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    DOUBLE DIP #BMW-E46 / #BMW / #BMW-M3 / #BMW-M3-E46

    Ferocious 545hp supercharged and 715hp turbocharged carbon-clad E46 M3s tamed by one owner. Decisions are hard, especially when it comes to choosing between a supercharged E46 M3 and a turbocharged E46 M3, so why not just have both…? Words: Elizabeth de Latour. Photos: Andrew Thompson.

    545hp supercharged and 715hp turbo E46 M3s

    Decisions are never easy to make, especially when you’re faced with two equally appealing options. Chinese or Indian, for example, or cookies and brownies, or pizza and, well actually there’s no alternative option to pizza because pizza just always wins. Sometimes, you don’t even have to decide, like with cronuts, or a turducken, just have everything, because more of everything is always better. For example, why choose between a supercharged E46 M3 and a turbocharged E46 M3, when you could have both? That is exactly what Jaime Taylor did and we’d like to think that decision made his life immeasurably better in every way.

    This man is a serial car buyer and modifier with a car history varied enough to make your head spin, including a midengined, RWD Peugeot 205 GTi and a Sierra Cosworth, a scattering of BMs and some serious big-power builds, such as a 511hp Skyline R34 GTR, a 670hp Skyline R32 GTR and a 513hp Audi RS4. Jaime is no stranger to going fast and is clearly hopelessly addicted and devoted to the modifying lifestyle, which makes him our kind of guy, and we guess answers the question: “What sort of person owns a pair of cars like this?”

    What’s really interesting here is that this is really a tale of two parallel builds, which were happening alongside each other at virtually the same time. Spooky. We’ve got Jaime, who wanted to build a turbo E46 M3 but ended up going down the supercharged route, and Andy Bennett, who bought the turbocharged car and proceeded to put a huge amount of effort into getting it running as it should, then ended up selling it to Jaime, who’d actually wanted to buy it all along but was beaten to the punch by Andy all those years previously. It’s a twisting tale deserving of its own movie adaptation, so grab some popcorn, get comfy and we’ll begin.

    When Jaime bought his M3 in 2014, it already had a long list of tasty bits on it, including carbon front wings and carbon bonnet, a roll-cage, BBK, CSL air box and Recaro RS seats but even better than that it had been fitted with a new engine from BMW and had covered less than 20,000 miles on it. “The new engine was a blank canvas to work on,” smiles Jaime. “At the time I didn’t know any UK company who could turbocharge the S54 but did know a company in the States. We were talking about shipping the car over there to get the job done, but it would have been gone for six months for all the new fabrication work to be done because they hadn’t done a right hand drive vehicle before,” he explains. “In the end, with a new car on the drive, we decided to go down the supercharged route so then the car could stay local,” and that’s a pretty sensible decision as the job could be done much more quickly and he’d have more time to actually enjoy the car.

    The supercharger kit comes from VF Engineering, with Jaime opting for VF570 flavour, the company’s most powerful E46 M3 supercharger offering. At its core is a Vortech V3-Si supercharger, capable of running at 26psi and rated for 775hp, so producing the 570hp and 380lb ft that VF Engineering claims for this kit is a walk in the park. The kit also boasts a cast manifold with a slide-in air/water intercooler cartridge and is a serious setup, able to deliver a huge hike in power. Initially, though, that wasn’t the case, as once Jaime had got the car back from being mapped and stuck it on a dyno he found it was only making 499hp.

    “On each of the five back-to-back dyno runs we did the power was going down about 20hp every time because of heat soak,” he explains. “The engine was pulling the timing and it couldn’t make the power. To fi x this we got Gary Adlington, who runs Eastwood Garage in Falmouth, to fit an AEM direct port methanol kit from the States. Gary is a genius,” enthuses Jaime, “he put a Cosworth engine in a boat and some other crazy stuff – incredible character and he also worked on Andy’s engine.” Yes, in a further coincidence, both Jaime and Adam used Gary’s services for their respective projects; it’s like fate brought everything together. With the meth injection kit on board it was time to head back to the dyno and this time the numbers didn’t disappoint. “On the first run it made 513hp, 530hp on the second and we finished with 545hp,” grins Jaime and that grin is fully justified as that’s a serious power figure. Of course, running monster power means you need plenty of supporting mods and this S54 has been treated to a Mishimoto electric fan coupled to a larger Mishimoto rad, a 55ºC thermostat, the secondary air pump has been removed along with the air con and it’s all finished off with set of sport cats and a Milltek rear exhaust section.

    Handily, the previous owner had done a lot of the groundwork on the chassis meaning the M3 was already in a good position to be supercharged, but Jaime has been upgrading things along the way over the past two-and-a-half years to make sure the car was the best it could be. The chassis has been enhanced with a set of KW V3 coilovers and is joined by Turner Motorsport top mounts and adjustable Turner anti-roll bars both front and rear. In addition to this there are adjustable rear camber arms, poly bushes fitted throughout and there’s also a 4.10 ratio rear diff. The brakes are seriously beefy and more than up to the task of slowing this powerhouse of an M3; up front there’s an Alcon BBK comprising 365mm discs, utilising Reyland brake bells, clamped by red six-piston calipers and braided hoses and Pagid RS-29 pads have been fitted allround while 710 racing brake fluid tops off the brake upgrades. When it came to choosing wheels, Jaime wanted something light and good-looking that would suit his track-orientated build. “Apex wheels were the weapon of choice,” he says, “they’re lightweight, concave and when I was searching for M3 track cars online everyone was running them so they were clearly the wheels to go for.” He’s gone for the Arc- 8, which looks great on the E46, and he’s running a square setup with 10x18s all-round wrapped in sticky Federal 595RS-R tyres.

    No doubt a big part of the appeal of this M3 when Jaime was shopping was the fact that it looked so flipping fantastic, with the carbon bonnet, wings and boot lid really giving it a full-on track look and over the time he’s had the car he’s built on that, giving it an even more extreme appearance. “It was actually booked in to have all the carbon painted,” admits Jaime, “but I ended up going against it and kept the carbon on show for an aggressive track look,” and we’re glad he did. The car also wears a carbon front splitter and canards, plus Jaime has carried out a front foglight delete, and added a carbon rear diffuser, all of which combine to really make this M3 stand out and it’s got a lot of presence.

    The interior had already been stripped out and caged-up when Jaime bought the car, but here too there was room for improvement and it all started with the seats. “On the first track day I took the car to I realised the seats were too high as we kept hitting our heads on the roof,” he explains. So out came the Recaro RS seats and in went in a pair of Corbeau Club Sport buckets, and Jaime was now far more comfortable and able to actually enjoy driving his M3. Other interior changes include the aforementioned roll-cage, a Safety Devices bolt-in item, an alcantarawrapped wheel from Royal Steering Wheels, full carbon door cards with red door pulls, an AEM hand controller for the methanol injection, a lightweight battery, fire extinguishers and a carbon blanking plate that covers the hole where the sat nav screen once sat. We love the fact that while it is stripped out and most definitely hardcore, it’s been finished to an incredibly high standard with some very high quality materials, and it all combines to make it even more special.

    While Jaime was busy getting stuck into his supercharged E46 M3 project, Andy was well underway with getting his turbo E46 M3 up to scratch. Back in late 2013, having just sold a supercharged Range Rover Sport, Andy was flush with cash and looking to buy a second home to rent out. At least that was the sensible, grown-up plan, but one brief eBay session later it had all gone to pot as he’d spotted a turbo E46 M3, this very car, up for sale and, deciding that he couldn’t not buy it, he snapped it up with a sneaky bid in the final few seconds of the auction, unknowingly swiping it away from Jaime.

    Not only did the car have a claimed 650hp, but it had also been on the cover of the March 2008 of PBMW, and came with a vented carbon bonnet, carbon bootlid, BBK and ticked just about every box that there was to be ticked. Quickly, however, it transpired that the car was not in rude health, making only 465hp on the dyno, not the figure Andy had been led to believe, as well as suffering from numerous issues to do with the turbo conversion. It was not a happy car. It was decided that a new intake manifold and stand alone ECU were needed, so Andy took the M3 off the road and put it into storage while he saved money for the work it needed. It was at this time that he learned about the infamous E46 subframe failure issue and, after inspecting the state of his M3, he discovered that, lo and behold, the subframe was not in a good way...

    While we can’t imagine his mood was particularly good at this point, Andy had a turbocharged M3 and he was determined to make it the best turbocharged M3 he could; where Jaime started his project with a clean slate, Andy had the perfect opportunity to not just fix what was wrong with his M3, but improve everything as he went along, and he’s definitely done that and then some.

