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    2019 BMW F90 M5 #Remus-Exhaust / #Remus

    When a new BMW launches, the aftermarket immediately starts developing and releasing products for it and Remus is one of the first companies to offer a performance exhaust for the mighty F90 M5. This cat-back system comprises a non-resonated front section, a valved rear silencer and your choice of either carbon or straight-cut tailpipes; the valved silencer has been designed to work with the standard BMW electronics and the exhaust uses 84mm larger diameter piping – the standard system has 80mm piping – for increased flow. If you’re lucky enough to own an BMW F90 M5 and are hunting for a performance exhaust, you should definitely check the Remus system out.

    / #2019-BMW-M5-F90-Remus-Exhaust / #BMW-M5-F90 / #BMW-M5 / #BMW / #2019 / #BMW-F90 / #BMW-5-Series / #BMW-5-Series-M5 / #BMW-5-Series-M5-F90 / #BMW-5-Series-F90 /

    Price: Cat-back system from £2419.20 inc. Vat
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    LOU’S E92 M3 / #BMW-E92 / #BMW-M3 / #BMW-M3-E92 / #BMW-3-Series / #BMW-3-Series-E92 / #BMW-3-Series-M3 / #BMW-3-Series-M3-E92 / #BMW-3-Series-Coupe / #BMW-3-Series-Coupe-E92

    The E9x M3 models are very special indeed – the #BMW-S65 / #S65 4.0-litre #V8 under the bonnet is not only derived from the legendary V10 found in the E60 M5, but it’s also the only V8 ever fitted to an M3 and it’s the last naturally aspirated engine to go out of production at BMW. That alone, means this generation of M3 has a good possibility of becoming a highly desired classic.

    Despite the fact refuelling is a constant occurrence, the V8 in itself is reason enough for any true #BMW fan to buy an E92 M3. It revs up to 8250rpm and the throttle response is instantaneous. But there’s just one drawback. In my opinion it is way too quiet for a V8 – go through a tunnel, windows down and throttle pinned, and it is a bit disappointing. There was only one solution to that: upgrade the exhaust. There’s always the worry that it’s going to be too loud – like the system that ex- #PBMW editor Iain Curry fitted to his E30 320iS. It used to set off car alarms and that is not cool. So, I did a lot of research to see all the options available to me before making my decision.

    I whiled away hours checking out various compilation videos on YouTube from the likes of #Quicksilver , #Remus , #Eisenmann , #Milltek and #Akrapovic , and scouring forums to see what fellow M3 owners were recommending. As it’s used for the daily commute and at weekends, I wanted it to be fairly civilised, and eventually decided on #Eisenmann , which is responsible for designing the OEM systems on Porsche and AMG cars, and builds its exhausts by hand.

    Via Eisenmann’s UK agent CA Technologies, I ordered its back box and connecting pipes, which allow you to install an aftermarket system without the need to cut the OEM piping. All I had to do was decide on what tips and sound level I wanted. MD Roy Carvalho said that around 80% of M3 owners opt for Race over Sport, and although it’s 20db louder when the car is on the move I decided to take the chance, together with 83mm round perforated tips.

    I was intrigued as to whether fitting an aftermarket exhaust would improve performance so before I handed the car over to #BMSport to install the system I put it on a rolling road. The end result showed 300lb ft of torque, which is five more than the book figure, but sadly it was over 37hp under what BMW quotes, at 382.7hp. However, when you take into account that grade of fuel, tyre pressures and atmospheric conditions can influence test accuracy, a loss of around 9% isn’t actually that bad. Tune in next month to see if it made more power and what I think of the new exhaust note.
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    Stunning 520hp M4 tested MOTECH #BMW-M4 / #BMW-F82 / #BMW-M4-F82 / #BMW-4-Series / #BMW-4-Series-F82 / #BMW-4-Series-M4 / #BMW-4-Series-F32 / #BMW

    Lean Green Flying Machine A stunning Java green M4 with a full set of choice performance modifications.

