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    Brightwells June sale / #BMW / #1992 / #BMW-E30 / #BMW-318i-Convertible / #BMW-318i-Convertible-E30 / #BMW-318i-E30 / #BMW-3-Series-E30 / #BMW-3-Series / BMW / #BMW-3-Series-Cabrio-E30 / #BMW-3-Series-Cabrio

    Brightwells had a glut of BMWs on offer at its June sale and this #BMW-E30-Cabriolet was one of three 318i examples it had up for sale and the only one that sold. Its mileage might have been on the high side at 136k but there was plenty of history with the car showing it had been loved during its life. At £4500 it looked like reasonable value for money but as an investment the 325i sold by ACA looked to be a better bet.

    SOLD FOR: £4500
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    / #BMW F20 118d Sport /

    Now seems as good a time as any to reflect on my #Head-Up-Screen (HUS) and dashcam as they’ve been in the car for a while and I use them both relatively often. The HUS gets used daily. It’s always on, I never bother folding it away and, despite the fact that it’s a little on the chunky side, I’m amazed at how quickly I’ve grown accustomed to it sitting on top of my dash. It’s actually strange getting into a car without a HUS as it’s so convenient and makes keeping an eye on my speed so easy. I like the fact that I can also set my speed limiter on it, though there’s a delay in selecting a speed with the steering wheel controls and it appearing on the display that’s a little irritating. Also irritating is the fact that, even with the brightness set to autoadjust to ambient light levels, at night it remains rather bright and has a habit of reflecting off the windscreen slightly but aside from that I’m really happy with it.

    The sat nav side of things, though, is rather less streamlined. Firstly there’s the problem of having to connect the sat nav app up to the #HUS at least once every 30 days, which I don’t do and then forget about. Then there’s the fact that connecting the nav up to the HUS can be fiddly and temperamental – you want to keep your wi-fi on for enhanced location accuracy but that means that when getting into the car, as my phone is connected to my home wi-fi, I need to manually connect it to the car. And, even once you’ve done that it sometimes just refuses to work completely. It’ll show up as being connected on the HUS, the nav will be working on my phone but there will be no directions appearing on the display and no audio guidance either. I’ve also had a couple of crashes (software, that is) leaving me mid-route and attempting to reload the software whilst driving. Also sometimes not having a map in front of you can be irritating when complicated junctions or roundabouts are concerned and things can get confusing. The concept is great and I like it when it works but unfortunately it’s not faultless and can often be a frustrating experience.

    The front and rear-facing cameras have, on the whole, been excellent though they too have their failings. First, apparently the front camera is easy to remove for security but for the life of me, I can’t figure out how to extract it from the car! It doesn’t want to fold and it doesn’t seem to want to leave so for now I’ve given up attempting to move it. It might be a case of Reading The Flipping Manual. That might also apply to the fact that, every so often, the strict eastern European-sounding female voice will order me to format the SD card. Now, my other dash cam that I have in my E39 will happily keep recording over all its old footage, saving any files you’ve padlocked and that’s it – it requires no further attention. But here it would appear that you have to wipe the card to make room for more recording, at least that’s what it sounds like. While I’d like to think you can just set the camera to keep recording, or that it should be doing that by itself anyway, BMW’s attempts to make the user interface super user-friendly means that you have some big coloured on-screen buttons to press that control the most basic functions, and that’s it. It’s very limited and I can’t see what I can do to shut her up, besides formatting the card, but that deletes everything, including any files you might have saved following an incident. If you’re not paying attention, you could easily give into the demands of the voice and unwittingly delete something extremely important if you’ve not had a chance to download it to your computer.

    Very strange and potentially a massive oversight. I will peruse the instruction manual more thoroughly and report back with my findings.

    TECHNICAL DATA #BMW-F20 / #BMW-118d-Sport / #BMW-118d-Sport-F20 / #BMW-118d-F20 /

    YEAR: #2013
    TOTAL MILEAGE: 19,791
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    THE #BMW-F10 / #BMW-M5 / #BMW-M5-F10 / #BMW /

    Nothing to much to report on the M5 this month. It is inching ever closer to the end of its Service Inclusive pack at 60,000 miles and is performing beautifully. As winter weather sets in a bit more, I am as always grateful for the fantastic heated seats and sure-footed winter tyres. On dark wet mornings the amazingly bright adaptive headlights are a real boon, allowing me to see further ahead than the lights on any car I have ever driven. The wipers are excellent, too. Very rarely do they ever smear or fail to provide excellent vision. Despite all of this excellence, I find myself ready for a change and I’m increasingly looking at alternatives to the M5.