    Before he could even think about getting the engine running at full capacity, that rear end needed sorting out so the old boot floor was cut out, a new one was welded-in and Redish Motorsport reinforcement plates were installed, along with a box section welded across the boot floor to eliminate any flex. At the same time, the whole back end was poly bushed and the propshaft rubber donut was replaced by an uprated Revshift polyurethane set up. The poly bushing extends throughout the chassis now and the suspension has been thoroughly upgraded throughout to ensure it’s up to the task of coping with a turbocharged S54 above. Naturally the car sits on coilovers but they’re not the usual suspects, this M3 having been fitted with Tein items complete with electronic damping adjustment, and these are joined by adjustable front camber plates and Eibach anti-roll bars front and rear and there’s also a Strong Strut front brace with a Schnitzer item mounted at the back. A Brembo GT BBK takes care of stopping duties, with six-pot calipers and monster 380mm discs up front and 345mm discs at the rear, the red calipers contrasting perfectly against the black spokes of the 19” CSL replicas, themselves fitted with Toyo R888 tyres for maximum grip and traction. When it came to the engine Andy admits that, without the help and knowledge of Gary Adlington, he probably would have given up on the car a long time ago, which would have been a shame as he would not have had the chance to experience the fury of a fully operational turbo M3. The main components required to get the S54 performing as it should were an AEM Infinity 8 ECU, Horsepower Freaks intake manifold and boost pipe, a pair of HKS SSQV4 blow-off valves and an AEM water/meth injection kit. The intercooler was also sent off to have the end tanks cut off and new ones made from thicker aluminium welded on. The final engine spec makes for some eye-widening reading as some serious work has gone into making this S54 as powerful as it is. The turbo kit itself comes from Savspeed Racing and uses a Turbonetics T70 turbo and the engine has been bolstered with a set of Wiseco low compression pistons, Pauter con rods, VAC Motorsports head bolts and a steel-lined head gasket while twin fuel pumps feed 750cc injectors via an Aeromotive fuel filter. The result of all that is pretty spectacular, with four different power maps to choose from: the mildest map offers a sensible 500hp, which we imagine is handy for popping to the shops for a pint of milk, while the wildest map delivers 715hp, which you’d probably use for getting a pint of milk and some toilet paper. Perhaps a cheeky Snickers as well. A Clutch Masters twin-plate paddle clutch has been added to cope with all that newfound power and there’s also a short-shift kit rounding things off.

    As with the supercharged car, this turbo M3 is a riot of carbon fibre on the outside, which looks fantastic against the Steel grey bodywork. It wears a Vorsteiner carbon bonnet and carbon front bumper, carbon front wings, a CSL carbon bootlid, carbon rear bumper, carbon side mouldings, carbon roof spoiler, carbon Schnitzer mirrors, even a carbon fuel filler flap. There are more carbon panels on the car now than there are regular body panels, it’s really something, and makes the car utterly spectacular. The interior is has also been treated to a whole heap of carbon goodies, including dash trim, door pulls, steering wheel trim, steering column and gearknob, gear surround and handbrake lever. It’s a veritable feast for the eyes. In the early stages of the project, Andy picked up some rather sexy Cobra Daytona seats, which were already trimmed in black Mercedes leather and black Mitsubishi Evo X alcantara and finished with gold stitching, and they look great in the car, really filling out the interior and making it a rather more special place to sit. They’re mated to threepoint harnesses, which are mounted where the rear seats used to be, and naturally there’s also a host of gauges, we’d have been disappointed if there hadn’t been what with this being a turbocharged car and all. They include an Innovate AFR gauge, a trio of HKS gauges to monitor boost, exhaust temperature and pressure and there’s also a HKS turbo timer ensuring that the turbo stays healthy.

    So, man builds supercharged E46 M3 and buys turbocharged M3, drives off into the sunset, lives happily ever after etc, right?

    Well, not quite… “It’s a good job Andy pipped me to the post on the turbo car,” admits Jaime, “as he spent a lot of money on this M3, so I really reaped the benefits of all his hard work. It was a pleasure to scratch that turbo M3 itch that I’ve had for years, watching all those turbo M3 videos on YouTube, and it is fricking awesome,” he grins, but after buying the car from Andy last July just one month passed before Jaime had put it up for sale himself. “I needed to try it out for a while to see if I was happy to make this my new track car, and after testing it back to back with my supercharged one I decided it wasn’t for me. I have a bond with my supercharged one and prefer everything else about it, as does my other half, Terrie, and I have to live with her so she has a big say in what I do,” he laughs. Unsurprisingly the turbo M3 sold very quickly but surprisingly Jaime has now put his supercharged M3 up for sale as well, and as we put the last of these words to paper it looks like it may have found a new home… “I’ll be very sad to see it go,” he says, “and so will Terrie as we’ve both done a lot of track days in it and she’s learned a lot from driving it and really enjoys it,” but that’s just how it goes with modified cars, we suppose, it’s very rare for them to have any sort of permanence and selling the cars we’ve poured so much of everything into is a just part of the life we lead. They do say that it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all, though, and while we’re not sure if Jaime is planning to go as far as this with the E92 M3 he’s thinking of buying next, he can at least say that he’s been the owner of both a turbocharged and a supercharged M3, and there’s not many people that can.

    TECHNICAL DATA FILE #Turbocharged E46 / #BMW-M3 / #Turbonetics / #BMW-M3-Turbocharged / #BMW-M3-Turbocharged-E46 / #BMW-M3-Turbo / #BMW-M3-Turbo-E46 / #HKS / #BMW-M3-Tuned / #BMW-M3-Tuned-E46 / #BMW-3-Series / #BMW-3-Series-E46 / #BMW-3-Series-M3 / #BMW-3-Series-M3-E46 /

    ENGINE AND TRANSMISSION 3.2-litre straight-six #S54B32 / #S54-Turbocharged / #S54-Turbo , #Savspeed-Racing turbo conversion with #Turbonetics-T70 turbo, #Wiseco low compression pistons, #Pauter con rods, #VAC-Motorsports head bolts, steel-lined head gasket, 750cc injectors, twin fuel pumps, #Aeromotive fuel filter, #AEM Infinity 8 standalone ECU with E46 plug and play harness, AEM water/methanol injection kit with 1000cc and 500cc injectors, #HPF intake manifold and intake piping, custom front mount intercooler, 2x #HKS-SSQV4 blow-off valves, HPF five-way traction control system, custom exhaust system. Six-speed manual gearbox, Clutch Masters twin-plate paddle clutch, short shift kit

    POWER 715hp

    CHASSIS 19” #CSL-replica-wheels in gloss black with 235/35 (front) and 265/30 (rear) Toyo Proxes R888 tyres, Tein-coilovers with electronic damping adjustment, adjustable front camber plates, Strong Strut front brace, AC-Schnitzer rear brace, Eibach anti-roll bars (front and rear), fully poly bushed, Brembo GT BBK with six-piston calipers and 380x32mm discs (front) and four-piston calipers with 345x28mm discs (rear)

    EXTERIOR Steel grey, #Vorsteiner carbon bonnet and front bumper, carbon fibre front wings, side mouldings, AC Schnitzer carbon fibre door mirrors, CSL carbon fibre boot, carbon fibre rear bumper, roof spoiler

    INTERIOR Cobra Daytona seats re-trimmed in black leather and alcantara with gold stitching, three-point harnesses, rear seat delete, black alcantara gear and handbrake gaiters with gold stitching, Innovate AFR gauge, HKS boost, exhaust temperature and pressure gauges, HKS turbo timer

    TECHNICAL DATA FILE #Supercharged / #BMW-M3-Supercharged / #BMW-M3-Supercharged-E46 / #S54-Supercharged / #VF-Engineering / #Apex

    ENGINE AND TRANSMISSION 3.2-litre straight-six #S54B32 / #S54 / #BMW-S54 , #VF-Engineering-VF570 supercharger kit, AEM water/methanol injection kit, #Mishimoto electric fan, Mishimoto bigger radiator, 55ºC thermostat, secondary air pump removed, airconditioning removed, sport cats, Milltek rear exhaust. Six-speed manual gearbox, 4.10 rear differential

    POWER AND TORQUE 545hp, 383lb ft

    CHASSIS 10x18” (front and rear) #Apex-ARC-8 wheels with 265/35 (front and rear) Federal 595RS-R tyres, stud conversion kit, 12mm rear spacers, #KW-V3 coilovers with Club spec springs, Turner Motorsport top mounts, #Turner-Motorsport adjustable anti-roll bars (front and rear), adjustable rear camber arms, fully poly bushed, #Alcon BBK with six-piston calipers and 365mm discs with #Reyland bells (front), standard calipers (rear), Pagid RS-29 pads (front and rear), braided brake lines (front and rear), 710 racing brake fluid

    EXTERIOR Carbon fibre canards, splitter, front wings, boot, bonnet, rear diffuser, carbon wrap on roof, fog lights removed

    INTERIOR Stripped-out, full bolt-in Safety Devices roll-cage, alcantara steering wheel by Royal Steering Wheels, solid steering wheel coupler, full carbon door cards with red pull tabs, RTD short shifter, AEM hand controller for water/methanol injection, Corbeau Club Sport seats, Willans harnesses, water/methanol tank in boot, Odyssey PC950 lightweight battery, fire extinguishers, stereo removed
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    HOT ROD ’RADO / Exposed: the Hot Rodinspired Corrado that stole SEMA last year!

    AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT #VW-Corrado-VR6 / #VW-Corrado / #Volkswagen-Corrado / #Volkswagen-Corrado-VR6 / #Volkswagen / #VW / #VW-Corrado-R32 / #Volkswagen-Corrado-R32 /

    We love OEM+ as much as the next man but sometimes it’s refreshing to see somebody stepping out of the conformist box. Steve Nodarse is that guy! Words: Tony Saggu. Photos: Sam Dobbins.

    “I didn’t want it screaming ‘look at me’, I wanted people to actually look and notice the work and time that went into it”

    “I’m not really a VW guy,” shrugged Steve Nodarse. “Well, not like those old-skool guys anyway. You know, guys who grew up surrounded by Dubs, who always wanted one since they were kids, learnt to drive in one, followed the scene… that’s not me.” In fact, the 30-something New Jersey truck driver grew up hitting switches and smashing sumps as part of the East Coast minitruck scene. “It was the lowrider life,” he laughed. “Hydros, loud sound systems and scraping frames.” You would think introducing this hardcore switch hitter with chrome and candy running through his veins into the VAG world would have proved to be more than a little interesting, in a bad way. We had visions of metalflaked Dubs on Daytons three wheeling down the high street, complete with velvet interiors and chain-link steering wheels. “I think I did okay though,” smiled Steve, twirling the keys to his spectacularly subtle full custom Corrado. “It’s got switches, too,” he laughed.

