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    There’s a lot to be said for individuality and this bagged, wrapped #BMW-E61 Touring embodies that perfectly. Brown, bagged and not shy with it, this E61 Touring definitely makes a statement.

    Supermodels come in all shapes and sizes; this is established. The last 40 or so years has seen stickthin figures sashaying down the world’s catwalks as best they can, wearing the latest clothes from the most popular designers. With all the world of fashion’s finery hanging off their frames and bottles of fragrances glittering in their eyes, they sell us all the things, including the cars, we lust after.

    Meanwhile, as if in some sort of parallel alternate reality, the cars we drive have increased in size as the supermodels have shrunk. There are many reasons for this, such as safety regulations, but initially it was because car size was a symbol of status. Cars expanded as manufacturers established themselves while beginning to profit rather than simply survive, and the public increasingly paid out for big cars to use as status symbols.

    Once upon a time, before physiology was fully understood in terms of general wellbeing, it was the same with the human form. A large man or woman was telling the world that they were successful, that they could afford the fine foods that most people could not. This is actually still the case in a lot of the developing world. However, as for the car and its safety regulations, increased size is a necessary evil that designers are having to work hard to disguise in exactly the same way as a designer will use the lines of a dress to accentuate the human form. Obviously, people have different preferences to their neighbour in all areas of life and cars are one of the primary ways that people choose to express this aspect of themselves. One person might prefer minimalism and a svelte profile, whereas another (such as yours truly) might prefer a bolder approach featuring curves and larger forms in all the right places.

    In fact, my personal preference is for cars with the larger rear ends, and it would be disingenuous to suggest otherwise. Most people would struggle to deny that, when a Touring comes into view with a wrap job such as this, one gets sprung.

    One such car is Emil Ryding’s #BMW-525d-Touring #E61 Touring as shown here in all its Euro scene glory. Emil is in his early 30s and runs his own truck company located in the outskirts of Sweden’s capital, Stockholm, and this big, bold supermodel is a daily ride for his girlfriend, young child and dog. It is certainly an eye-catching tool for promoting a small local business.

    Emil’s love of BMW was initially inspired by Volvo, in a roundabout way. Let’s be honest, the Swedish car manufacturer was always going to crop up in this feature. “My first car was a #1979 #Volvo-244 , only because it was cheap!” he said. The first car Emil ever tuned was an #1986 744 turbo with an estimated 240hp: “I bought that one to be faster than my brother’s #BMW-325i !” So he hasn’t ever been one for mucking about. Sibling rivalries aren’t fly-by-night deals either, and the competition rumbled on to the point where Emil eventually realized he would have to buy in to Bavaria. “My first BMW was the #M535 from 1986, in Diamond black with yellow leather interior. It was, and is, one of my all-time favourite cars, and has one of the most beautiful bodies.” He’s certainly not shy of an Eighties classic and has no particular brand loyalty as he also runs an Audi ur-quattro, the legs of which he stretches on track and shows off at meets as often as possible. Our admiration for Emil is established as he demonstrates a depth of variation in his preferences, not discriminating by age and also knowing when to modify and when to keep it straight and original.

    The start of his journey into modified modernity began with a relatively specific remit. “I wanted a stanced car with air-ride as a daily driver that both fitted my kid and dog and could tow a car trailer behind,” he explains. “In 2012, my friends Jan Axelsson and Richard Klarby convinced me to go with them to an amazing week at the pre-meet in Wörthersee, a big VW meet in Austria, and after that I knew that I wanted a stanced car.”

    The quest for a car with a quality air-ride system that suited his practical and aesthetic demands began. “It took me a year before I found this one,” Emil said. “I found it about 300km from home. It was really beautiful and though the carbon fibre splitter in the custom front was cracked and one of the rims was scratched it was easy to fix!” He had settled on a #2004 #525d #E61 Touring with the body kit seen here under the wrap. Credit for the fantastic detail on the air install and the addition of the rare Gnosis-1 rims from US-based Work Wheels goes to Henrik Schmidt. Legend has it that these wheels are the only such examples in all of Sweden.

