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    Faz and Furiouz
    Faz and Furiouz is now following Shelby Glenn
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    Debonair Audi R8 V10 with Mansory goodies

    Cover Car / #Mansory / #Audi-R8-V10-Mansory / #Audi-R8-Mansory / #Audi-R8-V10-Typ-42 / #Audi-R8-Typ-42 / #Audi-Typ-42 / #Audi-R8-V10-Mansory-Typ-42 /

    Text: Faz&Furiouz
    Photos: Kenny Yeoh
    Model: Chelsea Chil

    There are not too many cars that have made it to production that bore an uncanny resemblance to its concept car perpetrator. How many times have we seen such gorgeously penned artistic rendition, with their sleek lines, ultra large wheels and ultra thin rubbers ended up being paired down more like, looking at best, only a passing likeness to the concept it was derived from. So to have the Le Mans Quattro Concept (back 2003) made into the R8 (in 2006) without so much as a body panel being changed was quite something.

    Quite something indeed, not that it is germane to our matter at hand here but still, the R8’s concept-turned-production genesis had hitherto being proven a stellar success for Audi AG, being among the most popular performance car pretty much in every major car market ours included.

    And of course, they’re pretty big in the tuning scene as well. Utilizing the wonders of Google and you’d see a huge array of aftermarket options for the R8, along with the subsequent tuners and brands. Another key indicator is the R8’s exploits in motor racing which covers not only Europe and Asia but other regions as well.

    Inasmuch as the R8 has evolved into a bonafide legend in its class, with its brilliant run of successes in GT Championships the world over, it is still the production car that makes enthusiasts and even ‘regular’ car folks all flipped up and over, whenever they rumbled pass, or when one is spotted. Little wonder than that Mr. Tony Stark himself, despite having the means to get pretty much any megabucks exotics, chose instead the R8 – both the first and its successor. And yeah I know, the man is a figment of the imagination, unadulterated fiction manifested into cinematic reality. But then again, it is Hollywood after all, and with the global market that Hollywood’s box office flicks catered to, the perpetual hype that a big budget super hero movie entails inasmuch, and its association with Audi was indeed quite a statement and a tribute to consumerism and capitalism.

    Anyway, right here and right now our collective focus falls upon this here 2010 model R8, the Audi R8 Coupe 5.2 FSI Quattro to be exact. Now this car has quite a history of close collaboration with Hypertune. If you recall like a couple of issues back it made an appearance as a matted out black R8 resplendent with quite a considerable selection of Mansory performance and styling products. Now moving forward the ownership of that very same ride has changed and seeing as the new owner is pretty much the same ilk as the previous one, he’d then gone about doing it up for quite a bit, and this fine looking ride is the end result.

    Before I rattle on and on waxing lyrical about the finer personalization that our man had showered upon his exceptional R8, perhaps I could interest you on this preemptive ‘detour’ as per the R8’s place of birth. Well, it is no secret really since we’re all ‘connected’ pretty much 24-7 that we’d still have our squinting eyes fixated upon our handheld devices when we’re relieving ourselves even (a ‘masterstroke’ of progress perhaps). Anyway, as per the R8’s origin, it is not Ingolstadt but Neckarsulm – Quattro GmbH’s state of the art 3,500 square meters plant, which the R8 and its numerous variants and versions shares with Audi’s RS models. Fancy that? Consider how important the R8 is for Audi as a global automotive powerhouse that they’ve invested quite a bit of capital on such facilities. To think that before the R8 came to being, there were those who’d voiced some ‘concerns’ that Audi does not have the conviction as such to produce such superlative performance cars.

    Well that notion has been put to rest the moment the first production R8 rolled out of Neckarsulm back in 2006. That first Audi R8 powered by the brutish 414 hp 4.2 FSI V8 and mated to the benchmark Quattro powertrain registered some truly super performance figures – 4.6 seconds naught to sixty mph, 301 km/h, with handling to match. And of course, the sensational ‘digital age’ looks. Few cars can match the R8 for visual gratification, and even now after a number of aesthetic revisions the original silhouette remained unaltered, as is the imposing façade.