    It’s not just the colour that makes this M4 stand out from the crowd as it’s packing a serious power hike among some other tasty modifications. Words: Bob Harper. Photography: Dave Smith.

    I may have mentioned this before but our company chairman used to have a fondness for the expression, ‘if you’re going to be a bear, be a grizzly!’ We discovered this one day when he appeared in the office wearing what can only be described as a ‘rather interesting’ tie – you know, the sort that one of those programmes on the TV populated by so-called fashion gurus would have had a fit about. To call it bright would have been the understatement of the century. And we can only imagine this sort of ‘if you’re going to be a bear…’ thought process must have gone through the owner of this M4’s mind when he signed on the dotted line for this rather wonderful Java green M4 Coupé. It turns out that he’d actually gone to his local dealer to put an order in for an altogether more straight-laced M3 Saloon, but when he clapped eyes on this M4 which had just been delivered to the dealership to be a demo car it was love at first sight.

    But it’s not the colour that first grabs my attention as I can hear it coming long before I can see it. We’re camped out at a photo location we know of in the wilds of Northamptonshire and at first it sounds as if there’s a Chinook helicopter on exercises somewhere in the distance, but after a few seconds this doesn’t make sense as the sound isn’t constant – it rises and falls every couple of seconds or so. Whatever it is it’s getting closer though and eventually we see the Java green M4 spearing along the lanes with the sun glinting off its freshly polished paint and even when its surrounded by lush green vegetation it still stands out from the crowd.

    As the M4 sits quietly ticking away to itself as it cools down from its workout we quiz Motech’s Mike Hodder as to what exactly we have before us. Mike has been involved with tuning BMWs for more years than he cares to remember and instead of just offering remapping services with which he’s still very much involved, he’s now offering what he likes to think of as a one-stop tuning solution for busy owners of BMWs. While some owners might have the time and inclination to visit one company for an exhaust, another for a remap and another for some styling upgrades, Mike’s increasingly finding that many owners would like to have all the work carried out at once at the same company.

    Thus this M4 is sporting what he’s calling the ‘M520’ package, and yes that figure does refer to the car’s power output. At the heart of this particular conversion are a couple of Remus products: a Powerizer and an exhaust system. Over the years Mike’s become a big fan of Remus products – its expertise with exhausts is second-to-none and you may well be surprised as to quite how many manufacturers Remus make exhausts for. We’ll start with the Powerizer which is a tuning box that brings power up from 431hp to 520hp – a pretty significant gain – while torque is also swelled from 406lb ft to 472lb ft. Like most tuning boxes it’s a plug-and-play item that’s fairly easily plumbed into the car’s electronics with the supplied wiring kit and it gently manipulates signals from the ECU to make its gains.

    The fact that Remus’ Powerizer has full TÜV certification gives you peace of mind too. It’s not the Powerizer that’s responsible for all the noise though, that’s down to the full Remus system that replaces everything aft of the downpipes. The fully stainless system is beautifully made and has been fully reengineered by Remus’ boffins at their state-of-the-art R&D centre. As is the way these days, it’s a switchable system meaning that it can be quiet and discreet when you want it to be or strident and vocal when you’re feeling a little more extrovert – as we heard earlier on.

    Completing the M520 package are a set of Pipercross air filters that are a direct swap for the OEM items. Pipercross reckons its filters have a vastly improved surface area and that the carefully selected multi-layered foam within the filters offer 30 percent more airflow which is never a bad thing – an engine that can breathe properly should always be a strong performer. These three modifications – Powerizer, exhaust and Pipercross filters – add up to the M520 package and when the work’s carried out at the same time they offer pretty decent value for money – at £2898 you’re seeing some excellent power improvements for your money.

    Motech doesn’t just deal with the power side of the equation though as this car is sporting some tasty styling upgrades too. The 20-inch wheels will be a matter of personal taste – I usually like my wheels to be silver but these black DForged items do look good when set off against the Java paintwork and what’s a very nice touch on this particular machine is that the brake callipers have also been painted in Java green. The standard fit blue callipers with their M logos didn’t really look quite right with the car’s exterior colour. Whether or not the 20-inch alloys will actually improve the driving experience on our lumpy roads is a moot point but there’s no doubting they fill the arches nicely and look very good indeed.