    Like so many fashion designers and auto modification aficionados before him, Emil took the opportunity to take in some shows and have a look at the prevalent mode du jour in the wider scene. “That summer we were invited down to the XS CarNight meet and also as VIP guests at Felgenoutlet BBQ in Dresden, Germany, with my quattro. So we put the Audi onto a trailer behind the BMW, drove 1300km down there, and displayed both cars at the shows. People could not believe their ears when I told them that I drove the whole way from Stockholm, Sweden in the BMW dragging a car and trailer behind it!”

    Having attended those two big shows with the car in its original silver, the call of individuality proved irresistible and the designer cut his cloth. “I wanted to make the car more personal so, in the winter of 2013, I made this version of it because it was to be displayed at the Elmia Custom Motorshow in the spring of 2014. It’s the biggest motorshow in Sweden. So we tore the car into pieces and started wrapping it. With a little help, I picked a matt metallic brown wrap from Avery Supreme and did the trim and some details in gold. We did the job in my everyday parking garage!”

    If you look closely, you’ll notice evidence of Emil letting his creative side fly a little further than the usual wrap job. “We also put stickers under the vinyl, so you can only see the outlines of them if you look really closely. The car has a unique one-off look. You can’t find a similar one anywhere. That was the goal with the car; it looks extreme but you can use it every day. I really do use it as a daily driver; it works perfectly. With the diesel engine, an automatic gearbox, and electric leather seats it’s comfortable, too.” This project was always about form over function, which is why Emil hasn’t altered the interior or the drivetrain, since BMW’s big diesel Touring pedigree is long established as a competent and comfortable breed. The foundations that allow for the functions of form required of it remain, and the form has followed Emil’s inspiration from Europe’s finest scenes. “I wanted it to stand out in a crowd but still be tasteful and, of course, as low and wide as possible.” When pressed on his favourite aspect of this build Emil told us: “It’s the car’s stance. When you park it next to another car and just drop the air out of the system until the arches are touching the aluminium rims… I love that.”

    As with every expression of oneself, the highlights of the experience are usually the initial completion of a project, with the sporadic bursts of attention when you choose to show your work to the crowds that it is designed for. For Emil it was no different. “The best moment was when I drove the finished modified car out of the garage after a long winter, ready for the Custom Motorshow.”

    Nature will mete out the good with the bad, however, and there have been one or two ‘alternative’ moments. “The most frustrating moment so far was on the trip back to Sweden from Dresden,” said Emil. “We got a flat tyre on the BMW about 500km from home in the middle of the night, dragging another car on a trailer behind us! We got towed to a tyre shop in Helsingborg and woke the owner up. He changed the tyre for us, even though it’s not easy to find tyres to fit those rims and at about 2am we continued our journey.”

    After all the hard work he put into this project, it seems Emil’s time with the car is coming to an end. “I think this one is done now,” he said. “I am going to sell this car and probably buy a Marrakesh brown #BMW-X1 so that both my girlfriend and I can drive the car, although I will probably stance that one too!”

    Like any fashion designer, Emil has researched carefully, taken inspiration from the greats, brought his own mind to bear and created something unique and thought provoking. He has then sent it confidently down the catwalk in front of his peers and they have approved. His model hasn’t been the most conventional of choices, being big and, er, practical but the forms in between the lines have taken very well to the colours and highlights his vision had for it. We can’t wait to see what the 2015 season has in store for Emil.

    DATA FILE 2004 #BMW-525d-E61

    ENGINE & TRANSMISSION: 2.5-litre straight-six #M57TUD25 , standard #ZF6HP six-speed auto.

    CHASSIS: 9.5x19” ET10 (front) and 10.5x19” ET15 (rear) Work Gnosis GS-1 wheels with 15mm (front) and 20mm (rear) spacers, with 215/35 (front) and 235/35 (rear) Nankang NS-2 tyres, BC V1 coilovers custom-built with airbags

    EXTERIOR: M Sport front bumper with #E92 #M3 lower section with carbon fibre lip, matt copper brown metallic wrap from Avery Supreme, tinted windows, gold wrapped exterior trim.

