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Offered for sale is a 3.0L 1994 BMW E36 M3 3.0 manual that has been with the current owner for the last 2 years. Coming with an extensive history file, this lot's condition scores 92 / 135. CLASSIC CAR AUCTIONS SAYS: In 1992 BMW introduced this new... M3 at the Paris Motor Show based on the E36 platform. The second incarnation of the M3 was a different animal to the 1980's E30 original, with a straight-six in place of the fizzy four, modern styling and a more refined demeanour. At this time, the Motorsport Division's new take on the iconic M3 was to utilise the standard M50TU engine (used in other E36s and earlier E34s). However, there were numerous upgrades over the standard M50 including individual throttle plates for each cylinder, continuously variable ‘Vanos' valve timing, lightweight pistons, graphite-coated connecting rods, larger inlet valves and re-designed equal length exhaust manifolds. The resultant 24-valve, S50B30 engine had a capacity of 2990cc and produced 282bhp, an output approaching 100bhp/litre, pretty impressive. The torque curve is not dissimilar to Ayers Rock, in that it is high and flat - and the dual mass flywheel contributes to the engine's ability to rev to nearly 7,300rpm. In 1996, the M3 was developed further with an increase in capacity to 3,152cc becoming known as the (M3) Evolution. The BMW E36 M3 is remembered for its road holding and all round ability and was awarded "Best-Handling Car" by Car and Driver magazine in 1997. The car presented here is a 1994 E36 M3 in the distinctive BMW colour of Avus Blue. This right-hand drive, UK car is in great original condition, having covered just 76,000 miles with just two former keepers. The car drives and feels just as you'd expect from such a well-preserved example. The driver-focused interior displays minimal wear, with even the wear-prone sports seats in great condition. Trying to find an earlier E36 M3 in this sort of condition is getting much harder. The inherent build-quality from this era is high, with a real feeling of being built-for-purpose and BMW had a hard act to follow after the E30 M3, so invested heavily in the development and execution of these early M3 E36 cars. This car comes with its BMW book-pack, a full set of keys, and the main dealer service records are consistent with the mileage. It has been hiding in a private BMW collection for 2 years, explaining the low mileage, and was recently subjected to a full recommissioning, with fresh brake pads and an MoT until August 2017. With prices having risen significantly for well-preserved and original E30 M3s, this is an ideal opportunity now to acquire its younger sibling before they do the same. This car is the right example to buy and keep. More
5 November 2016