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More all-wheel drive. BMW M cars on the way 2015. BMW made the new generation of the BMW X5 M and X6 M even more powerful than before. This new generation won't have a shortage of power. The front we find the V8 biturbo engine which is used for the ...most powerful M models. This engine produces 575 hp and that's more than you will find in most of the sports cars. Four-wheel drive transports the power to the wheels with help of the eight speed automatic gearbox. The top speed is limited at 250 kph which is more than enough in this enormous SUV. Optical, the car look more brutal than the standard versions. We see the typical M characteristics on the front bumper such as the big air intakes. At the back we see a big spoiler which creates more stability at high speeds. When we look down we see four enormous exhausts which create a very loud sound. We can meet this new generation of the SUVs at the Los Angeles Motor Show. More
In this photo - BMW X5 M F15 , BMW X6 M F16
29 October 2014