    INTERIOR: Accuair e-Level TouchPad, hand-painted five-gallon tank in boot, twin Viair 444c compressors.

    AUDIO: #Hertz speakers and amplifier, ES 200.5 8” subwoofer.

    THANKS: Klarby and Veegeek for the inspiration trip, Stalle for all help and company, Tvedahl Design for tinted windows, Linda ‘Klisterbitchen’ Sandell for wrapping and saving my ass, Anni for wrapping, Kometfoto, TQR. se.
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    Not many people can say they’ve built their perfect car but Henrik Schmidt has done just that with his show-stopping, S14-swapped, air-ride, two-door E30. Henrik Schmidt knew what he wanted from this build: an absolutely spectacular E30. Mission accomplished. Words: Elizabeth de Latour. Photos: Hjalmar van Hoek.

    It’s fair to say that, when starting out with a project car, a lot of us will have some pretty grand plans, but the chances of all of those coming to fruition is small. Many of us dream about that blank-cheque build but there are a few for whom that dream build is a reality, and Henrik Schmidt is one such person.

    Henrik’s off to a good start – he lives in Sweden, one of the world’s top ten happiest countries, and painting trucks for a living in a country that makes a heck of a lot of them means he’s not short of work. When he’s not busy spraying up a Scania, he’s enjoying his intoxicating #E30 , which amazingly is his first ever #BMW , purchased as a second car. It’s also his first ever project, which makes what he’s achieved all the more remarkable. “I bought the car because I loved the sound an M20 makes,” says Henrik. “I purchased it from a friend of mine and initially it just needed some rust taking care of but then it escalated. The bodywork was in pretty bad shape when I bought and if I was to do the same with my experience today, I would have changed the whole body.”

    After taking the car for a quick spin, Henrik decided to get stuck in with his modifications, starting with the engine. He may have bought this #BMW-E30 because of his love for the #M20 straight-six, but that engine is long-gone and, in its place, sits an #S14 on velocity stacks, which we’re willing to bet makes an even more impressive noise. It is, without doubt, one of the great performance engines and one of BMW M’s best. There’s a real simplicity to it, a sort of old-fashioned charm – no plastic shrouds, no hiding the fact that it’s an engine. It’s even more prominent thanks to the fact that the bay is so incredibly clean – there are dirtier hospital wards out there. It’s about as clean an engine bay as you could hope to see and Henrik has done an amazing job of tucking and shaving it to within an inch of its life, making for an amazing centrepiece.

    Obviously with an S14, the obvious suspension choice is… air-ride, right? That’s probably not the answer you were expecting, but it’s exactly what Henrik has opted for. It’s definitely a choice that will raise a few eyebrows, but seeing how awesome this E30 looks aired out, it’s easy to see why Henrik decided to go down this route. The AutoPilot V2 digital controller mounted in the cabin offers an incredible array of options when it comes to finetuning the ride height and eight presets, making it very versatile, ensuring that Henrik can switch between ride heights in an instant. The stance is spot-on and it delivers perfect tuck when it drops to the ground. There’s a lot more to the chassis than just the air-ride though and Henrik has done a lot of work beneath the surface. Up front, he’s fitted everything from the E36 M3 Evo, including the brakes, with Air Lift universal bags, while at the rear he’s opted for the #E36 Compact chassis components and Universal Sir suspension bags.

    Wheel-wise, well, it’s no surprise to see a seriously modified E30 sitting on a set of #BBS RSs – they’re still one of the bestlooking wheels around and if you can afford a set, it would be very hard to resist the lure of this iconic wheel. “I thought about a lot of different wheels,” muses Henrik, “but the BBS RS is probably my favourite so these had to go on.” The 16” wheels look absolutely gorgeous, the gold centres working brilliantly with the red paintwork and the red centre caps marrying perfectly with the bodywork, while those polished lips are a feast for the eyes. BBS and E30? A match made in heaven.

