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    “Who said diesels are boring?” asks Tim. Looking at his 330d we can safely say that his certainly isn’t. It’s clear from the off that this isn’t your average 330d and Tim says he’s spent a little fortune on his E46, though we reckon it’s been worth it. With the M57D30 having so much potential it’s no surprise to learn that a lot of that fortune has found its way into the engine bay, with impressive results. There’s a bigger custom FMIC with custom 3” hard pipes and a 3” downpipe from the turbo which connects up to a 3” exhaust system. Tim’s also added a custom induction kit, which he made himself and which required the washer bottle to be relocated. The whole lot is topped-off with a remap, resulting in a very impressive 256hp and a massive 420lb ft of torque, making for some serious performance.

    On the suspension front, this E46 rides on FK lowering springs, with a 30mm drop up front and 45mm at the rear. Deep-dish Calibre 18s with 15mm front and 12mm rear spacers sort the stance. On the outside the car’s been treated to a partial camo wrap, with a vinyl wrap on the inside. A set of three additional gauges finish it off.
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    With its camo wrap, DTM-inspired styling and 360hp, this E61 535d Touring is one hell of a way to get the dogs to the park. With silly styling and equally silly power, this bonkers DTM-inspired Finnish 535d Touring is about as far removed from a sensible family estate as you can imagine. Words: Elizabeth de Latour. Photos: Jape Tiitinen.

    Tourings are cool, of that there can be no doubt, but they’re ultimately pretty sensible beasts, especially in diesel form. Wouldn’t it be great if someone built an absolutely mental wagon with off-the- wall styling and something naughty under the bonnet? Well, someone has and his name is Tommi Väyrynen.

    In his early 30s, Tommi is of the age where many people would likely be considering a Touring because they’ve got at least one child either on the way or already present. In fact, his motives for purchasing a capacious estate were dog-based but the principle is the same. What he’s ended up with, however, is one hell of a dog-to-park-delivery system, and the end result is all the more astonishing because he never actually intended to modify it. However, with a long list of extensively modified cars behind him, that thought was about as futile as attempting to keep a Labrador out of a muddy puddle. Not. Going. To. Happen.

    Hailing from Scandinavia, it is perhaps not surprising to learn that Tommi cut his motoring teeth on a Volvo 340 DL with a mighty Renault 1.4 under the bonnet and while it was fine summer transportation it was not so great in the winter, though likely not for the reasons you’re probably thinking of: “That is a problem of living here in north, the carburettor always froze and jammed!” he exclaims. The modifying began with this sturdy brown Volvo and continued with a Merc 190E and an extremely rare Merc E50 Lorinser before he saw the light and decided to see what Bavarian metal had to offer.

    The need for dog transportation guided his hand towards an E61 and a desire to sample the twin-turbo M57 cemented his engine choice with the 535d. This particular example came very well-spec’d, with the aptly-named Comfort seats and HUD to scratch the surface. Those first summer months were great, Tommi and his E61 enjoying the Finnish countryside together with the dogs, but come the harsh winter the E61 decided it had had enough of being reliable. “The starter stopped working, the auxiliary heating did not work, the glow plugs did not work, the battery was bad, the trunk wiring was also dead. I had to do a lot of repairing…” he says, in what might be the understatement of the year. But where a lesser man might have faltered, Tommi persevered, fixed everything and that’s when the modifying that he had no intention of doing began.

    As modifying was never on the cards, there was no plan and things just sort of happened, like the engine mods: “When I bought the car it had an engine tuning chip and because of that the exhaust manifold broke and that is where all it started,” grins Tommi. “We needed to change the manifold so at same time, when turbos were on the table, I made the wastegates as big as they could be. At the same time we also lost the cats and after that we go rid of the DPF as well.” Well, if you’re halfway to gutting your exhaust system you might as well go all the way!

    “The car then went for tuning, with my friend making the software for it, and after that we installed the biggest intercooler we could behind the front bumper.” That has now been painted red because, really, no part of this car wants to be discreet. “It now makes 380hp and 627lb ft of torque and it sounds like a truck. I love it!” he grins. The benefits of all that power and torque are obvious: it means you can get to the park extra quickly for more doggy playtime, and you can also do massive smokey burnouts, which is always fun.

    However, all of this plays second fiddle to the way the thing looks. There are no two ways about it, it’s absolutely mental and, love it or hate it, it’ll make you look. Tommi took inspiration for the car’s styling from Jon Olsson’s wide-body, 1000hp Audi RS6 which, at its wildest, was even more flat-out bonkers than Tommi’s concoction. This E61 is a faithful recreation on a marginally more sensible scale: “When I saw a picture of Jon’s car I knew straight away what I wanted to do. Me and my friend drew the shapes for the graphics and another friend cut the strips at his workshop. We wrapped the car and installed M5 grilles in the front arches. We made those DTM spoilers from plastic in my own garage and then wrapped then in carbon film; we had no problems with any of the bodywork but the best thing to have when you’re modifying a car is good friends as they can help you.”

