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    XJS upgr ades / MODIFICATIONS

    Independent #Jaguar-Specialist-KWE has developed and tested a range of modifications for the Jaguar XJS. It recommends renewing the steering rack bushes with polyurethane, which helps to tighten up the steering considerably without losing ride quality and they seem to last forever. It charges £220 to fit these bushes to the XJS.

    KWE also recommends replacing the gearbox mounting bush on the 5.3-litre #V12 XJS with polyurethane because the standard rubber mount is known to wear. Total cost supplied and fitted comes to £180.

    KWE’s favoured size of wheel and rubber is 16in genuine Jaguar wheels with 225/55 x R16 #Falken-ZE914 or Michelin Sport tyres.

    For the best power and economy, #KWE fits a #Hayward-and-Scott exhaust system with tubular exhaust manifolds (around £3,500). It has also found AJ6 Engineering’s TT exhaust or large-bore system (£2,000-£3,500) provides a noticeable increase in power. It favours #AJ6 Engineering’s Plus Torque kits (around £3,000, fitted) for better power and torque, which includes a super-enhanced (SE) modified ECU, larger throttle bodies and upgraded air filters. KWE also offers cold air intakes for the 5.3-litre V12 (£700 fitted).

    For the optimum engine performance, KWE recommends changing the #ECU for a programmable unit to make the most of other engine modifications. Budget for around £8,000 for this conversion, which, in some cases, includes upgrading the engine wiring and sensors.

    On the exterior, KWE recommends upgrading the headlamps to HID or gen 2 LEDs (£220 to £340). Inside, it can fit LEDs with green filters for the main dashboard illumination (£80), and fit a modern stereo system with a DAB radio and Bluetooth connectivity for around £400 (speaker upgrades using JL Audio components and KWE door skin speaker mounts cost around £450). To make the most of the stereo upgrades, or to simply reduce road and engine noise, KWE can replace the sound deadening material in the floors with a modern material from the likes of Dynamat (around £450). Other areas, including the roof and rear bulkhead can also be soundproofed. And the air conditioning can be brought up-to-date witha more modern compressor (around £500).

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    / #Jaguar-XJ-S-V12 / #Jaguar-XJ-S / #Jaguar / #Jaguar-V12 / #V12 / #1989-Jaguar-XJ-S-V12
    Year of manufacture #1989
    Recorded mileage 72,861
    Asking price £15,000
    Vendor Adrian King, Bucks (private sale); tel: 07973 669967


    Price £18,950 (’1981 UK V12-version )
    Max power 291bhp
    Max torque 317lb ft
    0-60mph 7.4 secs
    Top speed 151mph
    Mpg 17

    This Jag really is registered XJS 53L. Incredibly, when owner King checked with the DVLA, the number was available, so he snapped it up and is selling only because he wants another classic. The car has clearly been well fettled, with minimal mileage on the MoTs after clocking up 55,000 in its first decade (the one aberration of 97,253 recorded in 2015 must be an error).

    The body is straight and almost rot-free, with a couple of dings in the driver’s door and a smaller one over the offside arch. There are bills for sill and wheelarch work in ’2002, and it’s been painted up to the waist. The only notable flaw in the paint is a dull patch on the nose of the bonnet, which also sports a few small bubbles – plus there are a few others at the bottoms of the rear quarters. The wheels were refinished in 2013, shod with General Grabbers that have lots of tread, and an aged NCT on the spare. The bumpers, too, were new in 2013, and are still excellent.

    Inside, it’s similarly good. The seat leather is lightly creased, with the outer-side piping on the driver’s seat worn through. The centre console veneer was new in 2014, and is a notably stronger colour than the dash. The instruments are all excellent, including a functioning trip computer. The electric windows work, but the electric seatback adjustment doesn’t.

    The motor is tidy, with various new pipes, valves and clips. It was last serviced (and all the belts changed) in March 2017 and the oil is still cleanish and to the top mark on the dipstick. We couldn’t see the coolant and the automatic gearbox fluid looks ‘used’ but doesn’t smell burnt.

    There’s some evidence of new paint on the inner wings, with some small rust bubbles above the right front damper mount.

    It starts instantly and drives well, with the typical XJ-S slight float but no wallow. The V12 provides relentless prod, the kickdown works okay, and the smooth brakes are nicely weighted. Oil pressure on the move reads 45psi, with the temperature a third of the way up the gauge. Interestingly, the average mpg reads 17.4, which is exactly what the books say these do.

    The XJ-S is better than average for its year, and the MoT runs until June.

    SUMMARY for XJS 5.3L UK reg

    EXTERIOR Partial respray; minor blemishes
    INTERIOR Leather upholstery mostly wearing well; new centre veneer
    MECHANICALS Excellent ongoing care
    VALUE 9/10
    For That number!
    Against Minor rust bubbles need sorting before they grow

    No major issues and at about £10k the XJ-S looks quite good value. The other £5000 is for the number, which may be available separately
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    CAR #Jaguar-E-Type-V12 / #Jaguar-E-Type / #Jaguar-V12 / #Jaguar / #V12 / #Jaguar-E-type

    Year of manufacture #1972
    Recorded mileage 80,920
    Asking price £39,950
    Vendor Runnymede Motor Co, Bucks; tel: 01753 644599;

    Price £3631
    Max power 272bhp
    Max torque 304lb ft
    0-60mph 6.5 secs
    Top speed 150mph
    Mpg 14

    This tidy coupé – all three-door V12s are 2+2s – has recently been repainted in its original Willow Green, which remains pristine. Much of the brightwork was redone, so that’s very good, too. It rides on a newish set of chromed wire wheels, shod with older but well-treaded Yokohama tyres on the front, plus not-so-old Pirelli P4000s on the rear. There is an aged #Dunlop-SP70 , the original-spec fitment, on the spare.

    The structure appears entirely solid, with evidence of previous repairs to the sills – fairly normal on a V12 – and the doors have dropped only fractionally on their hinges. Inside, the Suede Green leather seats have been retreated and are only lightly creased, plus the dashboard is all good, including the top, housing a modern Alpine stereo. The few minus points are: the doorcards have several small cracks in the vinyl around the pull handles; there are a couple of patches in the load-bed vinyl; and there’s one tiny bit of chrome rear window trim missing.

    The motor is tidy and standard, and the ignition amplifier appears to have been moved from the vee – later cars had this feature because the early ones would regularly fry their electrics. The coolant is clear and green, the oil cleanish, although the car will be serviced before sale. The exhausts are in sound shape. It fires instantly and goes well, with a supple and rattle-free ride, plus easy power steering and a decent gearchange. The brakes are smooth and pull up straight, but they could be sharper. On the move, the gauges read 55psi of oil pressure, 14.5V and the temperature needle sits toward the cold end of the scale.

    The paperwork wasn’t with the car at the time of our visit, but is said to include a full photographic record of the bodywork restoration, lots of old invoices, a JDHT production certificate and previous MoT certificates dating back to 1987 when the recorded mileage was just under 60,000. The Jaguar will be supplied with a fresh MoT.


    EXTERIOR Excellent appearance, with fine paint and chromework
    INTERIOR Holding up well; few problems
    MECHANICALS Drives well and behaves itself

    VALUE ★★★★★★★✩✩✩

    For Manual gearbox; goes well
    Against The chromed wires won’t suit some people


    One of the cheapest ways into a usable E-type with no stories, making this car good value. Room for children – and it’s not an auto!
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