    Considering how much work has gone into the engine bay, the exterior is surprisingly simple, but that’s what Henrik wanted: “I like to keep things clean and simple so I decided on a sort of ‘original’ styling. I wanted the car to look like it could have left the factory this way,” he says, and the M Tech 2 kit is the perfect choice. The E30 doesn’t really need much help on the styling front, being such a classic shape, and the M Tech kit is really the perfect way to give it a little more visual oomph without spoiling those super-clean lines. And the Imola red paint is absolutely glorious, rich and deep and so very, very red – it’s the kind of colour on the kind of car that just makes you want an E30. Henrik has had a lot more work done on the inside though, fitting an #BMW-M3 interior, which has been treated to a full leather trim, carried out by his friend Simon Sjöqvist, finished in perforated black hide with contrasting red stitching and a Sparco steering wheel. It looks fantastic, the perforated leather is different in a good way, and the attention to detail is superb, making it a special place to be.

    Speaking of special, we’ve not yet touched on what’s going on in the boot and we really need to because it’s probably one of the most intricate air-ride boot builds we’ve seen. For starters, the whole boot appears to have been finished in what appears to be some sort of marine decking, which is certainly different, with a sub built into an enclosure on one side and the polished air tanks mounted one on top of the other towards the back of the boot. Furthermore, when you lift the hatch, you’ll also find the amp and the twin Viar compressors. It’s certainly creative and it’s nice to see people doing different things with their boot builds, even if it’s something that might be a bit marmite. Either way it’s certainly going to get noticed and get people talking, and that’s always a good thing.

    Henrik has not compromised on any aspect of this project and has, in his own words, built his dream car, adding: “I can honestly say that there is nothing I would change.” Building the dream has not been a quick or easy task and the car you see before you is the result of eight years worth of work, but it has been absolutely worth it. “The best bit of the whole build was when I got to drive the car for the first time in eight years. There isn’t much that can beat that feeling,” he grins and while he’s definitely not done with modifying, citing a turbo E30 or a split window VW camper as possible future projects, this dream build of an E30 is something he will be enjoying for a long time to come.

    Boot build will certainly divide opinion with its decking theme, but a lot of work has gone into creating it.

    M3 interior has been fitted and retrimmed in black leather with red stitching and matching doorcards.


    ENGINE & TRANSMISSION: 2.3-litre four-cylinder #S14B23 , #VEMS ECU, fully shaved and tucked engine bay. #Getrag 262 manual gearbox.

    CHASSIS: 8x16” (front and rear) #BBS-RS wheels with polished lips and gold centres with 175/50 (front) and 195/45 (rear) #Yokohama tyres, #E36 M3 Evo chassis components and Air Lift Performance universal air ride setup (front), E36 Compact chassis components and UAS air bags (rear), Auto Pilot V2 management.

    EXTERIOR: Imola red, M Tech 2 body kit, Hella smoked headlights.

    INTERIOR: E30 M3 interior retrimmed in perforated black leather with red stitching with matching doorcards, Sparco steering wheel, twin air tanks in boot, twin Viair 444c compressors.

    THANKS: Everyone involved in this project! I couldn’t have done it without you!

    S14 has been cleaned up a treat and looks fantastic sitting in the super-clean shaved and tucked engine bay.

    “The best bit of the whole build was when I got to drive the car for the first time in eight years. There isn’t much that can beat that feeling”
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    We ride shotgun in the second generation #Audi-R8-Mk2 ...

    When #Audi launched the #Audi-R8 in #2007 , it was both a show of skill and a declaration of war. Inspired by the #2003 #Le-Mans quattro concept, and sharing many core components with the #Lamborghini-Gallardo , Audi’s first ever mid-engine machine was aimed directly at the #Porsche #911 and the junior league Italian supercars.