    As I have said previously, though, the problem is finding something that is as capable, comfortable and usable. There are numerous choices out there that are quicker but few that are anything like as comfortable or that one would be happy to leave in a car park for long periods of time. Equally, few cars have a level of tech that comes close to the M5. My wife has just taken delivery of a new MINI JCW. It has all the tech that I have on the M5, in a fantastically small package. Trying to find a non-BMW premium product that has great dynamic navigation, Bluetooth and iPod connectivity and a DAB radio is harder than you might think.

    Only the latest models on the market can offer these things and those that have the performance of the M5 are well over £100k. So I face the difficult but not unpleasant task of trying to find a replacement that can truly live up to the M5. I am left with the conclusion that there will have to be a compromise somewhere. That one has to lose some desirable facet of the M5’s make-up to replace it is a testament to the fact that it really is the ultimate all-rounder.

    THE F10 M5
    YEAR: #2012
    TOTAL MILEAGE: 58,965
    MPG THIS MONTH: 21.0
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    F10 M5

    The month started off well with a trip to Goodwood, for the ‘BahnStormers event, which is one of the Goodwood Breakfast club events. I had chosen to leave the summer tyres on until after this, as the bigger wheels are more aesthetically pleasing on the M5. The mild temperatures through October had also negated the need for the winter rubber.

    When the day of the Goodwood meeting arrived, the weather, while warm, was wet and foggy. I had a slow but pleasant early morning drive over to Goodwood, and was one of the first to arrive. I had an enjoyable morning while ogling the tasty machinery turning up. There were some beautiful BMWs there among some more exotic items. My personal favourite was an #Alpina-B12 #BMW-8-Series – a very special looking weapon. I’ve visited a number of these breakfast club meetings, and have been lucky enough to be able gain a paddock car pass a few times. It’s always nice as a petrolhead to be surrounded by fellow enthusiasts, and these Sunday breakfasts always bring out some special cars, if you haven’t already been to one, I’d strongly recommend getting along to one next year.

    Before heading over to Goodwood, I had the car valeted, and the engine bay cleaned up at the same time. It was noticed that there was a lot of grunge on the front of the oil filter. However as the whole underbonnet area was filthy, it was difficult to identify if this was a particular problem, or just a place where dirt catches. However when the car was in having its winter wheels and tyres fitted, I asked the technician to have a look, just in case. Luckily, the ‘add one litre of oil’ request came on just as I was arriving at the dealership. With 58k on the clock, this could be my last free top up of oil, as the service inclusive pack runs out at 60,000. The tyres were swapped over, the oil added, and the car cleaned and returned within an hour.

    Dick Lovett BMW Swindon has been undergoing refurbishment for sometime now. I can’t wait for the new showroom to open, as while the facilities are adequate, a portacabin and a used car showroom are not up to BMW’s usual standards, and as a result, after about half an hour of hanging around, I was bored. The service team had looked at the oil filter and couldn’t see problem, but they cleaned it again, and I will pop in before the service pack runs out to see if it needs to be replaced. The small amount of muck on it in the picture had accrued in around 48hrs.

    With winter weather now here, the switch to winter tyres seemed sensible, with the reduction in traction balanced by the better grip in the cold and on muddy roads. It still takes me a while to adjust my driving style to the different balance of the car on the skinnier rubber, and I have seen the traction control light flashing more than usual this month. Also needed this month was some extra screen wash, so five litres of BlueCol’s finest was also added.

    I still haven’t managed to have the old Tyre repaired, but did get round to taking a picture of the offending nail. Now with the car winterised again, I look forward to colder months with confidence, but equally cant wait for the spring to come, so that I can use more of the performance again.

    Tech data #BMW-M5-F10 / #BMW-M5 / #BMW-F10 / #BMW
    YEAR: #2012
    TOTAL MILEAGE: 58,501
    MPG THIS MONTH: 23.87
    COST THIS MONTH: £33 (screen wash and winter tyre swap)
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    Meet Jenna Belle, an #RWB-Porker 993 with a very phat arse! Lovely. / #Porsche-911-RWB-Porker / #Porsche / #2015


    It might not be apparent from my rather youthful looks and uncanny ability to say fuck a lot. But I’m knocking on a bit now and, as you get past your late Twenties, one thing you encounter that’s aggravating as piss is the whole baby names thing.

    Now, let me explain. You may still be a teenager, and fair play to ya (you lucky bastard). But one day you’ll wake up and either your missus or one of your mates will say, “I’m having a baby”. And this will be followed by the inevitable question, “What am I gonna call it?” You see, names are important. Choosing a name is a deeply personal thing. There’s hundreds of books dedicated to what your particular moniker might mean, or where it comes from. But it’s still something that’s given and not earned. Well, unless you happen to be a car like this.

