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Like it or not a great number of Porsche 911 collectors have an ulterior motive these days – to make pots and pots of money from their vehicles. What’s even sadder is that as a result many never drive their cars. Refreshingly the collection you see h...ere, jointly owned by Mark Luce and his friend Mark Sherrington, were not bought for financial gain but rather to chart the evolution of a particular variant of 911 – the humble Carrera 4. It all started when the two friends, who happen to be based in different parts of the world, made a conscious decision to revel in their shared love of Porsche 911s, as UK-based Mark Luce explained to us: “My friend, Mark Sherrington, has always loved Porsches – he lives in South Africa now where he has a 997 Turbo. I bought my first Porsche, a 924 Turbo, in 1985, I’ve owned the same 3.2 Carrera Cabriolet for 30-years and I also have a 991 GTS,” explained our guide to this intriguing collection. More
24 October 2018