    Thanks to its aluminium spaceframe construction, the R8 is relatively light. Blessed with timelessly elegant mid-engined supercar proportions, it offers stunning performance in a timelessly elegant package, which although basically 12-yearsold in concept, still turns heads today.

    In 2008, a mildly detuned version of the Gallardo’s 5.2-litre V-10 was added to the 4.2-litre V8 offering, and the ultra- desirable Spyder version debuted in #2010 . While the charismatic open-gated manual shifter remained available to the end, at facelift time in #2012 , the clunky #R-Tronic automated manual transmission gave way to the smooth and rapid seven-speed #S-Tronic dual-clutch unit that finally rounded off the R8’s dynamic package. Last summer, the most powerful ever R8, the 562hp #Audi-R8-LMX , was launched. This limited edition of 99 cars heralded the technical culmination of the first generation R8, while hinting at some of the features the next R8 would bring, such as laser headlights.

    The R8 LMS went racing in 2009, with great success, while a full-electric #Audi-R8-E-Tron was announced in 2013, taken off the menu, and then put back on again when improved batteries made its range acceptable. Audi even dabbled with diesels, showing a #V12-TDI concept, and internally, a #V8-TDI prototype was produced as well.

    The Next Generation

    A few weeks prior to its official unveiling at the Geneva auto show, we were invited to the #Ascari racetrack for a passenger ride in a prototype of the second-generation R8, which will hit the showrooms in late 2015. We will not be able to get behind the wheel ourselves till the summer, but were quite content to ride shotgun with Audi test driver and DTM racer, Frank Stippler, who knows the new car inside out.

    The already relatively light, all aluminium R8 was put on a diet, and has shed between 50 and 100kg depending on the model and spec. The new vehicle architecture, called MSS (Modular Sport System), is an evolution of the previous R8 platform, and is shared with the Lamborghini Huracán.

    This is a mainly aluminium spaceframe using carbon-fibre for the rear bulkhead and some other structural parts. Audi say that this halfway house between an all carbonfibre tub as used by McLaren, and an allaluminium one as used by Ferrari on their #Ferrari-458 , is the best cost to strength and weight compromise for a relatively low volume car of this type.

    As work on the car had already commenced before #Porsche was integrated into the #VW Group, almost no parts are shared between the R8 and any existing Porsche model.


    The lightly camouflaged R8 prototype looks low, aggressive, and contemporary. While it retains the broad proportions of its predecessor, with similar overall length, it is slightly lower and wider than before, and its more angular lines and details make the connection to Audi’s current model line-up.

    The rakish front end of the new car features LED headlights as standard or the distinctive optional laser lights, which double the high beam range. These have now been homologated for the US market. Despite many new features, the second generation R8 retains strong styling links to its predecessor. One of these, an R8 signature styling cue, the big vertical blade behind the doors, has been re-imagined into two more subtle half blades, one below the beltline, and one above.

    The latter is now an air intake duct for cabin and engine compartment venting, and the visually unbroken strake that now runs from the doors to the top of the side air scoops gives the new car its longer, lower and more homogenous looking flanks. The standard wheel size is 19-inch, with 245/35ZR19 and 295/30ZR19 rubber front and rear. The optional 20s are shod with 245/30ZR20 and 305/30ZR20 tyres. Semislick trackday tyres are an option as are carbon-ceramic brakes.

    Initially, the new R8 will be powered by two versions of the 5.2-litre V10, the V10 and V10 Plus rated at 533 and 602bhp, with 540Nm and 560Nm of torque respectively. Both have cylinder de-activation and stop/ start for better fuel economy and lower emissions.

