needs sorting. Window frame has worn paint from pillar. Split in driver’s seat is due to be tackled.
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  •   Ben Koflach reacted to this post about 3 years ago
    CAR #MG-1300 / #MG / #ADO16 / #BMC-ADO16 / #BMC
    Run by James Page
    Owned since June 2014
    Total mileage 95,320
    Miles since June
    report 380
    Latest costs £133


    In June, I took the MG up to Phil and Oli Cottrell at Classic Jaguar Replicas. Phil has years of experience with the A-series engine, so he was confident that he could sort out the ongoing rough running. While the car was there, Oli was going to fit the rear seatbelts that I’ve had for almost as long as I’ve owned it.

    I put some into my Morris 1800, but all the relevant mounting points were there so it was a doddle. With the MG, they weren’t, and if my kids were going to be transported around in it, I wanted the belts to be installed by somebody who knew what they were doing. So, one morning I drove it up the M4 from Thornbury to Bucklebury. Phil reckoned he’d have it sorted in no time, and so it proved.

    It turned out that the distributor wasn’t properly seated against the block because of a random O-ring underneath it. He also went through the points, timing and carburettors to make sure it was all correctly set – I’d fiddled with so many things that all of them were likely to be ‘out’ to some degree, and therefore not helping matters.

    In the meantime, Oli did a neat job with the rear belts, drilling mounting points in each wheelarch and even climbing into the back seat to test them out. At well over six feet tall, he was happy that, if they fitted around him, they’d fit around two small children.

    With the Cottrells decamping to the Le Mans Classic and various work commitments, it was towards the end of July that I was able to pick it up. It now runs much better, showing none of the part-throttle hesitation that it used to. Phil even pointed out that the doorhandles are on upside-down – the nearside one has apparently been fitted to the offside and vice versa.

    I celebrated by taking the car up to the Silverstone Classic, which involved a superb run on one of my favourite routes across the Cotswolds – up to Cirencester, then Bibury, Burford and Chipping Norton, before cutting across to Deddington, Aynho and picking up the A43 for the final few miles.

    The MG charged there and back, but the following morning I feared that it had immediately blotted its copybook again. With the belts in place, I thought it was the ideal opportunity to put Thomas and Jessica in the back for a summer-holiday trip to the cinema. When I turned the key, however, there was nothing.

    With two expectant children standing in the doorway, I didn’t have time for any diagnosis. All I could do was to push the MG down the driveway so that I could retrieve my Citroën Xantia from behind it. Once we got back from seeing Finding Dory, I checked the starter motor, reasoning that the battery was relatively new and recently charged (assuming that all was well with the charging system…) thanks to its Silverstone run. The wiring to the starter was fine, but the whole backplate was slightly loose. I nipped that up, gave the unit itself a couple of taps – more in hope than expectation – and turned the key.

    It fired instantly, which at least meant that I could keep its appointment with the MoT tester a few days later. Elberton Garage is just down the road and everyone there is a classic-car enthusiast.

    Once we’d talked ADO16s for a bit and looked over the elderly Ford fire tender that was next in line after me, the MG emerged with a fresh ticket. The only advisory was a slight handbrake imbalance, which means that the offside-rear drum will shortly be coming off again so that I can sort it out.

    THANKS TO Classic Jaguar Replicas: 0118 971 2091 / Securon: 01454 414670;

    ‘I thought it was the ideal opportunity to take the kids out in it, but when I turned the key there was nothing’

    The 1300 is now freshly MoT’d, running well and set up to ferry around the entire Page family.
    The rear seatbelts have finally been fitted.

    ‘A rose between two thorns’, as Phil generously put it: the MG at Classic Jaguar Replicas.
    The doorhandles should point out, not up. Nervous times: arriving for its MoT test.
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  •   Will Beaumont reacted to this post about 4 years ago

    In #1971 , Motor brought together two great sportsracers and ran them on the road. As writer Michael Bowler put it: ‘I thought it might be interesting as well as entertaining’. Here, #Jaguar-C-Type acts as camera car as #Ford-GT40 / #Ford goes flashing past LAT.
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  •   Stephen Bayley reacted to this post about 4 years ago
    2016 / #Audi-A6 / #2018 / #Audi-A6-C8 / #Audi

    Remain true to their own values, but still do not miss the train of time - this challenge is currently the entire auto industry. Not for nothing showed the German premium brands BMW, Mercedes and Audi lot of presence on the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Where to grow together what belongs together has not yet really: the fast moving consumer electronics and the other hand comparatively leisurely carmaker.

