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    AUDI S2 Immaculate #Audi-S2 with 500bhp / #Audi-80 / #Audi / #Quattro / #1993 / #Audi-S2-Coupe / #Audi-S2-B4 / #Audi-80-B4 / #Audi-80-Typ-8C / #Audi-Typ-8C / #Audi-ABY /


    This freshly rebuilt Audi S2 cost DNA Autocare £25,000 in parts alone, so why is it up for sale at just £18,000? Words Dan Goodyer. Photography AJ Walker.

    What’s important to you? Not in car terms, but in terms of what you want out of life. Do you want to be rich? To be successful? Famous? Thirty seven year-old Damir Sahman, the smiley-faced boss of DNA Autocare in Nottingham, has a very simple outlook on life: “I want to take my grandchildren to Santa Pod in years to come and see this car, still being looked after and driven properly, and say to them, ‘Your Grandad built that’”.

    In a world where people are willing to trample over each other in the Black Friday sales just to save a few quid on a television, it’s a heart-warming thought. It’s quite possibly a reflection of his upbringing. Damir’s nickname is Danny, and Danny was born in the part of the world that used to be called Yugoslavia. He explains the effect that had on him: “If something is broken, you fix it. Simple as that. These days, people tend to replace white goods and electronics if they don’t work. In eastern Europe, you take it apart and fix them. That’s always stayed with me.”

    Getting to the heart of the matter, Danny’s parents spotted very early on that he was naturally talented at repairing faulty goods. Fast forward many years and he has moved to England, studied Engineering at Derby University and worked for some big names. Most notably Toyota, where he worked for seven years, most of that time as a test driver. So he knows his way around a car, and just as importantly, how a good car and driver interact. Following senior roles with both Cadillac and the RAC, Danny felt the urge to go out on his own. In the last issue we brought you his white Avant; this month we feature his immaculate S2. A car that has received a meticulous nut-and-bolt rebuild, with performance upgrades in key areas to make a truly unique car.

    “Every year we take on one special build to show what we can do, and this S2 is our latest creation,” explains Danny proudly. While DNA Autocare perform their magic on all makes and models, Danny has a passion for Audis, particularly ones from this era: “I like the 5-cylinder engines. They sound like nothing else and they always produce the power I expect from them; they’re reliable in that way. I also love the fact everything is built to last.”

    Danny argues that the 4WD gearbox in the S2 is “a proper 4x4 gearbox”, compared to modern cars that have smaller, lighter gearboxes that can’t take the huge torque levels provided by bigboost engines. This is how he assesses all his projects. Every car has its strengths and weakness, and DNA Autocare’s ethos is to provide the biggest real-world performance gains, without spending any money unnecessarily.

    “For example,” he adds, “I wouldn’t go to the expense of porting and polishing the cylinder head on one of these engines if the customer only wants 400bhp. A free-flowing head always makes the engine feel stronger but you can get to 400bhp on this engine without touching the head.” So with this attitude of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” Danny bought a well-used burgundy S2 with a grubby tan interior. It was largely used for commuting by the doctor who owned it and was pretty straight, if a little rough around the edges.

    DNA Autocare began the transformation by stripping the car down completely. Even the glass came out for the full ground-up restoration. The engine was removed from the car and Danny set about stripping that down to rebuild it for more power. He adds: “I generally build the engines in our workshop at night. Engines are like plants. You have to nourish them, talk to them even. At night there are no distractions; I can just enjoy getting everything absolutely right.”

    The bottom-end has been strengthened with forged pistons and connecting rods, while a lot of work has gone into the turbo and exhaust area. Danny’s aim for the build was to create a tough engine that wouldn’t need to be opened again even if the new owner wanted more power. He explains: “Unless you’re running a drag car where everything is being pushed to the limits, I don’t understand the idea of building an engine for one power level, only to strip it and rebuild it again when you want more. I’ve built this engine so it will take six or seven hundred horsepower, but it’s running much less. So it will stay reliable and if the next owner wants to increase the power, they just need to add a larger turbo and re-map the ECU.”

    This is why the car also has a set of 1,000cc Bosch fuel injectors. At the current power level, which we’ll get to shortly, they’re only running at about 60% duty cycle. So there’s lots of headroom. “We bought them from Grams Performance in the United States,” says Danny. “They’re not the cheapest but they’re flow-tested and tweaked so they’re all closely matched.” It’s these small details that can’t be measured on the dyno, but reveal themselves during years of ownership as the car stays reliable.