    And that very same DNA resides within this quite spectacular 2010 example. After some four years in production some ‘transplanted’ Lamborghini elements were put in place – the Gallardo LP560-4 derived 5.2 liter V10. Nestled longitudinally mid-ship the normally aspirated 5,204 cc Odd firing V10 40 valve DOHC with some 518 hp at 8000rpm and 391 foot pounds of torque at 6500rpm, takes the standard car through a swift, pretty darn quick 3.7 seconds century sprint, 11.5 secs quarter mile, 196mph max speed. With the APR Direct Port Program, Quicksilver exhaust and Carbonio intake, we’d reckon some pretty major readjustments as per the above figures are required. Telltale hint is that APR tuning program which had been known to yield some incredibly huge horsepower and torque gains.

    With that sorted now we’ve come upon the remarkably done up aesthetics of this APRprepped R8 5.2 FSI V10. The Mansory exterior carbon fiber components (bonnet, front blade, side sigma, rear side mirror, dry carbon side blades) were carried over for the most part from the previous owner, and added on to that were the carbon spoiler, front lip and rear diffuser from the R8 GT. The gorgeous black finish is made even more gorgeous with that final touch – the 19” Y DESIGN alloys. Behind that reside the standard brakes, equipped with aftermarket racing brake pads from Endless.

    Inside the trademark R8 interior (voted as among the best interior recently) has a Mansory carbon interior trim, along with fine Nappa leather, Alcantara head lining, Contour sport steering wheel, Bang & Olufsen sound system along with numerous multimedia gadgets inasmuch. All in all a fine piece of modified R8.

    TECHNICAL DATA Hyperfacts!

    Car: #Audi-R8-Spyder-V10-5.2-FSI-Quattro / #Audi-R8-Spyder / #Audi-R8-Spyder-V10 / #Audi-R8-V10 / #Audi-R8 / #Audi /

    Engine Modifications: 5.2 #V10 #FSI #Quattro , #APR-Direct-Port-Programming / #Quicksilver Titan Supersport Exhaust system ( #AU230T ), Carbonio Carbon intake

    Transmission: 6-speed #R-tronic automatic transmission

    Suspension: standard

    Brakes: standard, Endless racing brake pads

    Wheels & Tyres: 19” 10-spokes #Y-Design A/W

    Interior: Fine Nappa leather, Alcantara head lining, Contour 3 spoke leather sport steering, multimedia music interface, multifunction steering wheel, electric seat with lumbar adjustments, Audi parking system plus, reverse camera, CD changer, mobile telephone via Bluetooth, Bang & Olufsen sound system, Mansory racing pedals, Mansory carbon interior

    Exterior: Mansory carbon bonnet, #Mansory carbon fuel cap, Mansory carbon a pillar, Mansory carbon front blade, Mansory side sigma, Mansory rear side mirror
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    Faz and Furiouz
    Faz and Furiouz joined the group Audi R8
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    Faz and Furiouz
    Faz and Furiouz is now following Bob BMW
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    Feature Car #BMW-630i-E63 / #BMW-630i / #BMW-E63 / #BMW / #BMW-6-Series / #N52B30 / #N52 /

    Text: Faz&Furiouz Photos: Kenny Yeoh

    Model: Chew Wei Wei from He & She Management; Wardrobe Sponsor: YFS Concept Store

    This BMW coupe flaunts the dual sports and elegance persona to perfection With the numerical order for BMW model line-up having been all accounted for from Series 1 right up to Series 7 (with Series 8 E31 being put on the back burner for the time being), the conforming hierarchy may now be ascertain yes? Yeah well maybe that’d be up for debate as the biggest (7 Series), while being the most luxurious, most opulent of all Bimmers in current production, is by no mean the brawniest or indeed the fastest. And by no stretch of the imagination could you consider the 1 series the least powerful either.

    Now why is all the above relevant in this instant? Not too sure really, just thought about pointing that out before I start yammering away on the key merit points on this screaming banana yellow Hamann-detailed 6 Series. Maybe it’s a BMW corporate intention to keep its clientele guessing as to what goes where, and where is whatchamacallit? Maybe their corporate honchos have a monthly game of random dice throwing contest where the stakes would be tantamount to what newest tech goes to which model, what new model is next, or somehow or rather pretty much.