    Audi CEO Rupert Stadler sees the change undaunted in the face: "The auto industry is still a classic business model, but we will convert it into a platform business." And the future also means more of a co-Stadler than against one another. Overlooking the joint commitment of BMW, Mercedes and Audi in the adoption of digital maps specialists Here explains Audi Chairman "Sometimes cooperation is better than competition." Classic Powerlifting Let us first with the classic business model: A cooperation in matters Audi A6 , BMW fives and Mercedes e-class will not happen, because still ruled a three-way battle. And who gets these days fresh food: The Mercedes E-Class rolls just began in a new form, the quintet follows the end of the year, the A6 2018.

    The A6 speaks in his new edition of the viewer with a widened grille whose corners are now drawn sharp. The single-frame to be lost in the overall height of a few centimeters. Visually, the A6-oriented as the A8 in the study Prologue and receives as the other Audi models more flared wheel arches. The original idea of the Quattro is to be revived by the Bank in the design - even during the A3 facelift this spring. The A6 is there at first only with all-wheel drive and with an optional all-wheel steering, which takes over the business from Limousine Q7.

    Much light band has been speculation on the stern in the past a drawn through. But since Audi has made other choices. Four models are available in the future with this design feature: the new A8, the A7 elegantly shaped, the Q8 and Q6 as an electric car, which will be manufactured from 2018 at the Brussels plant.

    A6 as an electric car?
    Yet Audi plans to A6 is not a pure electric car. But Rupert Stadler is happy that he can react on the building blocks of the Group flexibly to the needs of the markets. In their own e-motor production in Hungary, he even sees a core competency of the house for the future: "In the electric mobility, there is no turning back."

    Audi is fully energized and prepares the next A6 Q7, Q8 and A7 definitely as a plug-in hybrid in front, carrying the additional designation e-tron. But clearly, it remains even when using the classic Nitro of the 2.0 TFSI petrol with 190 and 252 hp and the two-liter diesel engines (150 and 190 hp) to the three-liter V6 engines with 218, 272 and 333 hp, which will be modified by then facing more stringent emission standards. Audi relies on SCR technology.

    In addition to the dual-clutch S tronic, it will continue for the powerful engines that develop more than 500 Nm of torque, enter the eight-stage converter ZF automatic transmission.

    Long term, the eight-cylinder engines become extinct in the volume models, it increases the four- and six-cylinder in the performance. but Sporting S and RS variants definitely stay in the program, since Audi thus can drive remarkable sales success. Do not rule out the way that the Audi five-cylinder, as it is used in RS 3 and TT RS (400 hp), also adapted for longitudinal installation.

    New Tags

    Who talks to the Audi specialists, comes to many new Tags not around: artificial intelligence, management, new type of user experience, Big Data, Internet of things - all right? Do not worry that comes step by step, some can, but you do not understand. The main thing is, the car good use, feel safe and comfortable and can integrate their personal data and applications easily. And then it looks all.

    The chosen path remains the brand faithful: The trend is toward intuitive operating systems, which can be controlled by touch. The number of switches is intended to be gradually reduced. It is based on the Modular Infotainment System (MIB), the Audi introduces in several steps. A8 and A6 are based on the study Prologue, in which the entire front of the instrument panel is a kind of large display. It is a touch screen with haptic feedback - the driver will feel so in the fingers that he has activated a function - controlled instead of a rotary push-and. Pressing on the screen it feels like a button, including clicking sound, so the Audi drivers of change easily falls possible. With the first pure electric car Q6 (also new for 2018) then the next stage of a new operator control and display concept with vaulted screens.

    The general trend in rapid development stage of the LTE mobile communications, shorter call setup times and improved voice quality when calling goes. This entails additional online services that provide additional features, such as the navigation permit.

    A6 with OLED technology

    What Audi still very strong addition to the new features in the multimedia sector at heart: the introduction of OLED technology in lighting, which stands for "Organic Light Emitting Diodes" stands. In each OLED unit include two electrodes a plurality of thin layers of organic semiconductor material is a. Here, then layers are made to emit light, so that it is not to point light sources like the LED, but panel radiators.

    This technique was first offered already this year for the TT RS, 2017 followed by the four-door coupe A7, and from 2018 OLED is to have as an option for the A6. As Mercedes E-Class and BMW five is made fit even the A6 for the semi-autonomous driving. He parks in the longitudinal and transverse gaps automatically, keeps its own track and the distance to the vehicle in front of more than 200 km / h, braking in an emergency completely to a standstill. Currently the works of 40 km / h to market, this figure is likely to increase.

    The opportunity to seek help when overtaking, as from now, the new E-Class, there will be the Audi A6. In Mercedes this technique works currently to pace 130th

    on the other hand does not change in principle to the dimensions of A6 and A6 Avant. Even the boot capacity remains about the same. Due to the strict crash standards, especially in the United States no longer so large jumps are possible as before in losing weight. The A6 will still lose again at 50 kg, and then come into the lightest version below the limit of 1600 kg. However, he is not all-aluminum car.