    The cylinder heads are from a naturally-aspirated 7A engine. Danny explains the reason he didn’t re-use the turbo heads from the original 230bhp ABY engine: “The naturally-aspirated heads haven’t had the abuse, or the heat cycles, that the turbo ones have. We’ve ported and polished these heads fully because we don’t want the future buyer to have to touch the engine for more power. The base is there. We’ve also used the 7A camshafts because they have higher lift which provides more gas-flow. This delays the main chunk of torque by a few hundred rpm, but when they come in, the 7A cams deliver a real punch.”

    Selecting a turbo is tricky and usually dependent on how much power you want. After some careful thought, Danny went for a Garrett GTX3071R dual ball bearing turbo. This features an 11-blade compressor wheel and can take around 2 bar of boost. The turbo is mounted on a rather special exhaust manifold, too. Danny explains: “It’s a Wagner Tuning Sport quattro Evo cast-iron manifold that is obsolete now. I had two. One I put on this car and the other I’m guarding closely! I think this is the strongest, highest-flowing manifold on the market. It has large primary runners and being cast-iron it is strong, so you can hang a Holset Scania truck turbo off it if you like. Tubular manifolds have so many welded bends they can leak, and you have to brace them off the top of the engine really which doesn’t look very OEM.”

    DNA Autocare fabricated a custom exhaust system for the car too and it’s fair to say the resulting sound is nothing short of incredible. Just the right side of loud on the road, without being too anti-social. Controlling everything is a VEMS ECU and at the time of writing only the initial mapping has been completed. Jase from Area 52 Motorsport has extracted 449bhp from the 2.2-litre 5-cylinder engine at 1.7bar of boost (25psi). Very soon the car will mapped for a bit more boost by Kamuto, a friend from Lithuania that Danny has made from the world of drag racing. So it should be making somewhere around the 500bhp mark before long.

    “One thing I love about the S2 is it can actually use all this power too; get it down to the road effectively.” Of course the 4WD drivetrain plays a big role in that, but DNA Autocare have also tweaked the suspension and brakes to make sure it’s a well-rounded and balanced car. They’ve been clever with the anti-roll bar setup, while the front brakes feature a combination of Brembo 4-pot calipers from a Porsche mated to Audi A8 discs. Even the choice of Azev A wheels is in keeping with the period-correct “resto-mod” vibe of this 90s beast.

    This is one of those rare cars that ticks a lot of boxes. It’s had a full restoration, yet it’s been tuned, too. In such a cultured fashion, that it has barely any compromises on the road despite having double the power and huge gains in grip and braking power. Equally, with its fresh Tornado Red paint and immaculate engine bay, even a detailer would be impressed with the fit and finish. Grabbing a cliché from the motoring journalist’s Big Book of Things To Say, it’s so carefully modified it looks like a special edition Audi might have made themselves. A sort of S2 Evo. Best of all, it’s up for sale several thousand pounds cheaper than the parts alone cost! So if you like what you see, make sure to give DNA Autocare a ring. Cars like this will only go up in value but please don’t lock it up in a garage. Buy it, use it, love it. Hopefully you’ll be at Santa Pod in years to come, when Danny is showing his grandchildren what real cars can do. It would be a fitting tribute to a man who puts his passion before profit.

    Top One of the finest S2s around.

    SPECIFICATION #1993 8B #Audi-S2 / #Audi-80-B4 / #Audi-Typ-8C / #Audi-S2-B4 / #Audi-8B / #Audi-S2-8B

    ENGINE ABY 2.2-litre 20v inline 5-cylinder built by Danny at #DNA-Autocare , #Wossner forged pistons, Scaat connecting rods, #DNA Autocare ported and polished 7A cylinder head, 7A cams, #VEMS ECU mapped by Jase at #Area-52-Motorsport , #Garrett-GTX3071R turbocharger mounted on Sport quattro manifold, 44mm external wastegate with screamer pipe, custom DNA Autocare 3in stainless steel exhaust with titanium wrap, large aluminium radiator, #Grams-Performance 1,000cc #Bosch fuel injectors, #Bosch-044 fuel pump, braided fuel lines, 5bar fuel pressure regulator, silicone hoses, high-density engine mounts, #Wagner short intake manifold, Wagner short intake intercooler kit, Ramair filter.

