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    1971-Mercedes-Benz-280-SL Gooding & Co, Amelia Island, USA 9 March / #1971-Mercedes-Benz-280SL-W113 / #1971 / #Mercedes-Benz-280SL / #Mercedes-Benz-280SL-W113 / #Mercedes-Benz-W113 / #Mercedes-Benz-SL / #Mercedes-Benz /

    It’s dark red with Cognac MB-Tex vinyl, a hardtop and a new soft top. It has the desirable four-speed manual ’box and Becker Mexico radio. The body was restored ten years ago, the interior was refreshed more recently. It looks to be a solid example and a good driver. So, what is it worth? We’ve seen this phenomenon before, the sudden price spike followed by a settling-down in value, and it’s been happening a lot with the W113 ‘ #Mercedes-Benz-Pagoda ’ SLs built from 1963 to 1971. The spike usually happens at a high-profile auction, where lots of potential bidders see it and it takes hold, for a while. Great examples of the SL reliably sold in the $50,000-60,000 range for years, then suddenly they were making over $100,000. One year later, they were back at $60,000-80,000, less for 230s and 250s, more for 280s. What has happened?

    Simple economics. It’s a supply-and-demand issue. Higher prices not only bring more attention to the make and model, they also bring more cars to market. The car that was not for sale when it was worth ‘only’ $50,000 might just be for sale when the seller is reasonably expecting twice that price. More examples will also get restored as it becomes more financially viable. Supply goes up but demand remains the same – or edges up, at best.

    Right now we are in that second part of the sales cycle. A large number of W113s are on the market so values are a bit down, especially for examples less than pristine. It’s time to take advantage of the market and buy on the dip. As for our Cognac SL, it sold for a good-value $66,000. Point proved.

    Dave Kinney is an auction analyst, an expert on the US market scene and publishes the Hagerty Price Guide / BRIAN HENNIKER
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    / #1965-Mercedes-Benz-23SL-W113 vs. #1977-Mercedes-Benz-350SL-R107 / #1995-Mercedes-Benz-SL320-R129 / #2000-Mercedes-Benz-SLK230K / #Mercedes-Benz / #Mercedes-Benz-R170 and #2003-Mercedes-Benz-SL55-AMG-R230 / #Mercedes-Benz-SL / #Mercedes-Benz-R230 / #Mercedes-Benz-R170 / #2000-Mercedes-Benz-SLK230K-R170 / #Mercedes-Benz-SLK230K-R170 / #Mercedes-Benz-R107 / #Mercedes-Benz-350SL-R107 / #Mercedes-Benz-350SL / #Mercedes-Benz-R129 / #Mercedes-Benz-R230 / #Mercedes-Benz-SL320-R129 / #Mercedes-Benz-SL320 / #Mercedes-Benz-SLK230 / #Mercedes-Benz-W113

    It’s not always possible to live your life by the sentiments in song lyrics, but choosing the right car can help…

    Whenever I find myself driving a #Mercedes SL, the chorus to Joe Walsh’s Life’s Been Good lows around inside my head. Ignoring the fact that the song is a satirical play on the challenges of being a rock star, my brain hijacks that lyric and easy-going vibe because it crystalises the overwhelming sense of wellbeing that I absorb from the well-hewn cabin, confident surge of power and predictable dynamics. What’s remarkable is that for each generation of #SL from the Seventies R107 onwards, life doesn’t have to have been exceptionally good for you to afford one now. #SLK aside, these were all mightily expensive cars when new, and even the baby SL was no one’s idea of a bargain. Fortunately for us, their prioritisation of civilised and swift touring over hardcore sporting pretensions has allowed them to be gently overlooked by the market, and that includes the ‘ #Mercedes-Benz-Pagoda#Mercedes-Benz-230SL-W113 . I won’t make the case for it actually being cheap, but compare it to a Jaguar E-type Series 1 and you’ll see what I mean.

    So, curiosity got the better of us – just how much Mercedes SL wellbeing can you buy for how little, and which variants of the numerous generations are looking better value than the rest? Our student of the market, Russ Smith, went after the answers with his usual terrier-like zeal, and came back with more than he expected. This is a man who lives under the spell of zesty Italian sports cars, but he returned enthusing about how much he’d enjoyed pushing the SLs through some testing sequences of corners, dips and crests.

    I expected the younger guys in the office to be less excited, but reined dynamics and the power of the three-pointed star resonate strongly with new generations of enthusiasts whose expectations of painless car ownership are rather higher than ours. We can’t expect SLs to remain such good value for ever.

    In the meantime we can rewind Life’s Been Good and play it out once more.

    Enjoy the issue.