    Steve reckons the custom pearl-coated coupé is strongly influenced by his lowrider history. The smoothed VR ride may bear little resemblance to a juiced Impala or fully flaked-out minitruck but the car was conceived and created from a mindset fostered by the lowrider culture. “You have to approach the build with an open mind,” he told us. “Forget the formula, just do your own thing. I wanted something different and sometimes that means you have to throw out the rule book and look at things in a completely new way. You learn that lowriding. You are always adapting solutions for riding lower or playing with paint and body ideas to make something unique.” The ‘unique’ nail has been firmly hit on the head with this one. Although the car carries the comfortingly familiar curves of a classic Corrado, the cleverly-thought-out detail work and exceptional execution make this car like no other. This is not your usual paint-bynumbers Euro clone or cookie cutter coupé.

    “I gotta credit my cousin Ramon for getting me into the whole VW thing,” Steve told us. “He can take the blame for that. He’s been in the game forever and used to pick me up whenever he went to any VAG event. It became kind of a joke between us; I got the nickname ‘passenger’ which has stuck. He would always be busting my balls on why I was a passenger in his car all the time. ‘Why don’t you get your own or build one?’ he would always ask.”

    This unrelenting peer pressure eventually had our man scouring the classifieds for a suitable candidate to silence the critics. “I remember telling people, if I build something, get ready to have your mind blown,” Steve said. “Every show or meet I went to I always saw the Jettas, GTIs, and Golfs. I rarely ever saw Corrados, but when I did see one it always caught my eye and piqued my interest. I just liked the look of them and always thought that if I ever built something the ’Rado would be the car to do.”

    A rough and ready G60 bought from a mate got the ball rolling but something wasn’t quite right and it took a while for the newbie Dubber to put his finger on the problem. “While tearing it apart and deciding what to do with it, I kept looking at pictures of other Corrados and wondering why they all looked wider than mine,” he told us. “After doing some research I learned that the VR6 actually had a wider front end than the G60, so I decided I needed one.”

    An exhaustive Craigslist search led to a little farm hidden away in the depths of the Pennsylvanian countryside. “I contacted the owner and set up a meet ASAP,” recalled Steve. “I wanted to jump on it before it was sold.” Cousin Ramon was enlisted to cast an expert eye over the prospective purchase as the two set off PA bound with a trailer in tow. “I got out of my truck and the owner started opening the door to a barn that didn’t look too stable,” related Steve. “While pulling the door up it was all over the place. I thought the door was going to fall on the car and crush it.

    Thankfully it didn’t. The seller told us the car had been parked up for over five years after some mystery problem had beset it. The poor sap had no idea why it wouldn’t start. My cousin looked over it and we both had an idea what the starting issue could be so we weren’t too worried. It had flat tyres and the calipers were frozen so moving it was a bit of a mission. Finally we tied a rope to the back of my truck and dragged her out of barn.”

    Steve reckons as soon as the daylight hit the coupé he knew he’d found his next car. “I had to have it!” he said. “It was in pretty decent condition. The original colour was red and one of the many previous owners had painted it blue. There was barely any rust, which I was shocked about, although we did find some minor damage to the rear quarter after stripping the paint off. The interior was complete. It was the stock black leather interior, too, with no cracks or damage.

    The whole thing just needed a lot of TLC.” The mystery starting problem was solved in minutes courtesy of a little switcheroo of ignition barrels from the G60. Once the motor was ready to fire up after its five-year slumber Steve was sure to observe all the time-honoured safety protocols for starting a long dormant motor.

    “Err, no so much,” he laughed. “I really didn’t care about nursing the engine because I already had another one sitting at home waiting to be put in! After getting her started I ripped the car around the block a few times with the pedal to the floor. The tyres were rotten and the calipers were frozen but that didn’t stop me winding it up to see if the spoiler worked!”

    After a good deal of sideways shenanigans and a few well-executed burnouts the serious business of tearing down the shell got underway. “Before too long I figured I needed help with the build,” admitted Steve. “Not having the proper equipment or knowledge was going to be an issue if I was going to build a serious car. It was my first VW build and I knew my limitations.” Steve put the word out that he was looking for an able accomplice to do some real damage to his coupé’s OEM status. As expected, the local VW community stepped up to the challenge. “I came across Cory Sterling. He was a Corrado owner himself and really knew his stuff,” recalled Steve. “I talked it over with him and told him what I was planning. A few days later Cory called me and told me of a shop that did ridiculous body and paint work down the road from him.”

    The shop turned out to be Legacy Innovations and the rest, as they say, is history. “Steve came to us with a general vision of what he wanted from the build,” explained Troy Spackman of Legacy, taking up the story. “It was our job to translate his ideas and emotions into custom metalwork.” Turning cars into rolling works of art is just another day at the office for the Legacy crew, and the company has over a decade of experience transforming ordinary cars into awesome kinetic sculptures, to much acclaim. Legacy’s wealth of experience, working with a host of varied customs and exotics, brought an even broader perspective to the build. This was going to be one special Dub.

    “The hardest part was figuring out what to do to be original,” recalled Steve. “And how to do it in a subtle, understated way. I didn’t want it screaming ‘look at me’, I wanted people to actually look and notice the work and time that went into it.”

    Legacy took the ‘subdued sledgehammer’ approach and ran with it. And indeed the wide array of painstaking details make a package that keeps you coming back for another look. The tougher than Tyson exterior treatment starts with oversized bespoke metal arches blended into custom shaved bumpers. Audi handles and a good deal of shaved body trim are age-old Dub standbys, but modified Mattig mirrors and cleverly stretched tail-lights are unique touches. “The shell as it came to us was not too bad,” explained Troy, “but we did invest a fair amount of time reworking and tweaking the panels to get tighter and crisper bodylines.”

    Coating the custom creation in colour also took a lot of thought, not to mention skill. “The colour of the car is a custom BASF colour that hasn’t been released yet,” said Steve. “The company is allowing us to name it but we haven’t come up with one yet. It’s like a sandy grey pearl that changes colours depending on the light.” Our man was rather partial to the gunmetal hue on the new GT-Rs but needed to add his twist to the Nissan blend. “I searched for a similar colour looking through the samples at the shop and doing numerous sprayouts.” Fortunately for all concerned the German paint supplier stepped in with just the right solution.

    Setting the custom crafted body over the rollers was no point, click and order deal, either. “We originally leaned towards air-ride and bought BagYard Bombers,” explained Steve. “On reflection I wanted a more driveroriented suspension, though, so we ended up going for the JRi Shocks ‘Hydraulic Ride Height’ system, although it had to be modified to fit the car. This setup allows me to still control the height but gives the stability of coils. With the wheels I wanted something that nobody had, so Evod was contacted to make me a set of one-off, three-piece wheels. Each wheel is specifically made due to the directionally pattern and the different widths. The brakes are a full Corvette Wilwood setup – from the individual pedal cluster to the calipers and rotors.” Troy told us that almost all the braking and suspension parts had to be redesigned and modified to fit and work on the Corrado. The pair almost glossed over the fact that the entire underside of the coupé has been prepared and painted a contrasting colour to show standard. Mention of the exquisite cabin makeover and custom RHD conversion again was almost lost in the mountain of modifications the Legacy crew undertook. “It had to be right-hand drive though,” smiled Steve. “I’m so used to sitting on the passenger side in a VW it kinda makes sense!”

    The car originally came with the stock and very tired VR6 although, as mentioned before, Steve had acquired a 2008 R32 lump even before the car came along. Now dropping in a big six from a Racing 32 may be fine and dandy for some but for Steve the fully-equipped VR was just the beginning. The underbonnet experience is just that: it’s an experience. All the senses are overwhelmed by the sight and sound of a smoothed, throbbing, silky six-cylinder and you can’t help but run you hands over that perfectlyexecuted, seamless, satin, shaved bay. The smell? That’s leather, baby, courtesy of a hide wrapped engine cover. Then there’s the huge bespoke radiator, the redesigned slam panel, the custom cooling fans, the sublimely subtle wiring tuck… it’s all too much to take in at first glance – although those hand-crafted hood hinges are difficult to miss!

    The quality of the build is nothing short of breathtaking, the attention to detail is stunning and the overall package remains faithfully true to its original concept. “It’s got character and attitude,” explained Steve. “It reflects a mood, an emotion… it’s like a lifestyle wrapped up in a car.” And it just goes to show, awesome things can happen when two worlds collide. ‘Still hittin’ them corners in them low lows girl…’

    Every time you look at Steve’s Corrado you will spot a different piece of incredible custom work that you didn’t see the time before; it’s a work of art from every single angle. It’s little wonder, then, that it was the most talked about VW at the enormous SEMA event in Las Vegas last year. In fact, we can only assume it’s the most talked about VW most places it goes!