    The graphics are definitely the first thing on this 535d that gets your attention, and they’re certainly not shy, but neither are the outlandish aerodynamic addenda. They are headed up by that big front lip that extends out past the bumper and is held up by two bright red supports. This is then joined by a pair of dangerous-looking canards on either side of the bumper. The side blades that extend out from the sills have winglets at their front and rear edges while at the rear there’s a diffuser with some seriously aggressive vertical slats. The whole lot is then topped off with a roof box. In stark contrast to the exterior mayhem, the interior has been kept stock, but then again there’s nothing to complain about when it comes to black leather wrapped around Comfort seats and the aluminium cube interior trim.

    While in the past Tommi has been more than happy to slam his cars into the ground, with the Touring he wanted to keep things marginally more sensible. “I’m getting old!” he laughs. “My Lorinser Merc had just 6cm (just over 2”) of ground clearance but this has 12cm (just under 5”) and not only is it so much more comfortable but you can also drive faster,” and that’s probably the best reason for not absolutely dropping your car that we could possibly think of. “The suspension is actually only the M Sport suspension but with new shocks,” he continues. This isn’t much but it’s enough as this car is hardly riding like it’s on stilts, with what little arch gap there is certainly nothing to be ashamed of, especially with those 20s bolted to the car. The dubs in question are TSW Mirabeaus, measuring 9” wide up front and 10.5” at the rear, and they really look fantastic on the car. “I have had wheels with big lips before but now I wanted something different so the concave design was my choice,” says Tommi. He chose wisely as they are the perfect size and the ideal style, with the twin five-spoke design really working a treat on the Touring.

    It’s a mad concoction, this, though the car that inspired it was completely unhinged so it’s all relative, really, and what’s actually the most likely thing to raise your eyebrows to the edge of your hairline is just how positive a reaction Tommi’s Touring has received upon its unveiling. “I took it to a few shows and with the #DTM look I won the ‘Best Euro Car’ award from the first show. People really like this car, I think. On the Finnish Bimmer enthusiast forum,, my build thread has been read 16,000 times and no one had anything bad to say. I was quite surprised,” he chuckles, “but happy.”

    He’s really happy with the car too, though there is one thing he’d like to add… “More power!” he grins, and that makes perfect sense because if you’re building a mad car you might as well make sure it’s completely off its rocker…

    TECHNICAL DATA FILE #BMW-E61 / #BMW-535d-DTM / #BMW-535d-E61 / #BMW-535d / #BMW-535d-DTM-E61 / #BMW-5-Series / #BMW-5-Series-E61 / #BMW-5-Series-Touring / #BMW-5-Series-Touring-E61 / #BMW-535d-Touring / / #BMW-535d-Touring-E61 / #M57D30TU / #M57D30 / #M57 / #BMW-M57 / #TSW

    ENGINE AND TRANSMISSION 3.0-litre twin-turbo diesel #M57D30TU , bigger wastegates, de-cat, #DPF delete, bigger intercooler, remap, six-speed automatic gearbox / #ZF6HP / 380hp, 627lb ft

    CHASSIS 9x20” (front) and 10.5x20” (rear) #TSW-Mirabeau concave wheels with 245/35 (front) and 275/30 (rear) Aeolus tyres, M Sport suspension

    EXTERIOR Camo wrap, carbon front grilles, custom DTM spoilers, M5 arch grilles with M535d badges, rolled arches, roof box

    INTERIOR Standard Comfort seats, standard aluminium M Sport trim, auxiliary audio jack

    THANKS Backwoods Customs (

    “It now makes 380hp and 627lb ft of torque and it sounds like a truck!”

    “The best thing to have when you’re modifying a car is good friends”
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    This trio of tastefully modified E46 Tourings demonstrates that a limited budget and daily duties doesn’t need to mean dull. Tourings are cool, no doubt about that, and some choice mods can make all the difference as this tasty trio demonstrates. Words: Elizabeth de Latour. Photos: Steve Hall.

    KOS LOIZOU E46 BMW 330i M Sport

    We begin this tale of Tourings with Kos and his 330i, mainly because he’s the one who got in touch asking if we’d be interested in featuring three Tourings, and who wouldn’t?

