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1.9 XU9J4DFW engine (Mi16), stage 5, high flow head, big valve Siamese ported cylinder head, Kent PT81 inlet cam/ PT82 exhaust, Kent VS34 double valve springs and titanium retainers, Kent vernier pulleys, Richard Longman 4-1 manifold, Cosworth 57X ex...haust manifold fixing kit D6C block with DFW pistons (comp 9:5:1), PEC performance H section light weight conrods with ARP bolts, Peugeot Motorsport GPA 1:1 oil pump, Constella Sump baffle, Mocal oil breather system, Accusump 4 quarts oil accumulator system, Rotrex SP30/74 centrifugal supercharger, Pace charge cooler from RS turbo, Range Rover P38 intercooler, Samco intake and discharge pipe work, Baker BM coolant hoses, Baker BM engine hung mounts and solid stabiliser mount, Standard Bosch Motronic 4.1 ECU live mapped by Wayne Scofield of Chipwizards, Astra VXR injectors, Sytec high flow fuel filter, Sierra Cosworth GPA fuel pump, FSE fuel pressure regulator. More
1 October 2015