    Dub Details

    ENGINE: 2008 #R32 engine mated to an #O2A Corrado gearbox with a #Quaiffe diff and #VF-Engineering mounts, #Clutchnet Red 2X pressure plate, Clutchnet carbon fibre disc, 10lb billet steel flywheel, custom-made manifold, full custom 3” exhaust, custom leather wrapped engine cover matching interior, fully shaved bay painted satin with wire tuck, custom engine cooling system with hard lines.
    CHASSIS: One-off #EVOD Industries three-piece wheels with Dunlop Direzza ZII Star Spec tyres, 9x17” with 215/40 fronts and 10x17” with 235/40 rears. Modified JRi Shocks Hydraulic Ride Height suspension, modified Wilwood under-mount pedal assembly and big brakes with ‘Corrado’ engraved on calipers, other components and underbody painted.
    EXTERIOR: Full 4” wider medal body conversion, one-off shaved bumpers, debadged grille and body, shaved windscreen washers, modified Mattig mirrors, Audi handles, custom #BASF paint, glass sunroof, E-code headlights, tail-lights were widened and painted full red, all panels were tweaked to tighten up body lines.
    INTERIOR: RHD conversion, #Recaro Sportster CS seats, deleted vents, Momo Millenium Evo steering wheel, full interior reupholstered in leather and Alcantara suede.
    SHOUT: My friends and family for being supportive, my buddy Marko for his help, my brother Jay for his help with the tear down and the use of his garage, the man, the myth, the legend, mi primo, Ramon Period for all his help and managing skills, AutoHaas for parts, Cory Sterling, Sam Dobbins for the shoot, and last but not least, Troy Spackman and the guys at Legacy Innovations for everything they did and still do for me.
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    EXTREME #BMW E46 M3 #Supercharged wide-body monster

    ARCH NEMESIS / #BMW-3-Series / #BMW-3-Series-E46

    DTM FiberWerkz has been behind a couple of wild builds and this supercharged, wide-body E46 M3 is no exception.

    The latest build from DTM FiberWerkz takes the familiar form of the E46 M3 and exaggerates its muscles in all directions. It’s wide, it’s mean, it’s low… and it’s got enough go to back up the show. Words: Daniel Bevis. Photos: Peter Wu.

    The E46 is very much the #BMW-3-Series of choice for 2016; we’re predicting a lot of interesting things on the scene for this generation in the coming months. This is due in large part to its chronological positioning, being neither too new to be affordable nor old enough to be ‘classic’. A lot of people view older cars as a gateway to financial ruin (not always fairly, but these mental hurdles are insurmountable for some), so the E46 sits in quite a happy middle ground – it’s new enough to be reliable and powerful in a modern sense, which makes it rather good value as a used buy, but it’s sufficiently inexpensive, comparatively speaking, for the average Joe to tear into in his garage, modifying with a clear conscience and little chance of an angry call from the bank manager. E46s are where the smart money is right now.

    With this in mind, the aftermarket has this model firmly in its crosshairs, and there are none more enthusiastic about showcasing the thing than Northridge, California’s DTM FiberWerkz. The company ethos is very closely aligned with BMW’s own approach to the development of the E46, which was to take the successful E36 as a base-point and make every element a little better; the bodyshell was 70% stiffer, the suspension was studded with aluminium components, the weight distribution remained as near as dammit to 50/50 in line with core principles.

    DTM FiberWerkz augments this approach by placing the driver even more squarely in the middle of the formula. ‘If there’s one thing more rewarding than exploring the potential of your BMW, it’s discovering your own’ is its motto. And as this latest line in E46 upgrades demonstrates, it’s giving the driver as much of a helping hand as possible.

    “The main reason for working on the E46 M3 body was that aerodynamic parts were lacking for it in the aftermarket,” explains company founder Ary Minassian. “We wanted to design a functional rivet-on flare kit for the M3, as the only other wide-body in production is the GTR which almost all true E46 race cars use, and we also manufacture. We aimed to design something that was the same width as the GTR kit but with more functional and easily installed parts compared to the complete wide-body conversion. These flares would only require paint and external fitting, the four flares giving the same width as the GTR.”

    This makes a lot of sense for race cars as it means parts can more easily be swapped out and replaced when damage occurs, but it’s also a smart move for street applications, providing a comparative ease of fitment that circumvents the apprehension that some owners may have about extensive body mods. Oh, and you can’t discount the awesomeness factor either – it’s hard to deny that these wide flares look pretty badass in situ, taking a familiar silhouette and forcing it through a cartoonish filter. It’s as if the everyday commuter 3 Series on your neighbour’s drive has been shimmered through the paint box of a 1970s hot rod caricaturist, and that’s no bad thing.

    “We wanted to use the E46 M3 SMG specifically, because since we were going to run such wide wheels, tyres and arches, we also wanted to run a supercharger from VF Engineering,” Ary says. “We knew with the power of the ’charger and the SMG transmission the car would have a similar feel to a proper race car, so the go would match the show. The power of the car is right at your fingertips and the supercharger keeps pulling you forward all the time!”

    You can tell from the way that Ary chatters away about this build that he’s no pen-pushing suit – he’s in this business because he’s passionate about the cars, and his engaging and eager persona really accentuates this. The demeanour explains the growth of his business, EuroStopUSA, which was established in #2002 as a performance shop selling custom body kits, wheels, exhausts and lowering springs, mainly catering for BMWs. As word spread and the customer base grew, so the ESM Wheels and DTM FiberWerkz brands crystalised, the latter growing by word-of-mouth and street culture, while ESM developed through offering a unique selection of wheel designs in a plethora of colours, fitments and specs. By the time of this project’s inception, the guys were really on a roll.

    “The car was completely stock when we acquired it, and a perfect candidate for what we wanted to use it for,” says Ary. “We found it listed locally on Craigslist. As we design and manufacture parts, we look for cars with straight and true bodies with no damage, so when the parts are designed and ready to make a mould we can ensure the part will be as close to a factory fit as possible.

    “The principle goal of this car was to design a new option wide-body flare kit,” he continues. “We did face some issues during the research and development of the design when it came to shaping something to flow with the rounded body lines of the E46; we tried a box-style flare, but ultimately came to the conclusion that it looked a bit too square on a rounded car, so we changed the shape to blend with the lines of the body. Shaping the flare kit was by far the most challenging part of the process – because it is a part that we’ll be manufacturing for customers, we wanted to make sure it would fit perfectly on every car, have a good aesthetic, and most of all be functional and easy to install and remove.”

    This all speaks of DTM FiberWerkz’s fastidiousness when it comes to product development, but it’s important for us to remember that there’s more to this car than a set of rivet-on aftermarket arch flares. Just take a look at the interior, for example – it’s a brilliant manifestation of your classic dual-purpose build. The back end is pure race car, it’s been stripped down to its bare bones, rocking a sturdy half-cage and not a whole lot else. Moving forward beyond the B-pillars you’ll spot the unmissable scarlet flash of a pair of Sparco Evo buckets, and then as you swivel your head owl-like through 180-degrees you’ll find that… you’re in a normal street-driven M3. Huh. Weren’t expecting that, were you? There’s a full dash, OEM doorcards, even the stereo and carpets are still in place. It’s like a mullet; business up front, party in the back.

    Moving to the outside, the outrageous aesthetic that’s been achieved by Ary’s team reminds you that the addition of wide-arch flares isn’t just a case of sticking them to the car, dusting off your hands and going for a beer. You’ll be needing some much wider wheels to fill them, and given that you’ve set out to make your car something of a headturner, the design aspect is something to which you’ll need to give some deep degree of thought. In the case of this car, it could only be a set of ESM wheels. But which ones? Ah, decisions, decisions… after much head-scratching and soul-searching, Ary plumped for a square setup of 11x18” 007s in a gold platinum finish, slathered in sticky R888s to further ramp up the overall sense of purpose.

    The fellas at DTM FiberWerkz are, as you’ve gathered by now, painfully aware of the importance of the holistic approach, so when Ary talks about this set of wide-arch flares, it is of course just one element of a broader picture. After all, an E46 M3 with wide arches and nothing else on its comparatively slender body might look a bit odd. So this car has had the full works, it’s a riot of carbon fibre, beginning with the CSL-style roof spun from that magical weave.

    There’s a vented carbon bonnet, a carbon bootlid with integrated oversize ducktail, side skirt extensions and carbon mirrors, and a racy front bumper complete with carbon canards and undertray. It’s not all for show either, these guys are dead serious about the aero efficiency of their products. It keeps them up at night.

    “The car debuted at the 2014 SEMA show in the ESM Wheels booth, where we displayed it with the Version 1 flares and black 11x18” ESM-007 wheels,” Ary recalls. “At the time, the front V2 flares were not designed with the cutout behind the tyres. Many people loved the look of the car, and as it was the first rivet-on flare kit for the M3 we gained a huge international reputation from the show. In 2015 we again used the car at SEMA for the ESM Wheels booth, but this time around we changed the look to its current stage, with gold wheels and V2 flares along with some other carbon fibre goodies. For some reason people seemed to like the current look better!”

    That’s a perfectly natural reaction to evolution, really. Honing and perfecting to make it the best it can be, and folk recognise that sort of effort and tenacity. So, what’s next? A V3 evolution for SEMA 2016? “No, I think this car is complete now,” Ary laughs. “We’ve always got new projects in the pipeline, and we’re developing a lot of new stuff right now, branching out into some diverse areas: Porsche 996/997, Fiat 500, Dodge Challenger… and we’re working on a project that we think a lot of BMW enthusiasts would love to see: a 318ti Compact with a wide-body conversion and a supercharger, which will be debuting at Bimmerfest in May 2016.”

    So there you have it – the smart money lies in tuning the E46 coupé, that’s going to be the big cheese this year. But you’d better get it done quick and right, as you’ll all be clamouring for Compacts after that…

    Carbon canards and rear diffuser are just some of the many carbon additions.

    DATA FILE #DTM #FiberWerkz #BMW-E46 #M3 / #VF-Engineering-Stage-3 / #VF-Engineering / #BMW-E46 / #BMW-M3-E46 / #SMG / #BMW-M3-SMG-II-E46 / #BMW-M3-SMG-II / #BMW-M3-SMG / #BMW-M3 / #BMW-M3-Supercharger / FiberWerkz / #BMW-M3-FiberWerkz / #BMW-M3-FiberWerkz-E46 / #Clutchmasters / / #S54B32-TUNED

    ENGINE & TRANSMISSION 3.2-litre straight-six #S54B32 / #S54 / #BMW-S54 , #VF-Engineering-Stage-3-Supercharger kit and tuning, #Agency-Power full race exhaust system with titanium tips, six-speed #SMG-II gearbox with #Clutchmasters-Stage-3 race clutch.