    The official 0-62mph (0-100km/h) numbers for the V10 and #Audi-R8-V10-Plus are 3.5 and 3.2 seconds respectively, with 0 to 200 km/h taking 11.4 and 9.9 seconds. Top speed is an ungoverned 200.7mph (323 km/h) for the 533bhp model, and an incredible 205mph (330 km/h) for the 602bhp monster. These Vmax figures are significantly better than the current model, and a testament to the new R8’s aerodynamic superiority. Only one transmission will be available, the lightning-quick, seven-speed dualclutch gearbox with Launch Control as standard. The original R8’s six-speed manual with its wonderful click-clack, riflebolt action has been consigned to history. It seems that take-up rate had dropped to just five-percent in the last year of production, its fate finally sealed by the smooth and rapid S-Tronic paddle-shift transmission.

    On Track

    As we rocket out of the pit lane the new R8 feels and sounds great from the passenger seat as the naturally-aspirated V10 struts its classic, high revving stuff. The throttle response feels linear, the power building smoothly and strongly with revs as Frank coaxes the engine to its lofty 8,850rpm redline in the intermediate gears. This is one rapid and charismatic machine. The increased power and lower weight are telling, and Frank does not hang about. As we slide through a few bends on the bald limit, the new R8’s chassis proves it is a match for the 602 horses.

    From this side of the car, the turn-in seems even crisper than before, and as Frank balances the car in varying degrees of oversteer on the way out of each bend, it is clear that the enhanced and rear-biased quattro system is a drivers’ delight. The slightly lower centre of gravity helps dynamics, and Audi has fitted a watercooled front differential, and a mechanical limited-slip differential in the rear to help apportion power. The power steering is electro-mechanical, and variable magnetic ride suspension is an option.

    Audi’s Drive Select button offers several modes, including Dynamic, which “allows the driver to notice some action,” to quote one of the engineers. On top of that, there is a Performance setting, which can be adjusted according to the road surface.

    The focus with this mode is not on hooning around, but rather on helping the driver achieve good lap times. That said, enthusiasts will be happy to learn that the stability control system can be switched off completely. The counterpoint is Comfort mode, which lowers the noise level and trims away NVH, rendering the R8 an ideal long-distance cruiser.

    While the new R8’s exterior is indeed evolutionary, the interior takes a major leap forward. Quality was always top notch, and that is unchanged, but the aesthetics of the cabin architecture and infotainment system are now state-of-the-art.

    “The new R8 moves the bar higher in every way”

    The flat-bottom steering wheel, carried over from the new TT, is fitted with four additional buttons to start and stop the engine, select the driving modes, and choose the exhaust sound level. The TFT Virtual Cockpit directly in front of the driver, is another TT carryover, and that is a good thing. With the central console mounted screen gone, the strong driver orientation of the new R8 is set in stone.

    Even the colour and trim choices are innovative. The standard leather dashboard covering features a high-tech texture, highlighted by hand stitching. Alternative leather and Alcantara upholstery is available, with a wide range of standard and quattro GmbH finishes there for the asking. The new R8 interior is now the class benchmark, and makes the cabins of the Porsche 911, #Mercedes-AMG-GT , and even the #BMW-i8 look dated.

    Audi R&D Chief, Ulrich Hackenberg, has confirmed a rear-wheel drive R8 e-tron with a 450 km range, as well as a new Spyder. The new R8 moves the bar higher in every way.
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    DRIVEN: #Audi #R8 LMX We test the £160k R8.

    The final, run-out model of the original R8 is limited to just 99 cars worldwide; we managed to get a ride in one of just 11 UK LMXs…

    Lots of manufacturers launch limited-edition cars, but when it comes to truly limited editions, then the R8 LMX has most of them licked. The final version of the original #Audi-R8 is a best of the best. It’s packed with features that will make any Audi fan go weak at the knees, and with just 99 cars available worldwide, it’s set to be ultra-exclusive. So when Mark Longstaff, director of RevitupUK, told us he’d managed to secure one of just 11 UK cars, we couldn’t wait to go and check it out.

    The LMX retails for a cool £160k, which is a significant jump from even the V10 Plus. So what do you get for your extra money?

