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    Put it all down to our new #V8 engine.

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    It gives more power of course, but power which flows out with astonishing smoothness. And yet this engine is 200 lb. lighter than our previous unit: the unrivalled benefit of all-aluminium construction.

    Because it is lighter we were able to improve the weight distribution. This gives you even better, safer road-holding and cornering power.

    We’ve improved the lighting with built-in fog lamps. And we’ve redesigned the interior to give you even more comfort and convenience.

    The rest of the luxury is well-known.

    From the very first we’ve believed in the benefits of hand craftsmanship. The new Rover 3.5 litre is no exception.

    For more information why not see one of our dealers? They have to be good to match the car.

    Or write to us: Sales Division, The Rover Company Limited, Solihull, Warwickshire.

    Prices (inc. purchase tax UK 1967): Automatic Saloon £1,999.3.4; Automatic Coupe £2,097.10.0.
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