    CHASSIS 11x18” ET0 ESM-007 wheels (f & r) in gold platinum finish, 285/30 (f) and 315/30 (r) Toyo R888 tyres, #Megan-Racing coilovers, factory-upgraded discs and pads

    EXTERIOR DTM #FiberWerkz-GTR-S kit comprising V2 vented wide-body flares, Race front bumper with undertray, carbon fibre lip and canards, carbon fibre side skirt extensions, full Race rear diffuser, carbon fibre bootlid, vented carbon fibre Race bonnet, CSL-style carbon fibre roof, carbon fibre mirrors

    INTERIOR Stripped rear, Sparco Evo 2 US seats, Autopower Industries race roll bar

    THANKS Our staff at #DTM-FiberWerkz and #ESM-Wheels , Stan at Toyo Tires, Clutchmasters, James at Megan Racing, Ayed at Kings Autobody, VF Engineering, Sparco Racing

    The car was a perfect candidate for what we wanted to use it for
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    DEF ROWE / #Volkswagen-Jetta-Mk2 / #Volkswagen-Jetta / #Volkswagen / #Volkswagen-Jetta-II / #VW / #VAG

    If ever we needed proof that America leads the way in the booted Dub department, Harry Rowe’s turbo Coupé is all the evidence you’ll need. Words: Elliott Roberts / Photos: Sam Dobbins

    It’s safe to say the Volkswagen Jetta Mk2 never quite took off in Europe like it did Stateside. Granted, as with any minority motor car you will always have your fan bois that obsess over them, but for the most part modified Mk2 Jettas in the UK were extremely thin on the ground and if you did find one, well, it would most likely be average at best. Okay, they were until we started to see a bunch of killer examples emerging across the Pond but if we’re honest the Yanks have always led the way with the booted Golf. I guess Harry Rowe’s VR6T Coupé is a great lesson in just why.

    “As a kid I was always into cars and bikes. I had dirt bikes and go-karts before eventually winding up in an 1983 Rabbit GTI,” claims Harry. Despite the natural draw to American muscle cars Harry was soon turned on to the VW way of life after a bunch of mates dragged him to a couple of European car shows. “Also, my father’s good friend worked for VW and they built quick quarter-mile cars in their spare time. It was good fun back then,” Harry adds.

    He actually ended up taking the ’90 Jetta Coupé as a trade with a friend, as he explains: “My friend Paul Harley had bought the car but quickly discovered it had a lot of bugs and it was soon just parked up. It had lots of potential but was poorly put together I guess.” After getting the car running Harry drove the thing daily for a couple of years so he could iron out all the little niggles and get it mechanically flawless. Then trouble struck. “One day a tractor slowly reversed into the front, Tunacanning the fender off,” Harry says. He was originally planning just to fix the cosmetic damage but, inevitably, got carried away. It was at this stage the engine came out and Harry started to plan which angle of attack to take. He was set back a little due to the purchase of his first house… and mortgage! “The good thing was it had a garage, though,”

    Harry says, “so at least there would be somewhere to store the car and work on it.” On paper the car as Harry purchased it was quite sorted. “It had widened rear fenders, a semishaved bay, shaved body mouldings and marker lights,” Harry tells us, “but I just perfected it by doing a full-on smoothed bay, fitting the pop-out rear windows and adding a number of other little touches.” Harry claims he just loves changing things up and being creative. Although he was aware of some of the US scene’s Mk2 Jetta Coupé ‘greats’ Harry claims he wasn’t inspired by any specific one: “I just wanted to make the car nice and put my own spin on it.” Stuff like the key-hole-mounted rear-view camera and Mk3- style boot popper are things that most people wouldn’t even notice but Harry knows are there and will appeal to the real anoraks.

    Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves though. After Harry exchanged on the house he began stripping the car right down for a full repaint: “I did a lot of the engine bay prep in my garage while Haggard Fab took on some of the other fab work before the rolling shell went off for paint.” According to Harry it’s Mars red but with a Mercedes Benz paint code.

    Those with a keen eye may also have noticed the rear window seal isn’t as it left the factory. “There I used a number of parts from various brands of car,” Harry reports. “This changes the look of the rear window seal and, in my opinion, makes the car look more modern and, most importantly, different to all the rest.” You won’t see many Jettas running round headlights either. The purists may frown on this but we think they look at right home there and Harry is happy with the end result: “I’ve always loved round headlights. I’ve tried Westy aeros but I keep coming back to these. Of course, I’d happily fit a Rallye front-end if somebody was to donate one though!”

    Despite carrying out a lot of work himself, Harry claims he couldn’t have done it without the help of his friends – especially Matt at Eurokraft: “His knowledge of these cars is amazing and helped me tons.” Apparently Harry was most motivated when the car came back from paint: “After that, it was all hands on deck from my friends.”

    There’s obviously more to this car than a new coat of paint and a few rare modifications, though. Yup, it’s time to talk about the big turbo VR6 running all the right bits: “The car had a VR6 swap when I got it, although it looked nothing like it does now, even though it is the same motor,” Harry tells us. “It’s a nonintercooled VR6 turbo with titanium valve springs retainers and HD valve springs and head gasket spacer with ARP hardware. For what it is – a lowboost setup with about 13lbs – it really moves.

    I’ve embarrassed a number of cars on the highway.” He’s also done alright at the quartermile, with a best ET of 12.7 at 115mph. That’s certainly not to be sniffed at. We like the fact that despite the fresh paint and show car wheels, Harry is still all about driving this thing: “Yeah, I’m not afraid to whoop on it from time to time. That’s why I put it together really.”

    So the car can clearly hold its own on the showfield and quarter-mile, but what about in the twisties? “I almost went for air-ride but decided against it. The car is running CX Racing coilovers, which I know are not exactly expensive but they adjust pretty well and the car corners great and rides low, too,” Harry says. When it came to the interior Harry really didn’t want to go overboard: “I love the sight of a Mk2 dash and interior so long as it’s in good shape, so I didn’t see the point in wrapping it up. After all, it’s a car I built on a budget, so just adding simple OEM+ touches and a few creature comforts like the double DIN touchscreen, Hella wheel and SWG gauge pod, plus custom centre vent gauge mounts and suede headline with matching pillars and red stripe seat belts worked for me.”

    So now it’s all finished we ask Harry if he enjoyed the build and what was the hardest part of it? “I think staying motivated was the hardest part, especially while moving into my new house,” he replies. “As for the positives, well, despite just being a VW Jetta it gets plenty of attention even from non-car people and I guess it’s pretty fast, too.”

    What does the future hold for Harry? “Well, I don’t really have any new projects lined-up just yet. I don’t think I’ll do another serious build any time soon. I did buy a Kamei hood scoop that I painted body colour recently, though. I’m really liking that on the car.” So why do we do it? Why do we put ourselves through all of this? “I enjoy making things better whether it’s fixing or modifying things,” Harry surmises. “If somebody doesn’t get it then usually a turbocharged thirdgear pull normally explains it all perfectly!”

    Dub Details

    ENGINE: 2.8-litre 12v #VR6 with #Kinetics Stage 1 kit comprising Precision turbo, #ARP hardware, upgraded injectors and software, titanium valve spring retainers, uprated valve springs, 8.5:1 head gasket spacer, stock cam, hidden coil pack and tucked wires, #Dahlback-Racing diverter valve, Tial wastegate, shortened oil pan and R32 oil pump, custom Eurokraft wire harness for shaved bay, Forge boost controller, Haggard Fab coolant reservoir, #Haggard Fab 3” exhaust with custom mounted #Borla-Pro XS muffler and short tailpipe, #Quaife differential, ARP hardware, #Southbend clutch, Polo shift box and 02j shifter swap.

    CHASSIS: 8x16” and 9x16” #BBS-RS , half caps with red centres, five-stud conversion, Mk3 VR6 brakes, #CX-Racing coilovers, upgrade polybushings, #VF-Engineering motor mounts.

    EXTERIOR: Custom-made rear pop-out windows, Porsche script handles, Mercedes Benz Mars red paint, badgeless single round grille, widened rear arches, shaved body mouldings, shaved marker lights and antenna, custom-mounted rear-view camera in trunk key hole and Mk3-style rear trunk popper.

    INTERIOR: #SWG gauge pod holding Innovate wide-band, custom centre vent gauge panel housing #Cyberdyne digital boost/vac, oil pressure and oil temp gauges, #Recaro Trophy seats, #Hella Royal Exclusive Line steering wheel, Mk3 silver-faced cluster, suede headliner and pillars, leather-wrapped parcel shelf, custom-made Porsche script ‘Turbo’ floormats and a personalised pillow, #Pioneer double DIN touchscreen display, 10” Pioneer sub mounted in rear armrest, #Kenwood amp, Infinity door speakers.

    SHOUT: Big thanks to all my friends that came and helped when I needed it, Paul, Jay, Joel, Dan, Matt from Eurokraft, Matt from Haggard Fab, Sam Dobbins, oh, and I can’t forget my lovely fiancé for putting up with me, and anyone I forgot. This was most definitely an honor, thank you.
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    With 540 supercharged horses and carbon galore this #BMW-M3-E46 ’Vert is one seriously mean machine. There are few motoring experiences finer than a supercharged #BMW-E46 #M3 , and this brooding beast is one serious piece of machinery. Words: Elizabeth de Latour. Photos: Nick Williams.