    The first thing is absolutely stunning looks. The Ara Blue, crystal effect paint is a fantastic colour and suits the lines of the R8 to a tee. The front air intakes have been painted grey, which draws your eye. It helps of course that the LMX is dripping in carbon fibre, which contrasts really well with the paintwork. You’ll find the exotic weave used for the front splitter, canards to the side, the fixed rear wing, rear diffuser, side blade, and of course, door mirrors. It’s all matt finish and looks super classy.

    To set the LMX apart from other R8s, Audi have designed a bespoke forged alloy wheel. The 19in diamond cut, 20-spokers are proper lookers and show off the brakes (carbon ceramics front and rear of course) perfectly. Be in no doubt, this thing is mind blowing in the metal – especially when the sun pops on that metallic paint. But it doesn’t end there.

    Open the door and you’re greeted by swathes of fine Nappa leather and Alcantara. The designers really went to town on the inside and you’ll find diamondstitched door cards and even roof lining.

    Blue stitching has been used throughout from the seats, to the dash. The seat backs themselves are finished in body colour and there’s lots more, matt carbon fibre. It really does feel like something special, and that’s before you wake up that angry V10.

    The 5.2 litre FSI unit needs no introduction. Here it’s been breathed upon to squeeze some extra power taking the peak figures up to 562bhp and 540Nm. That’s enough to get the LMX from rest to 60mph in just 3.4sec and hit 199mph. With near perfect conditions, we took it out onto some Cheshire A-roads to see how it felt. Right from the off, you’re aware you’re in something special. The S-tronic box is a joy to use and the auto throttle blip when you change down is truly spine tingling stuff. The big V10 singing away over your shoulder never gets old and, it might be me, but this thing sounds better than ever in the LMX.

    This is partly due to the new sports exhaust system which when you select Sport mode, opens up the valves to truly allow the V10 to shriek.

    As we pull away from a roundabout, the R8 just pulls and the S-tronic box is banging through the gears at a rapid rate. But the noise and relentless shove as you get it over 7000rpm will leave you giggling like a fool. We make a couple of passes of a building site, and the noise is enough to startle one worker so much, we fear he’s about to topple off the roof. It’s an angry, metallic sound that makes you want to prod that throttle more and more.

    The ride is quite firm, but then this is no S8 limo, and it’s perfectly acceptable (Mark says it’s nothing like the bone jarring ride of his previous #Porsche-GT3 ). The thing is, when you just want to take it easy, the LMX drives like any other performance Audi – it’s civilised and doesn’t require intense concentration as with something Italian. That said, when you do take it by the scruff of the neck, it’ll deliver hardcore thrills.

    At £160k, the LMX is the most expensive R8 ever produced. Is it that much better than a regular V10 to justify the extra outlay? Hard to say. But this is, in my opinion, the finest looking, most exclusive R8 ever. And with just 11 cars in the UK, it’s set to become a serious collectors’ piece. The fact Mark drives it to work and back everyday, makes it all the sweeter for us.

    Car #Audi-R8-LMX No: 47 of 99 #2015
    Engine 5.2 FSI V10 with sports exhaust, 7-speed #S-tronic .
    Power 562bhp
    Torque 540Nm
    Performance 0-62mph: 3.4sec Top speed: 199mph.
    Brakes Carbon ceramics front and rear.
    Wheels Diamond cut forged 19in alloys.
    Interior Diamond-stitched leather, Alcantara headlining, body colour seat backs, full carbon pack.
    Exterior Carbon fibre front splitter, canards, side blades, rear wing, door mirrors, Ara Blue paint, Laser headlights.
    Price as tested £160,000

    Huge thanks to Mark Longstaff, directer of #RevitupUK for allowing us to experience his R8 LMX. RevitupUK are a Cheshire-based performance car dealer, specialising in high-end, well-cared-for cars. They stock a lot of Audis, including currently a 750bhp MRC-tuned RS6 saloon, up for £35,995. They offer competitive finance packages and are true enthusiasts themselves, so if you’re after a used performance car, head to www. revitupuk or and tell them AudiTuner sent you!
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