    Elsewhere around the car you’ll find some nice carbon additions – around the huge front air intakes and a splitter just below the front spoiler along with a rather natty little ducktail spoiler atop the bootlid and a nice diffuser around the quad pipes on the Remus exhaust. This particular machine has the carbon tips to the Remus exhaust and it has to be said they really do look the part. As is the case with carbon exterior parts they don’t come cheap, well certainly not for quality components such as these, but at £540 for the three-part front spoiler, £660 for the rear diffuser and £276 for the rear spoiler these particular items do seem to be very keenly priced and look to be of high quality with a nice lustre displaying the carbon weave underneath.

    The last couple of changes that have been wrought can’t be seen but include au Ultra Racing lower rear strut brace to tighten up the rear end and a set of Eibach lowering springs which lower the M4 by 20mm. These won’t be the end of the chassis changes though, Mike’s currently experimenting with a couple of different options which should help the M4 to use its power to good effect.

    That’s enough of the theory though and now that photographer Smithy’s got his pictures in the bag it’s time to experience the performance for ourselves. Before we put the hammer down we start off by getting familiar with the M4 again and driven at moderate speeds it’s as refined and cultured as you could want it to be. The exhaust’s muted, the additional power is slumbering and you could almost be forgiven for wondering what all the fuss is about.

    The roads around here are lightly trafficked and have some wonderfully inviting sections that are wellsighted and allow you to really drive quite hard and in these circumstances the M4 really comes alive. It’s been set up so that when you engage Sport Plus you have the full 520hp at your disposal along with the exhaust having its flaps fully open, so not only are you covering ground at an increasingly rapid pace but you’re being aurally assaulted at the same time. Like many other modern M cars it’s not a desperately cultured sound if you compare it to a naturally aspirated multi-valve straight-six from ‘the olden days’ but of its type this Remus system has to be one of the best we’ve experienced. It sounds angry – very similar to the AC Schnitzer ACL2 we drove a couple of months ago and it does seem to egg you on to extract the full performance from the car.

    I can’t imagine wanting to travel any faster than this on British B roads, even ones that are as wellsurfaced and well-sighted as these ones, but you find you can’t help yourself… you keep trying that little bit more, just a bit more throttle, just to hear an even more vocal and strident symphony from the exhaust. It’s a bit of a licence loser, but what a way to go! Even though these roads are better than most the odd bump can knock the M4 off line and eventually we call a halt to proceedings while we’re all still in one piece. On a dark and damp winter’s evening you could get yourself into an awful lot of trouble with this car, but if you have a modicum of self restraint and are happy to notch the pace back a little then you’d still be able to cover ground at an indecent pace while (colour aside) slipping under the radar.

    We run the M4 back to Motech’s Northampton HQ and as we’ve had our fun on the back roads we elect to cruise back and in its normal mode loping along at the legal limit the car’s perfectly refined. The exhaust is quiet, there’s no hyperactive throttle response – even the ride’s pretty decent on those bigger rims and lowering springs. It’s nigh on the perfect all-rounder – fast and shouty when you want it to be, calm and relaxing when you’re not in the mood.

    So, ultimately, while you don’t have to have be a grizzly and spec your M3 or M4 in a lairy BMW Individual colour, opting to fit Motech’s M520 package will certainly help you sound like one. We’ve tested plenty of M3s and M4s now and reckon this one’s right up there with the best as far as aural stimulation is concerned and with the performance upgrade it’s got the bite to match its bark.

    Driven at moderate speeds it’s as refined and cultured as you could want it to be.