    We could go into Nick Sahota’s car history, but truth be told most regular readers will probably know it off by heart by now as he’s had quite a few features in the past year but, for the benefit of anyone who might not be au fait with his car habits he, in brief, has: owned a lot of cars, currently owns a lot of cars, loves BMWs, loves power and loves the 3 Series. It’s therefore pretty unsurprising that we’re featuring another of his BMWs, and it’s a supercharged E46 #BMW-M3 . Now, we admit that this car no longer actually belongs to Nick, though we often find cars coming into the mag at the point which owners are looking to sell them on, most likely because the project is finished and they are hungry for something new. In Nick’s case he just has a habit of buying cars and then selling the ones that fall outside of his core collection on when something shiny and new catches his eye.

    This E46 M3 was never going to be a longterm partner for someone as car hungry as Nick, but it scratched an itch and was a rather tasty piece of kit with it. “A friend of mine, Steve, owned the car for four years, so I knew it was a good car and the work was done to a high standard,” says Nick. “Steve had to invest some money into his business so I bought the car as I always told him I would if he wanted to sell it. It was immaculate but my tastes differ from Steve’s so I just wanted to bring it in line with my vision aesthetically and enjoy it for the summer.”

    When you have a supercharged E46 M3, it’s very easy to enjoy and this particular example has had some serious engine work carried out. “The engine has been fully built by West Tuning,” says Nick, “and it’s got a VF Engineering Stage 2+ supercharger kit along with 200 cell cats, a Supersprint stainless steel exhaust manifold and a full Eisenmann exhaust system and it’s been dyno’d at 538hp.” That is a shed load of power to be getting on with and certainly fits in with Nick’s love of powerful BMs.

    What’s nice about the VF Engineering supercharger is that the kit is very discreet – all the components are finished in matt black crackle and blend in perfectly with the rest of the engine bay, making this an ideal choice for those who prefer go to show when it comes to their engines. Discreet it may be, but the VF supercharger kit is a serious piece of equipment; the core component around which everything is built is the V3 Si-Trim supercharger, capable of handling up to 800hp, but probably the most impressive item in the line-up is the cast intake manifold with its air-to-water charge cooler system, making this the only chargecooled supercharger system on the market.

    Of course, with great power comes the great need to stop and just keep everything under control. A man doesn’t fit a supercharger and then forget about the rest of his car, though, and previous owner Steve ensured that the brakes and chassis had been fettled to suit. On the stopping front it’s APs all-round with fat boy six-pots up front and marginally smaller four-pots at the rear clamping on to seriously beefy slotted discs. The caliper colour choice is black with yellow lettering, and they tie in perfectly with the car’s mean and moody looks, along with the black, staggered #AC-Schnitzer Type III 19s.

    The Type III is a fantastic-looking wheel and one which perfectly suits the E46, the cut-out spokes ideal for showing off the brakes, whilst still thick enough so as not to appear fragile and spindly. The car sits on a set of top-end KW V3 coilovers with remote reservoirs, offering a huge range of adjustment covering height and individual compression and rebound allowing for fine-tuning and also allowing for a serious drop, meaning impeccable handling with perfect stance. You can’t really ask for more than that.

    There’s plenty of go here, but this M3 is not shy on the show front either and while all the styling additions are relatively subtle, they’re very nice indeed. There’s carbon galore, both inside and out, with a carbon front splitter and aggressive GTR bonnet, kidney grilles, mirrors, carbon CSL bootlid and carbon diffuser adding the finishing touch to the carbon cavalcade.

    Perhaps even more impressive than all the lashings of carbon fibre are the custom front arches and rear bumper and matching custom skirts – the former features meshequipped cooling vents while the latter has been suitably beefed up and styled to suit. The combo is one that delivers a serious visual punch, just the right side of subtle whilst still giving this M3 a pumped up look.

    But, as Nick puts it: “You can’t modify everything and ignore the interior where you spend the majority of your time. For me it was a case of as much carbon as possible and bit of extended leather, along with all the ACS goodies,” and that’s exactly what we’ve got. With so much carbon on the outside it would have been silly to opt for anything other than the carbon trim pack for the interior and it is arguably the best M3 interior trim choice around. The AC Schnitzer goodies mentioned by Nick are that gear knob, handbrake lever, pedal set and mats and the two-tone interior adds a welcome flash of colour, with the Imola seats matched by Imola sections on the steering wheel, gaiters and armrest. As we said, Nick no longer owns this supercharged beast but it certainly made for one hell of a summer fling and a seriously comprehensively modified machine.

    Considering how little E46 M3s can be bought for and how relatively inexpensive they remain even when you add on the cost of a supercharger kit, it’s a wonder we aren’t all driving around in them. But maybe that’s a good thing as it makes the ones that are out there all the more special.

    DATA FILE #S54 B32

    ENGINE: 3.2-litre straight-six #S54B32 , fully rebuilt by #West-Tuning , #VF-Engineering Stage 2+ supercharger kit, 200 cell racing cats, Supersprint stainless steel manifold, Eisenmann cat-back exhaust system.

    TRANSMISSION: Six-speed manual, lightened single-mass flywheel, racing clutch.

    CHASSIS: 8.5x19” (front) and 9.5x19” (rear) AC Schnitzer Type III wheels painted black. KW V3 remote reservoir coilovers, AP Racing #BBK with six-pot calipers (front) and four-pot calipers (rear) and grooved discs all-round.

    EXTERIOR: Carbon front splitter, carbon GTR bonnet, carbon CSL bootlid, carbon kidney grills, carbon mirrors, carbon diffuser, carbon roundels, custom front wings, custom side skirts, custom rear bumper.

    INTERIOR: Gaiters and armrest retrimmed in Imola leather, steering wheel trimmed in Imola leather and Alcantara, carbon trim set, ACS gear knob, handbrake, pedals and mats.

    THANKS: Stephan Fitzgerald, Ray West of West Tuning, Dave at Sign Co, Steve at Clean Getaway, Manpreet and my family.

    I just wanted to bring it in line with my vision aesthetically and enjoy it for the summer.
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    Jay Leno
    JON OLSSON’S #Audi-R8-V10

    Carbon Razor GTR

    The special edition of the special edition – welcome to the 710bhp brainchild of PPI and Jon Olsson. The term ‘special edition’ gets thrown around an awful lot these days. With manufacturers desperately trying to eke out the last bit of profit from premium models, it seems a special edition can mean as little as a flashy badge and a set of wheels.

    Thankfully the world of aftermarket tuning takes a much more thorough approach to this, as perfectly demonstrated by PPI. No, these aren’t the guys responsible for those annoying insurance adverts, but instead an #Audi - exclusive tuning operation from the Bavarian town of Stuttgart. And we all know the German’s don’t mess around when it comes to tuning!

    Since 2004, #PPI (otherwise known as Precision Performance Individuality) has quickly established themselves as one of the world’s leading Audi tuners. From wind tunnel testing to F1-grade carbon fibre, PPI don’t cut corners when developing every upgrade. In fact, as a member of the German Car Modification Companies, PPI have to meet strict quality and safety guidelines before releasing a product. You won’t see any wood screws or filler holding a car together here…

    One of their most infamous cars is the Razor GTR Audi R8. Limited to just 10 models worldwide, PPI opted for the tried and tested method of ‘less weight, more power’ shaving 250kg from the bodywork and boosting the V10’s power. Factor in the strict German tuning laws and this super-lairy #Audi-R8 is even more impressive. The Razor GTR is a proper special edition. But for one person it wasn’t quite special enough. Step forward professional skier (and Internet superstar) Jon Olsson – the original owner of the Razor GTR pictured here. Instantly recognizable by its monstrous rear wing and functional roofbox, Olsson’s Razor GTR is further customized and is as exclusive as it gets… limited to just one.

    But the keys to this unique car are now in new hands, residing in good ol’ Blighty of all places. Time to take a closer look at just what makes this unique motor so special!

    PPI’s idea of a power increase just wasn’t enough for Mr. Olsson, hiking the 601bhp output another 100bhp with the help of a VFEngineering supercharger kit. Nestled in the banks of the rangetopping V10 engine, the supercharger adds a distinctive howl to the soundtrack provided by a titanium PPI exhaust. Everything about this car is excess; the power, the sound, the width and the carbon. To say it’s an experience driving the car is an understatement, and from the smiles on other motorists’ faces, it’s a welcome addition to the British landscape.

    Tasked with re-commissioning the wildest R8 onto the UK roads were tuning specialists Regal Autosport. Based in Southampton, Regal are no strangers to AudiTuner Magazine, with a supercharged R8 having previously graced these pages. The new owner of Olsson’s Razor GTR was already a Regal Auto customer, boasting a custom-painted V10 R8 Spyder tucked away in his garage. It was this confidence in the supercharged V10 lump which allowed him to not think twice about purchasing Olsson’s PPI creation.

    Chris Stewart, owner of Regal Autosport, explains “The supercharger kit turns an R8 from a capable GT car into a much more serious supercar contender’” The standard Audi V10 is no slouch, but with 700bhp on tap and 250kg reduced from the weight, this R8 is firmly in the hypercar territory. “The acceleration is relentless,” adds Chris. “There’s so much power in reserve. PPI quote a 0-60mph sprint in just 3.2sec for the 601bhp version. This model is over 700bhp, so go figure!”

    But that’s not something Chris is keen on demonstrating too often. “Every panel of the #Audi-R8-Razor-GTR is unique to the 10 models, and this is number 003.” PPI have re imagined the R8’s bodylines with aggressive carbon fibre aero parts as far as the eye can see. But these aren’t just for show or even weight loss – each panel is wind tunnel tested by PPI to provide additional down force and reduce lift where possible. Even that huge ski-box is slimline and flush mounted to reduce drag.