    This monster 993 is called JennaBelle. I don’t know why exactly, because that’d be like asking someone why they called their kid Britney-Christina. A bit too personal. The most important thing here though is the fact that this motor has a name at all, and that means it’s a genuine #RWB-Porsche .

    You can’t simply buy one of these. Not in the traditional sense of the word. Even if you happen to work at #RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF #Los-Angeles like Joey Chang here, it’s not quite as simple as buying and bolting on a kit.

    RWB cars are a Japanese institution. The styling on each one is completely unique and, no matter where you are on the planet, they have to be hand crafted by the company’s founder, #Master-Akira-Nakai . What’s more your car only has the seal of approval when he bestows a name upon it. Then it’s a true RAUH-Welt.

    Now, you may see kits from the various RWB branches around the world listed online. They’re usually priced at around $22,000, but think of this as more of a vague deposit. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you live, you provide your own Porsche, have a few design meetings with the man himself and then he’ll fly over and build your car, entirely by eye. No one else is allowed to touch it.

    They all come with his own trademark touches too. The famous sculptural wings and over-fenders are designed to be removable so they don’t interfere with the task of developing and tweaking the car’s chassis geometry or tuning. And that’s because they’re derived from Nakai-san’s passion for hitting Tsukuba, or any other circuit they’ll let him out on. He also spaces out each rivet with his Winston cigarette packet and usually scribbles something in Japanese on the dash. It’s this intimate process that makes these cars so personal. And that’s also why he names them as he sees fit.

    Nakai-san made his own name in the 1990s by pioneering the ‘Rough World’ look on his drift AE86, but it was his transition to building air-cooled Porsches that put him firmly in the spotlight. Starting with his own 930, Stella Artois (see what I mean about names being personal?), he went on to build most of the best-known 911s in Japan, including Spearmint Rhino, Rotana (the first RWB 911 Turbo) and Yves Piaget (French Rose), a car famous for its unique red paint. It was only three or four years ago that he decided to branch out abroad. Starting in Thailand, with a 911 called Rough Evolution, there’s now around 90 documented RWB Porsches worldwide, all with names like Cinderella, Sinister, Jittakorn, Kermit, Fishbone, Darth Vader, Uzi, Good Hill Speed, Midas touch and #RAUH Art. With the exception of one matt-black 996 called Stealth Bird, they’ve all been the old-skool water-cooled models that made him famous.

    Anyway, let’s just say he’s been a busy boy, especially as genuine #RAUH-Welt cars can now be found in the Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Russia, Bahrain, Dubai and the Netherlands. There’s even one right here in the UK. Their popularity is universal and we spotted 11 American #RWB creations at SEMA, which brings us neatly back to this one – JennaBelle from RWB LA.

    As the story goes, Nakai-san flew over in April to complete the styling on Joey’s 993 along with a couple of others in LA (cars now called Creaminz and Medusa). Joey says it was an honour watching him work and he was thrilled when he was asked to help with some of the cutting on his own car. A special moment and no mistake. The resulting lightweight widebody conversion is every bit as mental as you’d expect from the Japanese master, but the rest of this awesome machine is down to Joey. As is Nakai-san’s way, your car is built around the wheels, but the rest of the performance mods are down to you. And this is where Joey has clearly come into his own.

    Using his own parts company, CYC Trading Group, Joey has outdone himself, finishing a RWB monster to rival any out there. The underpinnings of this car are more than a match for Nakai-san’s awesome aero, because, although Joey regularly drives it on the street, it’s been put together primarily for no-holds barred track action.

    It’s true to say that this car get’s the absolute shit kicked out of it on a regular basis and until Joey finds the fi re-breathing 4-litre ‘all-motor’ lump he’s looking for, it’s all about getting the most supreme handling possible. I guess that’s a pretty obvious statement – just the chassis spec on this thing is longer than the entire spec on most cars. Everything is dialled-in to absolute perfection.

    When CYC Trading and RWB decided to create RAUH-Welt LA, Joey chose the 993 for his own ride because it’s arguably the best of all the air-cooled 911s. In fact, many purists believe it to be the ultimate 911, so that makes it all the more mental that he’d consider taking a cutting wheel to a ‘totally mint’ base car. Then again it had to be a 993 because, for Joey, it had to deliver the most driver feel. It’s bare bones motoring – you can practically touch the road when you’re behind the wheel. There’s no electronic gadgetry or cheating to keep you on the straight and narrow. It’s pure man and machine stuff. Back to driving basics.