    Contact: Motech Performance
    Tel: 01604 810000/07842 122467

    TECHNICAL DATA #2016 #BMW-F82 / #BMW-M4 / #BMW-M4-M520 / #BMW-M4-M520-F82 / #BMW-M4-M520-F82

    ENGINE: In-line six-cylinder, turbocharged, 24-valve
    CAPACITY: 2979cc
    MAX POWER: 522hp
    MAX TORQUE: 472lb ft


    M520 PACKAGE: #Pipercross free-flow filters; #Remus downpipe back exhaust system with 102mm carbon tips with race centre section; Remus Powerizer. Package price inc. fitting (with chrome tailpipes): £2898.00
    STYLING: CarbonSpeed three-part front spoiler extensions and splitter: £540.95; CarbonSpeed full rear diffuser: £660.95; CarbonSpeed ducktail rear boot spoiler: £276.95
    WHEELS AND TYRES: #DForged D1 9.5x20-inch (front), 10.5x20-inch (rear); Toyo Proxes
    CHASSIS: Ultra Racing rear lower strut brace: £189.95; Eibach 20mm spring kit: £245.00

    Thanks to:
    Motech Performance: 01604 810000
    The Performance Company: 01933 685840
    Pipercross Air Filters: 01604 707750
    Colour Kraft: 07881 536 186
    Dooka Detailing: 07754 733778
    RS Repairs: 07904 07816
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    MERCEDES 1001 SEL THE GOLD STANDARD / #Mercedes-Benz / #Mercedes / #V8 / #M117 / #Mercedes-Benz-M117

    Never heard of a 1001SEL before? Well read on to find out what the utimate pimp-Mercedes-Benz is all about. Captains of industry, despots, drug dealers – that’s who you expect to see behind the wheel of an AMG SEL, right? So what’s a Birmingham pharmacist doing in this gold-plated retrobarge? Words: Daniel Bevis. Photos: Dan Sherwood.

    I’m not your typical pharmacist,” grins Arfan Talib. “I guess you could call this a legal drug dealer’s car.” And that’s about as bold an intro as you’re likely to find in the retro car sphere.

    You need to be bold to drive a car like this, of course, it very much goes with the territory. The W126-generation S-Class was the brashest statement of 1980s CEO drama and dictator chic it was possible to buy in the 1980s, and its impact hasn’t diminished a micron in the decades that have since passed. The imposing flagship, particularly in #LWB form as we see here, is a brutal, girthsome thing that will have no truck with words like ‘frugal’, ‘sensible’ or ‘value’. It’s a big car for big personalities.

    Interestingly, however, a guiding principle of W126 development was to integrate Mercedes-Benz’s new ‘Energy Program’: lightweight materials and countless hours in the wind tunnel made the car as frugal as it could possibly be. An improved ride and superior handling were also key elements, and a bafflingly broad array of engine options helped in Mercedes’ aim to retain the ‘world’s best-selling prestige luxury sedan’ title whilst also appealing to a more diverse audience.

    But enough of that tommyrot. This is a 1001SEL, the top of the tree, and the Energy Program can go hang. You see, the 560 (which is hidden underneath) was the big dog, the 5.5-litre V8 model, but in an era when money shouted, too much was never enough. A ‘1000’ badge or something of that nature was a sort of in-joke for Mercedes-Benz aficionados; companies such as Trasco, Chameleon and Robert Jankel Design would modify W126s for discerning customers, basing the nomenclature on the principle that ‘a 1000SEL is twice as good as a 500SEL’. There are no hard-and-fast rules regarding what a 1000 or 1001 is because it’s an ethereal concept; if it’s modified and opulent, you can call it a 1000 if you so wish… and if you want to go further beyond that, why not spec yourself a 1001, or a 5000, or even a 10000? The width of the bootlid is the limit, really.

    “I’m a serial petrolhead and a massive fan of eighties cars,” Arfan explains. “I’ve owned this car for a couple of years now, and I had to recommission it as it had been sitting unused for quite a while before I bought it. I had it trailered up to The SL Shop in Redditch, who had worked on my old AMG 560SEC, and set them loose on it. All the fluids, filters, plugs, leads, sensors and gaskets were changed, drain holes unblocked, brakes unseized, and the delaminated windscreen replaced, with any body corrosion found along the way being eliminated and Waxoyled.” As is so often the way with cars of this vintage, the thing still refused to start after the engine had been refreshed, but Arfan’s speculative punt on a second-hand £500 ignition module paid off, and the thunderous 5.5-litre motor rumbled into life.