    Open the door and the bespoke nature of this build continues. Every interior panel is finished in a unique red and black Alcantara, from the dashboard and headlining, to the figure-hugging seats. What’s more, as the star of the 2012 Gumball Rally, this Razor GTR has had numerous stars clamber across that beautiful interior – a testament to the PPI build quality given how fresh it still looks. That’s the real test of a special edition model – not how crazy it looks, but how well it stands up over time.

    If you get lucky enough to see this rare beast out on the road, pinch yourself, because the most famous R8 in the world now resides on these shores. Just don’t try and race it…

    Top: Roof box is nuts Above: 1 of just 10 ever made.


    The #2012 #Audi-R8-V10-VF-Engineering
    Engine 5.0 FSI V10, #VF-Engineering Supercharger System with Sterman Motorsport Catless headers
    Power 720hp and Torque 530lb/ft (estimated) Transmission #S-tronic .
    Brakes Carbon ceramics
    Psi Raceline/Ohlins Suspension with 2-way race dampers
    Wheels and Tyres
    20in ADV.1 wheels
    Exterior Full #PPI #Razor-GTR spec carbon bodywork, comprising front and rear bumpers, sideskirts, wheel arches, bonnet, roof, rear engine cover, bespoke carbon roof box.
    Interior Full carbon and Alcantara PPI interior upgrades Tuning contacts Regal Auto


    Aside from being a bit of an Internet celebrity, 32-year-old Jon Olsson is actually a pretty talented skier. He holds nine Winter X-Games medals, won the US Free Skiing Open, Red Bull Big Air and World Superpipe Championship, to name but a few achievements. The Swedish athlete is even responsible for inventing a range of double flips and generally being quite talented on snow.

    As a man who loves all things extreme, it’s no surprise the standard Audi R8 wasn’t wild enough for him, resulting in the Razor GTR featured here. Oh and his current project? A DTM-inspired, 950bhp Audi RS6 twin-turbo V8 – as featured in AudiTuner last issue.

    “Acceleration is relentless, there’s so much power in reserve”

    “The supercharger kit turns the R8 into a much more serious contender”

    This crazy R8 is dripping with carbon fibre and high end kit – definitely not for the shy or feint hearted!
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    Chris Naguit is a man who likes to elevate his game with every new project he takes on, and there’s no better challenge than basing your entire build around the marmite of all BMW interior colours: cinnamon. Words: Louise Woodhams. Photos: Peter Wu.

    Chris Naguit is well-known on the West Coast #BMW tuning scene for being the founder and owner of MFest and MFestForum. com. However, he’s equally wellknown for his somewhat controversial colour combinations (his yellow G-Power E60 M5 springs to mind!) and designs that are not for the faint of heart. Aside from the wide-body styling, however, this car breaks the mould somewhat in that Chris decided to keep the somewhat mundane Carbon black hue so that he could take on the challenge of trying to tie a Cinnamon colour interior into the theme of the project.

    If you’re from California – or an avid reader of Performance BMW – Chris Naguit will no doubt be a familiar name to you. You may have read about his Imola red supercharged E39 M5 in our June 2011 issue. If not, let’s introduce you. Chris has always loved cars and as he grew older he became fascinated with how manufacturers designed their cars. This naturally led him down the path of wanting to personalise his own. Once he finished college and joined the world of work he was able to save up and, little by little, modify his first car: an #E36 #M3 nonetheless!

    It wasn’t long before he was hooked. He started venturing onto forums, then attending car shows. That was just the very beginning however. In 2008 he decided to launch his own show, MFest, which has quickly grown to become a key event – not just for M enthusiasts but for people that appreciate the ultimate in performance, quality and style from other high-end European car brands. Seven years on and Chris now hosts up to 30 events a year (including track days and dealer tours) not just in the US but in Europe and Asia, too.

    “I think it was the passion of those enthusiasts I spoke to online in the early days and shared ideas with that really got me interested. That, and the feeling you get after you’ve completed your first project. The excitement of seeing your design come to life is a damn good one. Whether people like it or not, it’s a fantastic way of being able to express your ideas and make a statement that anything is possible,” explains the Santa Monica resident. With a few M cars already under his belt, Chris still hadn’t taken on an E46 M3 – in his eyes a classic model that will go down as one of the best BMWs ever built. The car came from a fellow MFest member so it was in pristine condition and the first objective for Chris was to see what improvements could be made under the bonnet. And what better environment to test the car than the race track?

    Although the engine proved mechanically strong Chris thought it was slightly lacking in power. Little wonder when you’re used to building 500hp plus projects! With a #Vortech V3-Si Trim supercharger and Macht Schnell Performance Headers, which act as a direct replacement for the restrictive OEM items, together with a Supersprint X-Pipe and full exhaust system, Chris now has 575hp to play with.

    To haul all that new power in, Chris has swapped out the original brakes – known for being bad – for the #Brembo GT kit. With six-piston (front) and four-piston (rear) calipers clamped to 355x32mm and 345x28mm two-piece slotted discs respectively, it’s fair to say he now has greater stopping performance, and more confidence to drive the car hard.

    This car isn’t just about substance, though, it’s also got a hell of a lot style. Outside, the original rear aches have been reworked in sheet metal and are now 2” wider either side yet work in perfect harmony with the original lines of the body. The rear bumper – from Seibon (together with the front bumper and carbon fibre bonnet) – now flaunts vents. It looks clean but aggressive at the same time, especially combined with that hunkered down posture (courtesy of a custom coilover kit) and the air-to-water charge cooler system peering through the black mesh up front. The end result is perhaps something more akin to how the #E46 M3 should have looked!

    Tying together the outside of the car to the interior – the most crucial part of this project – are the wheels. Measuring 9” in width at the front and a respectable 12.5” outback, Chris asked HRE to custom finish his 19” 893R wheels with titanium bolts, gunmetal centres, brushed bronze barrel and a copper lip – colour-matched to the interior’s Cinnamon leather, of course.

    Shod in 245/35 and 295/30 Toyo T1S respectively they tuck into those pronounced arches perfectly. Inside, the original leather is obviously the star of the show but some of the ‘soft furnishings’ have been upgraded to include a suede headliner and pillars, together with MFest floor mats and racing pedals to give it a more premium feel.

    Although the entire project took just two months to do, it hasn’t come without its problems, but Chris likes to take a philosophical approach to these things, as he explains: “You will always encounter negatives, especially on a project of this scale, but you will always get past the growing pains. It’s the rewards at the end which make me smile every time, because my ideas have materialised to become a reality. I guess I always anticipate problems and that way I can work through them.” The car made its debut at MFest The SuperShow and people – albeit surprised by the subtle colour scheme – loved the styling and the way the lip of the wheels matched with the colour of the interior. “I’m not precious about my car and I invite people to drive it to see how it feels. As a result of that a few of my friends have gone onto buy E46 M3s themselves. It’s easy to see why; it is such a complete car and one that you can enjoy whether on the street or track,” he explained.

    And what can we expect next? “We’ll, I’ve just finished designing a few cars actually, including an #M4 that I hope to bring out soon. Whatever I do, whether that’s putting on events or building cars, I want to push the boundaries each year. I never stop learning and the passion never leaves me either. It’s what keeps me excited but I always keep in mind ‘the four Fs’: Form Follows Function and, most importantly, Fun,” Chris laughs. We couldn’t agree more.

    DATA FILE #BMW-M3-E46 #BMW-E46

    ENGINE & TRANSMISSION: 3.2-litre straight-six #S54B32 , #VF-Engineering Stage 2 supercharger kit, Macht Schnell exhaust manifolds, AFE intake, ECU remap, Supersprint X-Pipe and full exhaust system, UUC short-shift kit.

    CHASSIS: 9x19” (front) and 12.5x19” (rear) HRE 893R wheels with titanium bolts, gunmetal centres, brushed bronze barrels and copper lips (colour-coded to match the interior) with 245/35 (front) and 295/30 (rear) Toyo T1 tyres. MFest custom coilover kit, UUC polyurethane bushings, Eibach anti-roll bars and camber arms, and Dinan strut brace. Brembo GT brake kit, including six-piston calipers with 355x32mm two-piece slotted discs (front) and four-piston calipers with 345x28mm two-piece slotted discs (rear).

    EXTERIOR: Seibon front and rear bumper and carbon fibre bonnet, rear arches widened by 2” with custom vents in rear bumper, Huper Optik 50% ceramic film by STM, MFest custom roundels and black kidney grille, OE Carbon black paint.

    INTERIOR: OE Cinnamon leather, headliner and pillars trimmed in black suede, custom half roll-cage, MFest floor mats and racing pedals, JL Audio speakers all-round.

    THANKS: Moe at THE SHOP for the custom wide-body kit, MFest members Mert Contapay and Richard Cheng for fitting all of the chassis upgrades, Hann from STM, Mark Osoteo, Seibon Carbon, my MFest family for always supporting our builds and our sponsors for always trusting us and giving us the creative freedom to do such unique builds, Kim and my family for always being there for me.

    Cinnamon interior inspired the wheel colour and various details around the car and certainly adds some colour.
    VF-Engineering Stage 2 supercharger kit looks menacing under the bonnet and whips up a mighty 575hp storm.
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    Audi R8 tuning - Turbo VS. Supercharged!

    When it comes to boosting performance, which is best – supercharging or turbocharging? We decided to find out with a pair of tuned R8 V10s.

    There’s no doubt that the 5.2 V10 is a damn fine engine. It sounds truly amazing and imbues the #R8 with rapid performance straight out of the box. But when there are guys out there with tuned RS6s that can out punch the V10 in every respect, then some may seek to redress the balance. After all, who wants their super car to be left for dead by a family estate (even if it does have an RS badge).

