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    NEW GT3 CUP REVEALED / News The latest news from the fast-paced #Porsche world. #Porsche-911-GT3-991.2 / #Porsche-911-GT3 / #Porsche-911-991 / #Porsche-991 / #Porsche-991.2 / #Porsche-911-GT3-Cup-991.2 / #2016 /

    Porsche’s new GT3 Cup car gives us a hint of what a road-going secondgeneration Porsche-991-GT3-991 might look like…

    Alongside the E-Hybrid and 919 Hybrid on the Porsche stand at the Paris Motor Show (right) was the brand-new secondgeneration 991 GT3 Cup racing car. The car has been completely reworked by the Porsche motorsport department to fall in line with the newest generation of production-style GT racing across the globe.

    An aluminium-steel composite construction ensures maximum rigidity and a lightweight body, resulting in the car weighing in at 1200kg. It is powered by a naturally aspirated four-litre flat-six producing 485hp and, thanks to a redesigned aerodynamics package, it is already producing faster lap times than its forebear, we’re told.

    This latest #Porsche-911-GT3-Cup car follows a string of successful variants, which started with the 996 in 1998 since which some 3031 units have been delivered. Significantly, the new car as shown at Paris hints at what a road-going face-lift car might look like. Completely redeveloped, this latest 911 GT3 Cup car will take to the starting grid of the world’s race tracks in #2017 . It features a range of innovative details designed to improve its efficiency and engine performance, ensuring increased durability and reduced maintenance costs.

    A valve drive with rigidly mounted rocker arms and a central oil feed are employed for the very first time. Alongside that an integrated oil centrifuge optimises oil defoaming in the engine, and a crankshaft with increased rigidity appears. On the outside a new front apron is joined by a fresh rear end to improve downforce aiding traction and performance. Talking of downforce, the car’s prominent 184cm-wide rear wing has been retained from the previous model.

    The wheel dimensions are also unchanged: the single-piece 18-inch rims with centre lock are shod with vast Michelin racing slicks. The driver is protected by a solid safety rollcage and an innovative, bucket-style racing seat that is moulded around the head and shoulder area. An enlarged rescue hatch in the roof sits in line with the latest FIA standards, making driver extraction in the event of an accident easier.

    The GT3 Cup is built on the same production line as the 911 road car at Zuffenhausen. Its tuning is performed at the Weissach motorsport centre, where vehicles are also thoroughly tested by a professional race driver prior to delivery to customers.

    As Porsche has built 3031 units of the 911 GT3 Cup (996, 997 and 991) since 1998, that makes it the most-produced GT racing car in the world. Initially the new car will appear in the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup series in support of the F1 calendar, in the Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland, and in North America before spreading to the rest of the world’s Porsche Cup championships, including the UK’s Carrera Cup GB, in #2018 .
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    BASE DESIRES #BMW E46 sedan #Chevrolet-Corvette engined GM-LS3

    Hailing from the Philippines, this wide-body, air-ride, #GM-LS3 V8-engined #E46 drift Saloon is about as wild as they come. From humble base model to a supercar-slaying saloon, we check out the ‘ #BM-Vette ’ that has put Philippines tuner, Car Porn Racing, on the map.

    There is a lot to be said for building a radical project around a base model car. For starters, poverty-spec cars are always the cheapest to buy because of their low-power engines, unadorned exteriors and parsimonious levels of interior trim. Some people may already see these as primary advantages, but the benefits run deeper than that. A lack of features also means that humble models are the lightest in the range; and as we should all know by now, the cheapest way to make your car go faster is to make it lighter. Let’s put some flesh on the bones of that statement. The entry-level E46 3 Series has a weight advantage of 120kg over the admittedly much more desirable #330i SE, a figure that would take an awful lot of effort to replicate through stripping-out and the fitment of lightweight, carbon fibre parts. Both cars share the same inherently capable chassis and equally fine build quality. And if your project is going to include an engine conversion then you can immediately ignore the fact that the #316i offers half the power of the six-cylinder version. Suddenly the little four-pot-powered #BMW-E46 is looking much more attractive.

    Perhaps this was why Ian King, serial car modifier and proprietor of the Philippines-based Car Porn Racing tuning outfit, suddenly started to covet his wife’s unassuming #E46-316i saloon. His head had recently been filled with dreams of creating a race-prepared but still street-friendly vehicle similar to a #Porsche-911-GT3 , and here was a rear-wheel drive machine that he already owned… but couldn’t yet pull the skin off a rice pudding.

    Ian’s solution to this issue involved a complete strip down, a stitch-welded chassis and the fitment of an all-encompassing roll-cage in a contrasting colour, just like a GT3. Pretty good so far. But then he chose to install a #General-Motors LS-series V8 E-Rod crate engine, a decision that may not please purists with an all-BMW persuasion, however it is hard to argue with the logic or end results. The LS may technically be classed as a pushrod engine but that tends to minimise its many other qualities, such as its light weight, compact size, aluminium construction and incredible power output – 436hp and 424lb ft in the case of the 6.2-litre LS3 version Ian sourced, the same unit found in late-model Chevrolet Corvettes.

    Though requisite products are available in the aftermarket to tackle this particular conversion, Ian made his own engine mounts. He also fabricated a slimmer sump to clear the front crossmember, reinforced the original subframe to cope with quadruple the power and torque, and had the foresight to buy a clever DeWitts radiator that incorporates all the engine’s cooling needs — water, oil and power steering — in a single unit to minimise visual complication under the bonnet. The BMW’s original CANbus wiring was whipped out and replaced with a standalone E-Rod ECU kit that simply controls the engine. During this process all traction control, anti-lock braking and stability management systems were deleted, leaving the car in the raw state needed for impromptu drift challenges. What little information Ian needs to keep an eye on is now displayed in a small collection of #VDO gauges.