    Its AMG heads and cams give it a fair lick of urgency, and that leads us to an interesting chapter in the M-B/AMG relationship… The development of the W126 all occurred some time before Mercedes-Benz (or rather, DaimlerChrysler) took a controlling interest in AMG in 1990; before that, AMG Motorenbau und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH had operated as its own independent entity – an engineering firm specialising in tuning primarily Mercedes-Benz products. So unlike today, when it’s possible to walk into a Mercedes-Benz showroom and choose from a variety of official AMG models, it was more the case that an AMG W126 was a bespoke affair, looked on kindly by M-B but by no means officially sanctioned. They were hugely popular though, with AMG offering tuning options and body kits for all W126s – saloons, coupés, even limousines – as well as an ostentatious wide-body kit for the coupé.

    The AMG catalogue offers a rather boisterous look for the exterior of Arfan’s SEL, the skirts and spoilers making an already imposing car seem more than a little intimidating. “The body was treated to a full two-stage machine polish, and detailed over the course of two days to bring the original paint back to life,” he says. “The leather trim was all washed and refreshed too, and the engine bay was detailed by hand.” The level of fastidiousness really is quite phenomenal, and the interior is just about as plush as Richard Branson or classic-era Alan Sugar could have hoped for: heated seats all round with reclining rears, electric window blinds and curtains, a Motorola carphone for barking at minions with, and a Nakamichi stereo to drown out the tedium of the paupers outside.

    If there’s one thing that characterises this car above all else, it’s the stance. And we’re not talking ‘stance’ in the modern sense of millimetrically-precise fitment of arch-busting rims, but rather the timeless menace of a car sitting aggressively over beautifully finished wheels. It may seem like a contradiction in terms to talk about hunkering down a luxobarge limo into a more sporting gait, but it’s been pulled off to perfection here.

    The SEL came with the option of hydropneumatic self-levelling suspension, and Arfan’s modified his system to allow the car to sit lower on its Bilstein dampers and AMG springs – a neat and subtle touch, one for the Benz nerds to enjoy. And the crowning glory of the setup is the rolling stock. “I had the AMG wheels split open and refurbed, with the lips polished,” says Arfan. “The centres are colour-coded to the body, and the OZ fasteners have been gold-plated to match the badges.” And what would a car like this be without gold badges? What’s the point of rocking a row of zeroes on the bootlid if they don’t glint offensively in the sunlight?

    “This project has also provided a great outlet for me to bond with my father, and a lot of it is thanks to him,” Arfan enthuses. “It’s something we both enjoy, and also a chance for me to give something back to him and let him enjoy a car he had missed out on in his day, as they were too expensive while he was bringing up a young family and putting me through my education.

    It means a lot as it’s the sort of car he’d have dreamed of back in the eighties, but could never afford as they cost more than a house. It was a car he always admired, and it was actually one of his old bosses who got us acquainted with the owner of this SEL. You see, the car was originally unearthed by one of its previous owners who I managed to track down via forums; he’d found the car on a caravan site in Derbyshire looking sorry for itself and unloved, but studded with AMG goodies. When he trailered it home and started tearing into it, he discovered that it was no ordinary 560SEL, but in fact bore all the hallmarks of being a genuine AMG car; everything’s stamped with the correct markings, the V8’s a lot more potent than stock, it all seems to be legit.” This is where we came in, of course, with the car rescued by Arfan from another prolonged slumber, his old man’s contact greasing the wheels.