    “I’ve been into BMs since I was 18,” Kos tells me, “and for the last 15 years I’ve owned nothing but. I’ve had E30s, E36s, an E34 for a month and an E39, which was replaced by this. The #E39 was a cracking car which I owned for two and a half years and there was no reason to sell it, but I fancied a change and wanted a Touring. I had three in a row previously and they are very practical dailies – I have German Shepherds and do detailing on the side, so the space is useful. “I started looking at E39 Tourings, but I couldn’t find the right one, so switched to E46s. I wanted an oddball, not something in silver or blue and spotted this Individual Techno violet one on eBay. It had 149k miles, was a two-owner car with full history and was exactly what I wanted – a manual M Sport with leather. When I went to have a look at it, I saw it was nice so I did the deal and drove it home.” That was 18 months ago and in that time the Touring has gone from being bone stock to tastefully modified, as have all three of these cars.

    “Everything gets blessed,” laughs Kos, “by which I mean every car I’ve owned has been modified. I knew I was going to have to do the suspension, the wheels needed a refurb and it needed some tyres. I started looking around for wheels – ACS and Hartge in particular – but people were asking too much and then I came across these Racing Dynamics 18s, brand-new and boxed for £500. I drove to Luton that day to collect them! On the suspension front I’ve got an H&R Sport Cup kit, and new top mounts and ARB links. I’ve carried out an OE xenon retrofit as I couldn’t be doing with candles.

    “I’ve also fitted a genuine #Alpina B3 exhaust and manifold and had the car remapped to 244hp. You can really feel the difference – it breathes better at high rpm and into three-figure speeds it pulls harder. I’d originally just wanted an exhaust, nothing too loud, but when I saw this exhaust and manifold for £350, I snapped it up. I’ve also got a Racing Dynamics carbon fibre engine cover – I pestered someone who had one to sell it to me until he did,” he chuckles. “I’ve fitted Mintex pads and discs and rebushed the whole car six months ago; the fast road suspension setup I’ve got is good but the car is crying out for a Quaife diff now, and that’s next on the list, though I’ve also got some brackets for BMW’s six-pot callipers, so I’d love to get a set of those on at some stage.

    “I can’t lose sight of the fact that this is a daily,” he continues, “but I’m really pleased with how capable it is – all three us of have been to the ’Ring together with our Tourings.” So any thoughts of moving on?

    Kos pauses to ponder. “I like the #E91 Tourings, the same as Alan and Daryl, but I know where I am with this car and nothing really goes wrong. Better the devil you know, as they say. I’ve also got my #E24 6 Series, Compact and an #E30 M3, so I’ve got other cars that need attention and am happy with the E46 for the time being.”


    “I remember seeing an ACS S3 Touring in #BMW drive-MY clubs and used that as the inspiration for my Touring”

    “I’ve always been into BMWs,” begins Daryl, “and I’ve been driving E30s for over 20 years. My brother had an #E21 #323i years ago and my first was an E30 #318i Lux Touring and plenty more followed, including an E30 M3 which I’ve owned for 14 years now. I was looking around for a new daily and a Touring seemed like a good choice, so I got some money together and bought this ’51 plate #E46 seven years ago. I had always liked the E46, especially the 330d as an M Sport, so it made sense as a daily driver.

    “I bought it completely bog standard but I’ve modified every car I’ve ever owned and I enjoy making them my own. Within a week I’d changed the wheels and had coilovers on order,” he says with a grin. “I had two sets of 19” BBS reps on the car previously, LMs and LMRs, but I decided to look for something else – I had three-piece ACS Type II Racing wheels on my E30 M3 and got into #ACS so I started looking for a set for the Touring and managed to source these 18” Type IIIs virtually brand-new.” The Type III is a greatlooking wheel, arguably one of Schnitzer’s best and the company clearly felt the same way as its Type VIII has more than a hint of this classic wheel about it. The Type III seems to work well on just about any car, and with those slender spokes extending right out to the edges of the wheel, it always looks bigger than it is.

    “I remember seeing an ACS S3 Touring in #BMW drive-MY groups and used that as the inspiration for my Touring. I’ve fitted an ACS strut brace and exhaust pipe trim and on the performance front I’ve had the car remapped, fitted a Sprint Booster, had a primary de-cat carried out, the swirl flaps have been removed and I’ve also got an EGR bypass. With all that it’s got about 240hp and it feels pretty rapid. I’ve also upgraded the audio, nothing over the top, just a few improvements so I can enjoy my music a bit more.” Around 240hp is plenty to be getting on with and it never fails to impress that you can pick up a 330d like this for not a lot of money, get a decent turn of speed from it and still be able to enjoy surprisingly good fuel economy.

    “On the suspension front my first choice when I bought the car was a FK Konigsport coilover kit. It was good but over the years the rear suspension started to sag and the FKs started to leak, so I got some H&R Cup springs and a set of Bilstein B8 dampers. I’ve kept the FKs up front for now as they’re okay but I’ve been really impressed with the new setup, it’s better for the money.

