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The Bristol 411 model was introduced in 1969 and although similar in looks to the previous model, the 410, it was a thoroughly updated vehicle. The 411 went through a plethora of visual refinements and mechanical upgrades throughout its 8 year produc...tion, at all times remaining at the forefront of luxury performance motoring. By the time the series 4 was released in 1974, self-levelling suspension provided great comfort and ensured that the rear suspension had full travel regardless of load. Electric windows were standard and power steering made parking easy. A revised front end provided quad headlamps and unrivalled lighting, more than any other production car of the period. At the rear quad exhaust pipes echoed the four lamps at the front. The 400 cubic inch Chrysler V8 (a 6.6 litre) brought 264 bhp at 4800 rpm. A smooth throttle response, more torque and a reduction in emissions resulted in a well-rounded and relaxing performance car for the keen and well-heeled motorist. The Series 5 was the zenith of the range. Whilst mechanically identical to the model it replaced, yet more safety features were fitted. Inertia reel seatbelts, fog lamps and head rests in the rear meant that the car was once again a class leader in its field -the black radiator grill gave it a sleekly updated appearance. This particular car was first registered in September 1975 and boasts a comprehensive history file documenting a thorough service history and the sympathetic upgrades that have carried out. A wonderful car to drive, resplendent in metallic red with black vinyl roof over a black hide interior a this 411 is ready to be enjoyed in the manner for which it was designed. More
8 June 2016