    “My initial plans for it were just to get the thing roadworthy, but I’m a bit obsessive about detailing and I can get carried away,” Arfan laughs. “I love having gleaming bodywork on all my cars, regardless of conditions; when I start cleaning my car in the morning, it can take all day.” You can see how that would be a particular problem with the SEL as it’s such a vast machine – surely the sheer acreage of steel would be enough to make him hanker for something more modest instead, like perhaps an SEC coupé? “Ah, well I’ve got a 560SEC already,” he says. “I wanted to have the key W126 models of the era, a matching set if you will, so there needed to be an SEL on the driveway. I love it too – it’s luxurious, it has a lot of presence, and it has real gangster appeal!” Well yes, you can’t really argue with that, can you?

    This all represents the latest in a long line of retro aspirations for Arfan, which makes the build all the more meaningful. Starting out with Japanese cars, from a kaleidoscope of Hondas to some extremely lairy Mitsubishi Evos, his overriding admiration for the three-pointed star has seen these affections coalesce into something more old-school as well as a hobby to act as a strong family bond. “It was always my plan to get into classic cars, as I preferred the way they look and drive, and they feel less plastic than modern cars, with less complications of sensors and electronics,” he asserts. “This car is more of a garage queen at present, only coming out in good weather and for weekend drives – and for special occasions, like shows or weddings.” And this makes perfect sense.

    With a collection of cool cars, why not keep the chairman of the board on its pedestal? Its specialness is what makes it what it is, so that’s a thing that needs to be maintained. Particularly if it takes all day to clean it. “I love seeing people’s reactions when I’m out and about in the SEL,” Arfan continues. “I guess most people are confused about what type of Mercedes this is due to the 1001SEL badge, and I get questions like ‘Is this a 10-litre?’. And this sheer curiosity it creates is what makes the car stand out more - oh yeah, and the V8 noise through the Remus pipes is pretty disruptive!”

    One thing’s for sure – there’s aggression simmering away behind that brash exterior that more than cashes the cheques written by the golden badges and broad, squat footprint. Just remember, Arfan isn’t a gangster, he’s a pharmacist. If he’s rolling through your neighbourhood, he’s not there to create mischief; he’s probably just got his dad reclining in the back, fielding business calls on the carphone. This thick slice of no-nonsense muscle is shrouded in a wellcut suit and, like a footballer who’s been to Ozwald Boateng, there’s nothing particularly subtle about it – but at the same time, it’s like a millpond: all seems serene from outside, but there are dangerous currents beneath. Just as an AMG SEL should be.

    “I love seeing people’s reactions… I guess most people are confused about what type of Mercedes this is due to the 1001SEL badge”

    Tables and curtains? Now that’s just showing off!

    There’s no denying that this SEL V126 is properly pimp.

    Specification #Mercedes-Benz-V126 / #Mercedes-Benz-W126 / #Mercedes-Benz / #Mercedes / #Mercedes-Benz-AMG-V126 / #Mercedes-Benz-AMG55-V126 / #Mercedes-Benz-1001SEL / #Mercedes-Benz-500SEL /

    ENGINE & TRANSMISSION: 5.5-litre V8, AMG cams, AMG heads, #Remus stainless steel exhaust system, fourspeed automatic transmission.

    CHASSIS: 17in #AMG 3-piece split rims with body-coloured centres, gold-plated #OZ fasteners and polished lips, 245/45 (front) Dunlop SP Sports and 265/45 (rear) Falkens, lowered AMG self-levelling hydropneumatic suspension with AMG springs and #Bilstein shocks, stock SEL brakes.

    EXTERIOR: AMG Series bodykit with SEC bumper modified to fit, colourcoded bumpers and chrome strips, gold-plated badges.

    INTERIOR: Cream leather heated seats with integrated walnut picnic tables, AMG leather steering wheel, AMG MPH dials, AMG wood trim option, reclining rear bench, electric window blinds, blue curtains, retro Motorola car phone, Nakamichi stereo system.

    THANKS: “I would like to thank my father for helping me source the car, and also the continued support he has given me in my crazy car projects since my days as a student”

    Stonking 5.5 V8 is an absolute beast.

    The ‘1001 badge is a kind of ‘in joke’ for Mercedes aficionados.

    “The body was treated to a full two-stage machine polish, and detailed over the course of two days”
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