    The gearbox accompanying the engine swap is Tremec’s highly-regarded TR-6060 six-speed manual, which also came from the Corvette. It was supported on custom mounts and connected to an #E46-M3 rear differential via a custom-length driveshaft with the right fixing on each end. Though BMW Motorsport offers alternative, shorter ratios for the differential, Ian stuck with the 3.62:1 gear set as the best compromise between engine revs and outright speed, while also tapping into the engine’s broad torque curve. Put it this way; with a free-flowing AEM intake and custom exhaust manifolds leading to a centre-exit Varex exhaust system, this setup is enough for Ian to claim a supercar-rivalling 4.3 second 0-62mph time and a 190mph top speed.

    With an hydraulic handbrake plumbed in and some half-decent wheels, tyres and suspension also fitted, this setup was more than enough to satiate Ian’s need for sideways speed. But then he started dreaming about the daring aero styling produced by Japanese scene-stealers such as Kei ‘Rocket Bunny’ Miura, RAUH-Welt Begriff and Liberty Walk. He wondered whether there was some way of remodelling the exterior so it was as dramatic to look at as it was to drive…

    So began the latest chapter in Ian’s wife’s long-forgotten 3 Series story. Out came the previous suspension setup, replaced with a high-tech AirRex air strut package with AccuAir digital ride height management. Essentially, it offers the best of both worlds – the 12-way damping performance of a coilover for optimum ride quality allied to the remote ride height adjustment of an airbag. Ground Control products then replaced the tie rods, bump stops and rear arms, Powerflex bushes were inserted to strengthen all major connection points, and Hotchkis anti-roll bars were used to link each side of the chassis.

    The aggressive widths and offsets (10.5x18” and ET-3 up front, 12x18” and ET-22 out back) of a set of gorgeous new Rotiform Classic BLQ split-rim alloys pushed the rims far outside the reach of the original bodywork. But as the plan was always to mimic the dramatic over-fender styling that is popular in Japan at the moment, Ian set to work extending the bodywork to perfectly hug the arc of the rolling stock. Foundation structures were laid in metal before the precise outer shape was carefully moulded directly on the car using a mixture of fibreglass and filler. Here, the four-door bodyshell put Ian at a distinct disadvantage, especially in the complex area of the rear quarter panel where the blistered arch has to incorporate the door opening. However, after examining the photos we think you will agree that the whole wide-body conversion has been incredibly well-integrated. The adoption of certain body swages has also been sympathetically carried out.

    Interestingly, the Midnight blue paintwork is not paint in the strictest sense of the word. Produced by Plasti Dip, it is an ingenious rubberised protective coating that has more in common with a vinyl wrap than a traditional paint job. Applied by spray gun, it looks like satin paint but can be peeled off at any time to reveal undamaged original paintwork underneath. Elements of the body have been ‘painted’ in a contrasting black colour, from the M3-style side grille to the door handles and even the tail pipe of the central-exit exhaust system.

    With so much effort put in to make this #BMW-E46-GM-V8 a master of both visual and physical disciplines, it has attracted great attention within the BMW scene and also put Ian’s Car Porn Racing business on the worldwide tuning map. However, the irony of this increasing workload is that Ian has had little free time to put his ‘BM-Vette’ through its paces. There’s evidently a thread of truth in this but we also happen to know that Ian simply cannot help making small, progressive refinements to the design, handling and usability. And that tends to keep it in the bodyshop when it could be out there smoking supercars. Look, Ian, stop thinking and get driving!


    ENGINE: GM LS3 6.2-litre V8, Corvette valve covers, AEM intake, custom fuel surge tank, swirl pot, fuel pressure regulator, custom Car Porn Racing manifolds, X-pipe with heat wrap, centre-exit Varex variable exhaust system custom black Plasti Dip tip, custom sump, custom engine mounts, GM E-Rod standalone ECU, DeWitts three-in-one radiator, custom steering shaft. TR-6060 six-speed manual transmission, #RAM-Street-Dual clutch kit, custom driveshaft, #E46-M3 rear differential.

    CHASSIS: 10.5x18” ET-3 (front) and 12x18” ET-22 (rear) Rotiform Classic BLQ forged threepiece split-rim alloys with polished lip and gold centres, with 245/40 (front) and 275/35 (rear) Nitto Invo tyres. Seamwelded bodyshell, weldin roll-cage, AirRex air bag coilover suspension, AccuAir e-Level air management with custom TMP2 setup, Hotchkis tubular anti-roll bars, Powerflex polyurethane bushes, Ground Control front tie rods with bump stops, Ground Control rear arms, custom transmission mounts with damper, reinforced subframe mounts. Stoptech big brake kit, custom twin-caliper rear handbrake, braided brake lines.

    EXTERIOR: Car Porn Racing custom wide-body conversion (bumpers, side skirts, arch flares), Car Porn Racing chin spoiler, Car Porn Racing bonnet, Car Porn Racing boot lid, Plasti Dip Midnight blue respray, blue angel eyes, 4000k yellow foglights, black carbon badges, LED rear lenses.

    INTERIOR: Recaro reclining seats, Simpsons five-point harnesses, Momo Drift steering wheel, KSport hydraulic handbrake, Corvette eight-ball gear knob, VDO gauges (speedo, tacho, water temperature, fuel, oil temperature, oil pressure), remote control for Varex exhaust, custom alloy doorcards with leather wraps and racing handles.

    CONTACT: Car Porn Racing (www. carpornracing. com)
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