    POWER 449bhp @ 1.7bar (25psi) and 425lb/ft torque.

    TRANSMISSION 6-speed manual gearbox, RS4 Stage 3+ Feramic clutch plate, Sachs 707 pressure plate, 034 Motorsports solids billet aluminium flywheel, high-density gearbox mounts.

    BRAKES 4-pot Brembo (Porsche) front calipers, A8 330mm discs, Brembo race pads. OEM rear brakes (rebuilt) with Pagid RS pads. HEL braided lines, converted to servo brakes.

    SUSPENSION KW V1 coilovers, Powerflex bushes all round, powdercoated and galvanised subframes and lower arms, RS2 front anti-roll bar, original front S2 anti-roll bar moved to rear, lower chassis legs swapped around, strut brace.

    WHEELS & TYRES 17in Azev A alloy wheels wrapped in 225/45x17 Goodyear Eagle F1 tyres.

    INTERIOR Full leather retrim, headlining and all trims flocked in black, 3x Innovate Motorsport gauges: Boost, Exhaust Gas Temperature and Air-Fuel Ratio. 3x lower dash gauges, carbon dash trim, carbon sill trims, Sony headunit and JL Audio speakers.

    EXTERIOR Fully respray in Tornado Red, by John from Paintology factory S2 bodykit, Xenon light upgrade.

    THANKS/CONTACTS (01159) 861186, John at Paintology.

    Top: Full respray in Tornado red by Paintology. Above: Seats have been retrimmed in black/red leather Top right: Air vent mounted gauges are a nice touch.

    Top: Immaculate bay houses the 5-cylinder lump Above left: Cooling is well taken care of Above: #Garrett GTX3071r turbo provides the boost.

    “Every year we take on one special build to show what we can do...”
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    REVO A3 Savage, Stage 4 2.0 TFSI / REVO A3 TRACK CAR

    Revo Technik prove that a regular A3 2.0 TFSI can be taken to Stage 4, to create a reliable and seriously fun track car. Words Davy Lewis. Photography AJ Walker.

    Those of you who have been with us from the start, may recall we introduced Revo’s stock looking A3 in our Projects section back in issue 001. The silver, three-door 2.0 TFSI quattro was pretty unremarkable, and looked a bit lost amongst some big-power RS models. But, I had a sneaking suspicion that this humble A3 was going to become something rather special...

    the #Revo-Technik always run a fleet of the latest Audis, which are central to their development work (it just so happens they’re also great fun – perks of the job I guess!). But with access to a 550bhp S7, 400bhp S3 saloon, a 470bhp S5, and an SQ5, plus plenty of other cool cars, what on earth made them buy a #2005 A3?

    “Whilst all our cars are developed to perform, our demo fleet has always consisted of the latest and greatest Audis. There’s a high value in them and we’ve always been precious about who drives them,” says MD, Mark Yates. “We wanted to build a car all our staff could have a go in; something not so elitist that a wider audience could relate to but, more importantly, something that could showcase the potential of Revo products on what could be classed as an underdog platform.”

    It would give them something on which to demonstrate their range of tuning products, and prove that a regular Audi, like an A3 2.0 TFSI, could be tuned to Stage 4 to create a reliable and fun car. An 8P A3 made sense on many levels. For starters they’re a lot cheaper than an S3 – you can pick one up from around £4k as opposed to £10k+ for a decent, early S3. Okay, it makes do with 197bhp compared with the S3’s 261bhp, but with plans to rebuild the engine with a big turbo anyway, that wasn’t an issue. It’s a quattro, so there’s no problem with traction. And there are plenty around. “We always planned to strip it back to a bare shell so we could fit a multi-point roll cage,” says Revo’s Kev Hall, “So luxuries like electric leather seats, Bose audio and the other S3 goodies would’ve been wasted on this car.”

    The build itself has taken the best part of a year. That’s mainly because the guys have been so busy taking the company forward – there simply weren’t enough hours in the day to work on the A3, too. But, over the last couple of months, it’s really started to come together. It is however very different to how it began.