    Clearly the naturally aspirated V10 is already at a pretty high state of tune. It makes a healthy 518bhp and produces ample shove. Some minor tweaks may free up a little more power, but to make any serious gains there is only one option – forced induction. The question is, which method is best?

    In basic terms, both systems are designed to force more air into the engine. More air, combined with more fuel means a bigger bang and greater power. But they have very distinct ways of delivering this. A supercharger is belt driven by the engine, which means it offers that instant and often quoted linear power delivery. The downside is that the supercharger is parasitic, in that it requires some engine power to actually drive the blower. A turbo on the other hand utilises spent exhaust gasses. It effectively recycles them to turn the turbines and blow more air (boost) into the engine. So it doesn’t take any engine power to run them. However, they do need to come on boost to be effective, and below a certain level a turbo will (in most cases) offer less instant power than a supercharger. However, in reality, with careful engine management and a large capacity unit like the 5.2 V10, the differences may be less pronounced than you’d think. In the interests of science (and wanting to hang out with some uber cool R8s of course!) we headed to Litchfield Motors to looks at two of the finest tuned R8s in the UK today.

    With terrible weather on the day, we were unable to drive them. But having interviewed, at length, the guys that built and tested them, I think you’ll discover everything you need to know about these two forced induction beasts.

    White #Audi-R8-GT

    On the face of it, an R8 GT is a pretty special thing. One of just 33 UK cars, it’s packing some serious upgrades to its suspension, brakes and interior and exterior, along with a healthy 552bhp from the mighty V10 engine. It’s also 100kg lighter than standard. But when you own an #F1 team and have access to a fleet of exotica that would be guaranteed to win you any Top Trumps competition, then a bit more power is always handy.

    The brief with this car was to create more grunt, but without destroying the finely balanced dynamics of the GT. So any turbo upgrades would need to work with the car as a whole. So a huge single turbo that comes in with a shed load of boost at high rpms, would not do. Fortunately, there’s a company producing a twin turbo kit for the R8 and its sister Gallardo.

    Heffner Performance have spent a long time developing their twin turbo system to give a decent increase in power, while maintaining the drivability. It’s based around two #Garrett-GT35 blowers, which are each capable of 700bhp, but in this case they run just 0.5 bar of boost. The beauty of the system is that because the high-compression 5.2-litre V10 is chucking so much flow down the exhausts, the turbos spool up ridiculously quickly. This equates to a lag-free response that gives much more power, but feels like a naturally aspirated car.

    The Heffner kit includes everything required, including a brace of GT35s, charger cooler and all ancillaries, and took Litchfield around a week to fit. “The GT is slightly different to the stock V10, so we had to modify a few bits, such as the turbo inlet pipework,” says Iain Litchfield. With the kit fitted, the V10 was treated to a full custom map, and it made a very healthy 850bhp on their dyno.

    “With a built engine, you’d easily be looking at 1500bhp,” says Iain, “but our limit is 850bhp on stock internals.” With US Gallardos running even great power than this, on the same engine, it’s clear there’s a lot more potential, should you require it. That said, the ferocity of an 850bhp tune, makes you question whether any more is really required. Perhaps the best thing about the install is the emphasis on drivability. Whereas some turbo kits can be very on-off in their power delivery, this is all very linear. As Iain explains, “It feels like a bigger engine; there’s no perceptible boost, but it’ll still light up all four wheels in fourth!” He continues, “Around town it drives just like a stock V10 and has a very OEM feel to it.”

    With the GT so highly equipped, no other work was deemed necessary. The uprated suspension is more than capable of handling the extra grunt, and there’s no question over the carbon ceramic brakes’ credentials.

    The whole install, including shipping the kit over from the States, set the owner back around £30k. But for that’s he’s got what is surely the ultimate version of the R8 GT you’ll find on the planet. The owner is one of those fortunate individuals who not only has petrol running through his veins, but is able to indulge his every desire when it comes to cars. But when your day job is running an F1 team, then you need some extra special toys to keep you amused in your down time.

    Daytona Grey #Audi-R8

    The stock V10 R8 is no slouch. The high-compression 5.2-litre engine is a peach and sounds truly amazing at full chat. When it’s singing away over your shoulder (especially in the Spyder), you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d entered automotive heaven. These cars are also reasonably attainable too. Everything is relative of course, but for those who are considering a new RS5 or maybe used C7 #RS6 , similar money could buy a used, early R8 V10.

    This car belongs to Ryan Griffiths of Syvecs Powertrain Control. His day job is producing bespoke, motorsport-spec engine management solutions, so he knows a thing or two about how to make a car drive well. The project actually came about by chance. “I was doing some work for a client in China and he said he had a VF Engineering supercharger kit, but he couldn’t get it to work on his car,” says Ryan. “He said if I could get it to work on my V10, I could have it.” Not one to pass up an opportunity like this, Ryan duly packed the kit up in his luggage, paid the excess baggage, and flew home with his new kit.

    Having worked alongside Litchfield for many years, Ryan knew these were the guys for the installation work. The comprehensive kit included everything needed, such as a complete new inlet tract with intercooler and charge cooler. The engine had to be tilted back slightly to accommodate the pulleys and belts, while extra cooling pipes had to be run to the front of the car to the charge cooler. All told the installation took around a week. With the supercharger ready to go, the next step was to get it working to its full potential.

    This is where Ryan’s day job came to the fore. His experience and expertise with the Syvecs management allowed him to create a custom package for the ’charged V10. It kicks out a healthy 750bhp, which comes in quite sharply and early on. With the engine-driven ’charger delivering more, instant low-down grunt than a turbo, he worked hard on the advanced traction control. R8s may be quattros, but they are heavily rear biased, so the trick was getting it to lay down the power without too much wasted wheelspin through broken traction. The larger ADV.1 alloys wrapped in sticky Toyo R888 semi-slicks certainly helped here too.

    Perhaps the greatest achievement is the improvement to the gear shift. The less-than-positive stock auto ’box on earlier cars could often be left wanting, especially with more power involved. So again, Ryan worked on the software to sharpen things up for much faster, positive shifts.

    The Dayton Grey R8 sits hunkered down on H&R sports springs matched to the optional MagnaRide dampers, which looks stunning, but it also produces a firm, yet forgiving ride. And with the addition of a (now discontinued) Stassis performance exhaust system, the noise this thing makes is terrific.


    So, after examining both R8s in details, the obvious question is, which is best? Well, it’s not a straightforward answer. Clearly the GT is the rarer beast, and to find one with a Heffner twin turbo installation is pretty mind blowing stuff. The fact it can deliver a savage amount of power, yet behave like a naturally aspirated car is perhaps its greatest achievement. Of course the careful technical work by Litchfield, including the map, really is key to all this.

    The Dayton Grey machine is arguably the better looking car. The #ADV.1 forged alloys looks sensational and with a drop in ride height, this thing can stop traffic with its good looks. It’s also the far more attainable car (well, as attainable as any used £80k R8 V10 can be!) and the supercharger transforms it into the higher echelons of the super car league. And so to the final quandary, which method of forced induction best suits the #Audi R8? The VF Engineering supercharger delivers epic performance from low in the rev range.

    It’s and instantaneous slug of big boosted power, that sounds thrilling, too. As Iain states, “The supercharger gives it a sharper hit of power than the turbo, but it’s the way it’s delivered that makes the difference.” The Syvecs management boasts advanced traction control to allow the power to be transmitted to the road, and the auto box has been reprogrammed to deliver much faster, more positive shifts. It’s testament to the skills of the Syvecs team, that it’s these two areas which really lift the Daytona Grey car from an R8 with more power, to a truly fantastic car.

    Both R8s are seriously fast cars. Plant the throttle and they both deliver savage acceleration and ballistic, linear power. They also both demand huge respect. The GT would be the faster car – it’s lighter and more powerful. But the supercharged grey car is no slouch – and significantly less cash.

    If money was no object, I’d take the GT. The combination of rarity and that barely stressed turbo power, mated to the high-comp V10, makes it, for me, the obvious winner. However, once you factor in costs, the Daytona Grey car makes a very good case for itself. You could, in theory, purchase a used V10 for £60k, then spend a further £30k building a car similar to this one.

    That would give you something that’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face every time you drive it, keep up with the best on offer from the Italians and Germans – and still cost significantly less than a new R8.


    Daytona Grey #Audi-R8-VF-Engineering V10
    Engine #VF-Engineering #VF750 supercharger kit, #Eaton TVS2300 4-lobe roots twin vortices supercharger, air to water charge cooling system, Syvecs engine management including advanced traction control, Stasis performance exhaust system.
    Power 750bhp
    Transmission Stock auto with Syvec remapped box, advanced traction control
    Brakes Stock R8 V10
    Suspension H&R sport springs with #MagnaRide dampers
    Wheels and Tyres Advan ADV.1 wheels with #Toyo R888 tyres
    Exterior Daytona Grey
    Interior Stock R8 V10
    Tuning contacts Litchfield Imports www. litchfieldmotors. co. uk Syvecs www. syvecs. co. uk

    White #Audi-R8-Heffner-Performance GT (1 of 33 UK cars)
    Engine 5.2 FSI V10, #Heffner-Performance twin turbo kit, comprising 2x #Garrett GT35r turbos, charge cooler, all ancillaries, custom remap.
    Power 850bhp
    Transmission Manual #R-tronic gearbox
    Brakes Carbon ceramic
    Suspension Uprated GT suspension
    Wheels and Tyres Stock GT alloys
    Exterior White GT with fixed rear wing, front canards, thinner glass, carbon fibre, magnesium and aluminium components
    Interior Full GT spec ikncluding fixed back seats
    Tuning contacts Litchfield Imports www. litchfieldmotors. co. uk
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