    What is not yet clear: when the Avant follows. There are two scenarios: in parallel with the launch of the sedan or until the following year. , Applies however that the distance will be similar to the A4 few weeks as more likely. Does the competition from old?

    Ring the new Audi business sedan therefore a new era? See the previously introduced competitors BMW and Mercedes E class five from old fast? Most certainly tangible leap expected Audi succeed in the design of the cockpit and operation. The placed in the center console display is compared to the more conventional architectures of BMW and Mercedes, both continue to rely on a rotary push button, much more progressive, the usual keypresses intelligently linked with a touchscreen. Mercedes offers the touch-sensitive buttons on the steering wheel a good compromise. Motto: In principle, we rely on the old world, but who wants the new, she gets at least a little. BMW touted the gesture control, but remains as Mercedes the old ways. Only Audi combines the smartphone world with the desire of motorists, even touching getting feedback during operation. Should this technique, the Audi has just shown at the CES in Las Vegas, work everyday reliable, the brand has developed a real advantage in the operation of the future. That should especially BMW be a thorn in the flesh, who always claimed in this area, the leadership itself.

    Interesting is certainly the struggle for comfort crown. Mercedes backed by its sophisticated air suspension together with comfort seat here before powerful, but also Audi has to focus more on ride comfort directed than before.

    Air suspension and new seats given gets the A6 air suspension from the Q7, but which is modified again stronger. The goal is a wider spread of the different driving modes. As Mercedes expects Audi from newly developed seat with a softer seat at the same time reinforced lateral support a more comfortable ride. Gone are the days when it the Audi developers goal was simply to construct the sportiest car in the class. What should the bargain hunters among buyers find interesting: Unlike the Mercedes E-Class, it will probably be the A6 continue with manual switch. This alone will provide the best base price in the future of Audi in the upper midrange segment, although the entry petrol 1.8 TFSI flies out of the program.

    Who even this sharply designed A6 still seems too good, which can alternatively engage the next generation of the four-door coupe A7, which is visually more expressive. Also available from 2018 at the dealers.

    While still lean BMW fives and Mercedes E-Class quite strongly to the well-known brand design, Audi is taking a new, fresh way with the A6. Also in the cockpit and the new operation with touch touchscreen brand shows the courage to change. That could be the key to success, because otherwise the three German premium models move at eye level. All drive semi-automatically performing similar functions, are very well connected and as a plug-in hybrid available. Overall succeeds the Audi A6 but best to convey progress visually.

    Audi: progressive than BMW and Mercedes

    New BMW fives with evolutionary design

    The end of the new five will be presented: He gets a higher quality cockpit in Style Sevens, is lighter, runs semi-autonomous and to be more dynamic and more comfortable.

    Even the five takes as the E-class to the driver in the future if desired some work from. Both can be up to speed following the anticipated driving car 210 km / h self-employed, for example, on the highway.

    Visually reminiscent of the new five, which is presented at the end of the year, very strong at the sevens. This also applies to the high-quality cockpit, which is however created some driver-oriented. Unlike Mercedes for the E-Class BMW leads fiver a gesture control. When driving are no complete new concepts, but amendments to existing engines, it remains in the eight-stage converter ZF automatic transmission. Even without the use of carbon of five is about 100 kg lighter. Compared with the Audi A6, he also acts designed conventional. Exciting the comparison is safe with the driving dynamics.

    The new five-similar to the predecessor. Behind the black stripes in the middle of the grill

    the radar for autonomous driving functions

    Mercedes E-Class with traditional virtues

    The new Daimler is digital, but the changes concerning the operation are far less radical than at Audi. The Focus: Top comfort and many new automated driving functions.

    The E-Class is to set new standards of comfort after the desire of developers. There are newly developed seats and an air suspension with two chambers in front and three behind. Operation is unlike Audi continues via a known rotary-push-button control, but is supplemented by two buttons on the steering wheel, with which one also click through the renovated menu structure and can wipe. Progress, but no new scale. High-quality, easy to read, but extra charge: the new widescreen with digital instrument cluster. With Excitement: the new six-cylinder from 2017. The growing E-Class Status and ride comfort, closely follows the S-Class. The Audi A6 is clearly progressive. Advantage: Both have a clear positioning.

    E-Class there again with two different fronts. The picture shows the Exclusive version with a classic grill and star on the hood.

    Curved and sharp screen, a touchpad with haptic feedback, there is only for also for limousines New assistance systems and lighting
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