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    Paul Oz French impressionist inspires #F1 portraits / #Paul-Oz /

    Thick impasto oil paint worked entirely with a palette knife is the dramatic style of Paul Oz. The technique gives his portraits a presence that’s attracted interest since he decided to focus on art in 2009.

    After a tough start, the artist now has an international following with many works hanging in the homes and offices of the personalities who have inspired him. “Automotive subjects make up about half of my output,” says Oz, who recently returned from an exhibition during the Mexican Grand Prix. “It was great to display alongside local artists who had a really fresh style.”

    His likenesses have attracted the interest of the rich and famous: “Jenson Button’s mum discovered one of my paintings through Facebook and bought it. James Hunt’s family has also been very enthusiastic.

    A face with striking features is the key for Oz: “I’ve yet to attempt Fernando-Alonso but he’s someone I’d like to do. Unlike many modern stars, the Spanish ace has great character. The oldest driver I’ve painted is Sir Stirling Moss. It’s always a challenge to capture the likeness because you have to get it 100% right. Painting animals on safari makes a relaxing break from the pressure of portraits. Commissions keep me busy, but I’d like the time to choose my own subjects.”

    From an early age, Oz always enjoyed drawing but was pushed into physics and maths at school. After studying aeronautical engineering, a career developed in IT before he eventually switched to art. “I started out with acrylics but became frustrated by the flat tones,” he says. “Oils are much more inspiring.

    I liked to copy Monet when I was a kid, and maybe my impasto style stems from that. I begin with a black canvas and work up the highlights. No brushes are used.”

    Commissions start from £5000. For more details, visit or e-mail

    Clockwise, from left: #Jack-Brabham ; dramatic rendition of #Ayrton-Senna in his iconic yellow and green helmet; the three-times World Champion looks to the sky in this intense study.

    Clockwise, from above: #1976 World Champion #James-Hunt ; #Jenson-Button depicted in the pink helmet that he wore in #2014 to commemorate his late father; remarkable likeness of #Stirling-Moss .
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    #Jenson-Button of the changes in the #regulations

    Jenson Button believes that the changes are aimed at increasing the entertainment must first of all be a challenge for the drivers, and then the fans will be interested...

    Jenson Button: "What I would like to change? Increase the mechanical grip, add aerodynamic downforce with the help of the bottom rather than splashes. It would be a step in the right direction. It is important that the riders enjoyed by piloting and then the fans will like it. For me it is a key point of our sport.

    I do not believe that now is a bad race, but the idea of ​​increasing the speed of cars in turns seems to me to be successful, if it does not hurt to fight. Need to increase mechanical grip and work with the aerodynamics to make getting into the airflow behind the other machines are not complicated overtaking."
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    Again, contracts and rumors about the transition

    Summer - the traditional time to talk about transitions. So far only confirmed the composition of the Sauber for next season, with several long-term contracts of pilots, but over the past two months, new and very interesting rumors ...

    Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One Team

    The composition of the champion team is unlikely to change. Contracts with #Hamilton and Rosberg confirmed the likelihood of change is purely hypothetical.

    Scuderia Ferrari

    The Ferrari refuse to discuss the rumors about the future of #Kimi-Raikkonen, confirming only that soon the time comes the decision. After ten Grand Prix Kimi inferior Sebastian 84 points in the standings. Who can replace Finn, if the team does not renew the contract?

    One of the candidates - Nico, but the probability of such a development is extremely low. It is rumored that the fall of the 2013th Ferrari Sauber telemetry received from the German performances, which for some reason they are not completely arranged - so if the contract was not signed.

    A more obvious candidate - Valtteri Bottas, there were even rumors that the driver of the Scuderia offers 4 million euros compensation, but Williams insists 15 million.

    Several times was called the name of Max Verstappen, but now the Red Bull do not need compensation, and the following year the cost could increase rider.

    There is a youth academy Scuderia drivers, but great success in recent years they have not sought.

    Infiniti Red Bull Racing and Scuderia Toro Rosso

    The team owned by Red Bull, have repeatedly occurred unpredictable changes, much depends on the position of #Helmut-Marko and situation with motors Renault. However, usually reshuffle happened after two full seasons, and Daniil Kvyat spends in Red Bull Racing's first season as the two debutant in the Toro Rosso.

    The probability of transitions in these teams is small, but the talk that Dietrich-Mateschitz loses interest in #Formula-1 can not be ignored. However, after the Austrian Grand Prix was no such statements.

    Williams Martini Racing

    Recently, there were rumors about a possible move to #Williams Novel, And if the team will leave Valtteri Bottas, the French pilot will replace it, and if the Finn will - #Felipe-Massa

    However, there is Alex Lynn, who is now working on the simulator and acts GP2 - Claire Williams speaks highly of its potential.

    The team did not comment on the situation with the pilots repeatedly heard allegations that Williams pleased with staff and wanted to keep it.

    McLaren Honda

    Another team, in which the situation with contracts is not quite obvious. Part of the reason is a disappointing start of the season - two more than the world champion fighting with machines than with rivals - a lot depends on how the rest of the second half of the season.

    Rumor #Jenson-Button could finish his career by becoming the new leading Top Gear. If a vacancy occurs, it almost certainly will take Stoffel Vandorn dominating this season in GP2. However, Kevin Magnussen also did not lose hope.

    Force India F1 Team

    Sponsors #Sergio-Perez are making a significant contribution to the financing of the team in the past year the team has signed a multi-year contract with him, so that if Mexicans do not get a better offer, it is likely to remain.

    About the length of the contract with Nico team not to make statements - in October last year it was only confirmed for 2015 minutes, but in the case of a German continuation of cooperation depends more on his future plans. Say, Nico close to getting to the next year to fully focus on endurance racing.


    The #Sauber confirmed the composition before the summer break. Felipe Nasr and Marcus Erickson will remain in the team.


    The #Lotus is very possible change of ownership. Pastor Maldonado makes a major contribution to the financing of the team, and until PDVSA will continue funding his performances, without a contract, he will not.

    The name of his running mate depends on the position of the new owner, if the team will still be sold. While for Lotus issue with the riders is not too urgent - there is a more serious problem.


    Probably in the #Manor still be able to finish this season, thanks to last year's prize for the points in Monaco Jules Bianchi, but should not there be funding for the next year - the big question.

    If the team will continue to exist, problems with pilots having a relatively small sponsorship package will not arise.

    Haas F1 Team

    A few months rumors that the new American team may pursue a career Esteban Gutierrez and Jean-Eric Vergne, and as a young mate - someone from the Youth Academy of #Ferrari
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