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    Kenneth Williams, Paisley #2006 #Audi-TT-Roadster #Audi-TT-8N #Audi-TT-Roadster-8N

    Purchasing my #Audi-TT Roadster was not an easy decision. For many years I’d wanted to own a roadster that I could ‘keep good’ and take out on sunny days. My first thoughts were to buy an old MGB Roadster and do it up, but at the end of the day all that I would have would be an old car that had been ‘done up’.

    That wasn’t quite what I wanted, as I prefer new things rather than old, especially cars. The Honda S2000 – now this was a car to consider and as I’d had a Honda Civic Coupe it seemed like a natural progression. So, I went along to my friendly Honda dealership for a test drive and I quite liked the car but hey, wait a minute – I couldn’t afford a brand-new sports car. Back down to earth with a thump!

    Next car to consider was the Mazda MX5, which seemed to tick all the boxes as from the first models right through to the current model they all look pretty modern, so I could choose whatever suited my budget. This was the next problem, finance. As I didn’t have a lot of disposable income, this was a real problem. Nowadays, running one car is bad enough, let alone running two!

    At this rate I wasn’t getting anywhere fast, I didn’t want old, couldn’t afford new and in between really didn’t have the wow factor. However, in 1998 along came the #Audi TT and I knew then that this was the car that I had been looking for all this time, although money was still a problem. Time to start saving…

    By November 2005, I had managed to save enough cash for a reasonable deposit, so I took the plunge and went to Perth Audi to spec up and order my TT Roadster in Silver metallic with grey Alcantara and leather seats, Bose sound system, Xenon lights and a CD multichanger. Not a great amount of extras, but it was all I needed to make the car a little bit more individual. As I didn’t need a ‘racing car’, I opted for the basic 163 PS 1.8 turbo with front-wheel drive, as it would be plenty fast enough for me.

    I took delivery on March 1, 2006 and ever since then I have loved driving this car and have only ever had a couple of minor problems. A coil pack failed, just prior to a recall for coil packs, but this wasn’t a great problem, as a phone call to the AA soon sorted it out at the roadside. Then the ESP warning light came on, which turned out to be due to a faulty brake pressure sender and my local Audi dealership sorted that one out too.
    These are the only problems I have had in nine years, although the car has only done 20,873 miles in all that time. All servicing and MoTs have been done by Glasgow Audi who have been superb, and I have a complete dealership service record and receipts for all the work that has been done.

    I manage about 30 mpg, the cost of insurance for this year is £249.00 and road tax for 2013-14 was £260.00. The road tax is a bit steep as it is a Band J, i.e.197 g/km, but as the car was SORN from October last year I got a refund of £110.41 from the DVLA. Since owning the car it has been declared SORN and kept under a car cover in my garage during the period from October to March, and it has only ever been out in the rain when I get caught while on a run and it is never taken out in snow or icy conditions.

    The only ‘modification’ was the recent purchase of a set of genuine Audi / #BBS 18-inch split-rim alloy wheels. These were available as options at the time of purchase, but I couldn’t afford them at the time and had to make do with the original 16-inch wheels.

    All in all, I am delighted with this car – I enjoy every mile I drive it, especially since it only gets taken out on sunny days, when the roof is always down. On rainy days I use my other car, a Series 2 TT Coupé. But that’s another story!

    ‘All in all, I am delighted with this car – I enjoy every mile I drive it...’
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    Kenneth Williams
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