    Across several generations, the Mercedes SL has always offered luxury, reliability and panache. These variants are the best value
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    Introducing the latest addition to the famous #Mercedes-Benz “SL” series-the 230 SL / #Mercedes-Benz-W113 SL #Pagoda / #Mercedes-Benz-SL-W113 / #Mercedes-Benz-Pagoda / #1964 #USA ads / #Mercedes-Benz-230SL-W113

    It has the bloodlines of international champions, the heritage of greatness. The new 230 SL, with fuel injection, will pin you deep into the seat — up to 125 miles an hour. Yet it is much more than a sports roadster! Here is a versatile two-seater with planned spaciousness for touring. Comfort is sumptuous, appointments are impeccable. And the 230 SL is really two cars in one, for this roadster becomes a snug coupe just by snapping a detachable hard top in place — without even the bother of removing the soft top! The new #Mercedes-Benz-230SL adds new brilliance to the silver, three-pointed star. Why not phone your Mercedes-Benz dealer?

    • 170 HP, 6 cylinders, fuel injection
    • 9.3 to 1 compression ratio
    • Power disc brakes on front wheels
    • Mercedes-Benz low pivot swing axle
    • Floor-mounted 4 speed transmission
    • Automatic transmission optional
    • Permanent soft top, snap-on hard top
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    The #Mercedes-Benz-SL-Pagoda-W113 / #Mercedes-Benz-W113 / #Mercedes-Benz-Pagoda / #Mercedes-Benz-SL / #Mercedes-Benz

    It is not surprising that now the "Pagoda" is the first choice of many fans. A constructive elegance premium quality is added. Of course, we must be careful and evaluate well the chosen unit, if we want to avoid unpleasant surprises.

    Since its introduction at the Geneva Motor Show #1963 Mercedes-Benz-W113 type, popularly known as " #Pagoda " was a resounding success for the critics and the public. Its balanced forms, topped by the characteristic and versatile hardtop, mixed with equal parts art -of time- modernity and elegance. In addition, since the first series 230 SL, it was much more powerful than its predecessor, the 190 SL, took advantage of the engine as the 220 SE saloon, but suitably tweaked to yield 150bhp DIN. At the time of submission cost 40,000 Swiss francs, similar to the Jaguar E-Type, in contrast to recent Mercedes 190 SL were sold for only 28,500 FCH figure. To get an idea, the last 300 SL (3-liters and 215bhp) cost 48,000 FCH, a figure not too far to the "small" Pagoda.

    The press of the time called it "the most stable of world production car," so the German technicians too soon improve, and already in 1966 introduced the 250 SL, with resulting engine 250 SE sedan and rear disc brakes. It only lasted two years (1966-1968). In 1967 it had appeared the 280 SL, which already yielding 170bhp and included in option ZF five-speed.

    The expert opinion also calls into question the quality Pagoda. For right Nuno Gama Juan Lumbreras -Hand, "It was a car that was born a little too advanced for its time. Maybe 15 years advantage over the competition. But it has been slow to appreciate. Perhaps it was precisely this sense of modernity! Any driver of a car could now sit behind the wheel of a Pagoda and not notice major differences in performance. " Such is the quality of this model, according to Nuno, "almost all who come to the workshop Pagoda has happened much- time ago now being repaired, both sheet metal and mechanics. But to continue to function and acceptable appearance, many homeowners are unaware of the need for a review, and thus 90% of those in the market today need complete restoration work. " In this respect -of Garage Nicolas Regis, Madrid-based company specializing in Mercedes-Benz classics, he argues that "the current upward price trend is due in part to the security provided by the certified professional to assess, restore, buy or sell vehicle. This evolution has also enabled the restoration costs are absorbed in the hypothetical sales price of the vehicle; that is, it is now possible to restore a Pagoda professionally because a unit in perfect condition is clearly above € 125,000. Previously, the cost of restoring a complete car could far exceed its market value "Elaborating on its listing, the Pagoda have experienced one of the most dazzling increases in the sector, but always with one common denominator:. The most valued are the versions 280 SL, and within these 17% those equipped with manual shift versus automatic are listed. Ten years ago 280 SL in a state of competition is valued according to the guide "Miller" between 46,000 and 55,000 €. In recent months a whole galaxy of "pagodas" has come to auction: RM-Sotheby's has sold between January and March several units 280 SL between 123,200 and $ 181,500.

    Bonhams held last March its traditional auction at the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, and there three Pagoda 280 SL were awarded. The more expensive under the hammer at 104,000 €, while the cheaper it did in 48,340. Why the difference? First, it was an automatic model and specifications USA-different lights and direction indicators on the large side, less appreciated in Europe but also its status, although it was good, had a great room for improvement. "This price increase has been accompanied by a deeper knowledge of the buyer assures, and a demand for increasing quality. The market is now very selective and the difference between "best" and the rest is abysmal. "

    Regis strike this line: "The Pagoda are good investment, but it is important to value every car in the right measure and estimate what repairs need to establish its market price. Many clients ask me why 40,000-50,000 price € 125,000 to 150,000 € and other cars that apparently are just as well. The answer is always the same: embedded value and reliability. Vehicles have to check in every respect, and its market price has to be consistent with their actual status or what you will need in the short, medium or long term, guarantee that our market is provided only by accredited professionals ".

    To be a reliable and robust model, many owners have neglected their maintenance
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