    In the mean time we have hardcore car folks yearning for an even more hardcore M machines, equipped with Competition packs, limited edition plaques with unique serial numbers of course, which a certain M5 30 Jahre, with the biggest production horsepower figures ever seen on a BMW, had pretty much satiated, only to be swiped clean off the production line even before they’re actually produced. Not to mentioned coming with stratospheric sticker price.

    Such qualms are the norm among those hardy souls who’re in it as per the ‘Ultimate driving machine’ tagline, seeking a legitimate entry into such exclusive company. They are exceedingly well to do gentlemen with pretty fat checkbooks et al, knowledgeable and well versed in the innerworkings of a bonafide performance machine as such. And yet as they maneuver their way into the nether reaches of what’s real and what is at best, a whisker away from their own reality; they’d ultimately had to settle for something a whisker less than the most exclusive of driving machines. Perhaps something with more than adequate oomph, more than adequate style, but a little less dent on the wallet yeah? So as to have more liquid cash I venture. Smart man.

    Kinda like our big man right here, the big man sitting snugly all buckled up in the driving seat of this one truly babe magnet of a Bimmer. This Sixer Bimmer was originally in a rather pretty sedate state of being whereas the owner upon deciding to sell it, approached M Custom Cars in his desire to transform his ‘mild’ Bimmer to a ‘wild’ Bimmer. The thing is, the ‘mild to wild’ credo is M Custom Cars own motto, and have hitherto rolled out numerous such examples, ranging from nominally wild to outrageously wild. As for this particular example, it sits right smack in the middle, with its flamboyant color-coded exterior / interior finishing.

    The bodykit is a completely customized M Custom Cars version complete with German grill up front as well as customized M6 hood. The Atacama Yellow paintjob was in essence the key characteristic that brought out this classy Bimmer coupe’s ‘wild side’. With the contrasting black detailing therein, plus the utterly gorgeous Breyton rims, the whole ‘wild persona’ certainly fits the bill. The same yellow black color combo permeates the interior, made up for the most part of Nappa leather, fully customized of course. In amongst the eye-catching innards is a kick-ass Rockford Fosgate sound system – amplified to the tune of that Italian Job’s Napster ‘speaker so freakin loud it rips a girl’s clothes to shreds’. And yes, that was what you might call exaggeration; in any case there’s also a lovely set of Hamann foot pedals. Go figure as to where the Hamann emblems and decals came about.

    Anyways, having ascertained the cosmetic details, and lovely they certainly were, we absolutely need to ascertain the performance side of this Atacama Yellow enveloped 630Ci. The details given had the 3 liter Inline 6 rated at 325 bhp, acquired through computer remap, lightened adjustable pulley and connecting rods bearing, K&N Air filter and Akrapovic exhaust. Handling improvements were made via a set of Bilstein dampers, with stopping power coming in much more assuring with a set of yummy M6 brakes.

    A well sorted approach that exemplifies ‘doing what’s needed’. As classy as it is coo.
    Threading with care as per the overall finishing, the builders managed to make the banana yellow & black combo finish look sumptuously good.

    Car: #BMW-6-Series-E63
    Engine Mods: upgraded to 325 bhp; computer remapped, con rod bearing lightened & lightened adjustable pulley, #Akrapovic exhaust, #K&N racing air filter / #N52B30
    Transmission: stock
    Handling: Bilstein shock absorbers
    Brakes: M6 brakes kit
    Wheels & Tires: 19” inch Breyton rims & Kumho tires
    Exterior: Customized body kit from M Custom Cars: front lips, side skirts, back diffuser, back spoiler, German nose grill, M6 customized hood; HID lights and LED fog lamps, Atacama yellow paintjob
    Interior: custom Nappa leather, Hammann foot pedals interior, floor board & roof sound-proofing, Rockford Fosgate amplifier, 4 speakers,8 inch woofer under the seat.

    Wei Wei’s smiley face came off the Bimmer’s radient Persona.
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    Faz and Furiouz
    Faz and Furiouz joined the group BMW 6-Series E63
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