    “I looked at an E91 335d a few years ago but it was too expensive while the 330d wasn’t different enough to make me want to change. I could go for a 335d now, but to be honest, I’m more than happy with this so why go changing? It’s gone from 89k miles to 205k miles and I’ve really looked after it, it wants for nothing. It’s not worth selling, but to me it’s worth £20,000…” and that’s something we can all relate to.


    “I’m happy with the car, there’s nothing else I want to do to it so I will just enjoy it”

    “I’ve been into BMWs since the ’90s,” Alan tells me. “I started out with a an E30 #325i Sport with a few mods, then I got into Hartge and ended up doing a H26, then a 2.7 conversion, and then I found out about Kevin Bird importing the H36 E30. I traded in the E30 and bought one, which I’ve still got today and it’s very rare. I bought the 330d as a replacement for a Punto five years ago as a daily and I wasn’t even thinking of doing any mods on it but obviously that didn’t last. The first thing I did was a remap, which got me around 220hp, but it’s only been in the last year or two that I’ve really started modifying the car.”

    Much like the other two Tourings that make up this trio, Alan hasn’t gone mad with the mods, but he has ended up with a very nice #E46 indeed. “After the remap, I started looking around for a suspension kit. I bought an H&R Cup kit but the car was even lower than Kos’, so I ended up changing the springs so the car would sit higher as I live in London and have to deal with speed bumps! I also fitted a Quaife diff, though for me it’s more for safety – it would struggle to put the power down before but now I can accelerate with confidence knowing it’s got more traction. I’ve got a Hartge Accelerator Booster, which is like a Sprint Booster – I fitted it after the remap and I’m happy with it, the combination of the two definitely makes the car feel a lot more responsive.

    “The wheels are 18” Hartge Classics which I had on my H36; I swapped them over for the originals and decided to put the Hartges on the E46 and I think they look really good on the car.” We’re inclined to agree – Hartge’s multi-spoke design is, well, a classic and the two-piece wheels look absolutely spot-on on the E46, especially with a nice drop. Despite the higher springs, Alan’s car isn’t exactly what you’d call high and sits perfectly. As far as nicely modified dailies go, this Touring is a winner in our eyes and while Alan’s not gone overboard, he’s done just enough to make a difference.

    So, after five years of E46 ownership, is he getting itchy feet? “I’ve got no plans to sell the car right now,” he says with a nod. “I’d like an E91 335d when the time and price are right,” echoing the sentiments of Daryl and Kos, “but I will see how it goes. For now, I’m happy with the car, there’s nothing else I want to do to it so I will just enjoy it.” Sounds like a good plan to me.


    ENGINE & TRANSMISSION: 2.9-litre straight-six #M57TUD30 , remap to 220hp, five-speed automatic gearbox.
    CHASSIS: 8.5x18” (front and rear) Hartge Classic wheels with 225/40 (front) and 255/35 (rear) Pirelli P Zero tyres, H&R Cup Kit, Quaife ATB LSD.

    EXTERIOR: Standard Topaz blue.

    INTERIOR: Standard interior with grey leather.

    THANKS: Kevin Bird Garages, Tony Payne’s Bodyshop, Jason at BW Chiptune, C-Unit for detailing.

    ENGINE & TRANSMISSION: 2.9-litre straightsix #M57D30 , Pipercross air filter, EGR bypass, swirl flap conversion, primary de-cat, Emaps remap to 240hp, Sprint Booster, five-speed automatic gearbox.

    CHASSIS: 8.5x18” (front and rear) AC Schnitzer Type III wheels with 225/40 (front) and 255/35 (rear) tyres, FK front coilovers, H&R Cup springs and Bilstein B6 dampers rear, ACS strut brace.

    EXTERIOR: ACS mirrors, exhaust trim.

    INTERIOR: ACS gear selector, retrimmed steering wheel with ACS badges, upgraded front and rear speakers, Focal 10” sub box, upgraded BM54 unit, upgraded amps, digital TV module upgrade.

    ENGINE & TRANSMISSION: 3.0-litre straightsix #M54B30 , full Alpina B3 exhaust and manifold, remap, Racing Dynamics carbon engine cover, 244hp and 233lb ft, five-speed manual gearbox.

    CHASSIS: 8x18” (front and rear) Racing Dynamics RD2 wheels with 225/40 (front) and 245/35 (rear) Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 tyres, H&R Sport Cup Kit, full rebushed, fast road geometry setup.

    EXTERIOR: Factory Individual in Techno violet, Factory Hi Gloss Shadowline trim, xenon retrofit, smoked side repeaters, LED side lights, foglights and numberplate lights, gloss black kidney grilles with Techno violet insert.

    INTERIOR: Individual Yellow Exclusive leather, Individual Poplar Natural Wood trim, Alpine speaker upgrade and iPod connection.

    THANKS: Dips at The Custom Cars, David at GSB motors Park Royal, Jason at BW Chiptune, C-Unit.
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