    That also explains Joey’s choice of a stripped-out interior, Sabelt buckets and a well-used set of BBS race wheels sitting in the garage. In handling terms, this is as close as you’re ever gonna get to a raw 1990’s road-going race car. To many, that air-cooled era was by far the most hardcore.

    And I guess that’s exactly what RWB is all about. RAUH-Welt doesn’t translate as Rough World for some sort of laugh. It’s much more than that. It’s an attitude. The whole thing may be a mindset started by one man in an unassuming backstreet of the Japanese city Chiba. But thanks to people like Joey it’s fast becoming a worldwide ideology.

    These hoops cost more than most of our cars.

    TECH SPEC: #1995 #Porsche-911-993 / #Porsche-911 / #Porsche-993 / #Porsche-911-Carrera-2 / #Porsche-911-Carrera-2-993 / #Porsche-911-Carrera-993

    TUNING: #Fabspeed sports headers; Sport Cat X-pipe; #Supercup exhaust; heat duct and fan Block-Offs; Cup high performance air box cover with #BMC filter; six-speed G50 transmission with CAE race shifter.

    CHASSIS: Street wheels: 13.5in #RWB-LA custom threepiece #Forged wheels with 265/35x18 front and 335/30x18 rear Pirelli P Zero tyres; track wheels): 10.5 and 12x18in #BBS-E88 custom three-piece motorsport wheels with Pirelli Corsa System tyres (front 255/35x18, rear 295/30x18); #JRZ RS-Pro with EHC system; #ERP 993 front A-arm spherical bearing kit; rear spherical bearing cartridge; solid mounts; adjustable camber link; adjustable kinematics link and 993 camber plate; Tarett drop links; #H&R front and rear sway bars; #Porsche GT2 strut brace; #Brembo GT kit with type III rotors (front four piston with 355mm discs; rear four piston with 345mm discs); #Brembo-RE-10 pads and SS brake lines.

    STYLING: RWB 993 Street Version; Kamiwaza double deck wing; fender wing; Rotana-style front extended long carnards; Street-style front bumper with fog light insert and air duct; dry carbon bonnet.

    INTERIOR: CAE race shifter; full Alcantara custom interior (dashboard, doors, rear seats, and centre console); RS interior doorpanel and carpet with rear seat delete; RWB LA Race version roll bar; Sabelt 330mm steering wheel with #MOMO steering wheel hub; 997 GT3 cup car steering wheel quick release; Sabelt GT- 600 carbon fibre bucket seat with; six-point harness; radio delete; Porsche OEM guard red seat belt; Rennline floor boards and adjustable pedals.

    THANKS The Master Akira Nakai; CYC Trading Group LLC; #RWB-Los-Angeles ; Pirelli Tires; JRZ Suspension; Fabspeed Motorsport; Brembo/Sabelt Race Technologies; Purist Group; European Auto Source; Hsu Design.
    A 993 that’s had Nakai-san’s official blessing


    What do people say when they see the car?

    They usually ask if it’s possible to drive it like this. I say of course, that’s why we built it.

    You’re obviously pleased with how it turned out, what’s the best bit?

    Apart from working with Nakai-san himself, I’d say the fender wing. It’s a unique design that directs the air straight to the GT2 wing tunnel to cool the engine. That’s the best thing about aero mods, they work.

    It must have set you back more than a couple of dollars, right?

    I could probably buy another two 993s for what this has cost in mods alone but where’s the fun in that? You have to love it and, if you love what you’re doing, it will last forever.

    One very exclusive Porsche.

    What makes it #SEMA worthy?


    There’s no bullshit with a car like this and that’s why #RWB is still the daddy. Each kit has to be hand crafted and installed by the main man himself, or else it just isn’t #RAUH-Welt . There’s no skool like the old skool and the thing about Akira Nakai is that he’s the Headmaster.


    Got any JRZ and ERP stuff under there mate? Blimey. Actually the chassis package in general is a bit special on this motor – just take look at that monstrous spec! Once Nakai-san has done his thing on the body it’s all down to the owner to get the car up to spec – luckily Joey here is something of an aftermarket parts guru.


    Most people would be happy being visited by the amazing wheel fairy just once in their life, but for this project Joey has two sets of the lushest wheels going. The custom made #RWB-Street wheels are absolutely stunning (they’re manufactured by Avant Garde y’know), but he also needed a set of even lighter #BBS jobs for the track. These hoops cost approximately as much as my whole car… and that’s each, without those monster Pirelli tyres.
    ‏ — at Los Angeles, CA, USA
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    David Ingram-Hill
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