    The 2005 2.0 TFSI quattro was picked up for around £4,500. It had a decent spec, with leather seats etc, which were soon removed. The engine came out and the stripped out car was sent off to have a full FIA-approved roll cage fitted. The only interior bits left were the main part of the dash and some of the centre console. Everything else had been removed, including the surprisingly heavy sound deadening. The beauty of working in the vibrant #UK #VAG tuning scene was that Revo had no shortage of top line partners to turn to for upgrades.

    While the rolling shell was being worked on, the guys got busy with the engine build. Having initially planned to create a blog to show people how to take a stock car like this all the way to Stage 4 or 5, they realised the turbo on the 100k-miler was in poor shape. So they jumped straight to a Stage 3 K04 setup and then on to Stage 4 with the GTX3071.

    The engine was rebuilt using forged internals to prepare for its life of hard track use. This would also allow some big boost to be applied without the rods and pistons trying to make a bid for freedom from the block. You can see the detailed spec on the final page of the feature, but the focus has been on creating decent power while maintaining reliability. Keeping the charge temps down was a vital part of this, so the large Revo front mount intercooler plays a pivotal role in things. It reduces inlet temps by up to 35 percent.

    For the large GTX3071 to do its job effectively, the exhaust needed upgrading. Scorpion came to the rescue with a 3in turboback system. With the all important downpipe now far less restrictive, the 2.0 TFSI could breath more effectively. The system currently runs two boxes to keep the noise as low as possible to avoid failing any circuit noise tests. A down-turned tailpipe also helps to filter the sound more effectively.

    Peak power figures are great and it’s the thing people always get hung up about, but a big peak power figure is largely useless if it’s only accessible in the outer reaches of the powerband. So Revo have developed their Stage 4 software to offer bundles of usable torque throughout the rev range. Being fully in control of everything the engine is capable of doing, lets them get the most out of the car. It may be a track machine, but as it’s road legal and the setup is so flexible, you could still pop to the shops in it – if you really wanted to. As most Revo customers want tuning solutions for their road cars, it had to be this way.

    Our man, Adam Walker, road shotgun for some fast laps around Bedford Autodrome and called me straight afterwards to say it’s one of the quickest cars he’s been out in. Considering he spends his time shooting RS6s and the like, often with over 700bhp, this is impressive. Of course part of the reason this thing feels so rapid is the no compromise way it does its job. You can hammer it into a turn, braking incredibly late – then turn in and get back on the power to exit in rapid fashion. The grip is immense and you can really feel the g-forces at work as the A3 does its thing. It’s here that you’re glad of the Cobra seats and harnesses, which prevent passengers from eating the dashboard and allow the driver to stay firmly supported through some rapid changes of direction.

    Inside, all creature comforts have been removed. But then this was always intended to be an out-and-out track car. As you’d expect, with no sound deadening or trim to insulate you from the vibration and noise, plus those polycarbonate windows, it is quite lively inside – especially when you provoke that 480whp lump! With the glass removed, along with all of the interior trim, I’d estimate that well over 150kg has been saved, although bear in mind a fair amount has also been added with the installation of the multipoint roll cage.

    The main part of the dash has been left in tact, although it has been cut to allow the cage to be properly fitted (no dash dodger efforts here!) The centre console now featured a custom panel which houses a smattering of gauges from Demon Tweeks. These include essential engine health monitors such as EGT, air fuel ratio and oil temp.

    A competent chassis is a basic prerequisite for any track car. You can have all the power in the world, but if you can’t use it effectively because the brakes, suspension and tyres aren’t up to the job, then it’s pointless.

    The Bilstein Clubsport coilovers provide a multitude of adjustability for both bump and rebound (as well as height of course) to get the perfect set up for track. For a car with less weight and the possibility of running slicks at some stage, the Clubsports allow all of these variables to be taken into consideration. With adjustable top mounts, the camber can also be fine tuned to get the front end dialled in. Some negative camber is key to this A3’s keen turn in which also offers staggering levels of grip. This is due in part to the Wavetrack differential which helps to maintain traction, even in the tight turns. Eibach provided uprated anti-roll bars front and rear, which really do come into their own on track. This thing has practically no pitch or body roll, thanks to this highly effective set up. The next chassis upgrade was a set of Powerflex Black Series poly bushes. On a ten year old car, the stock bushes are bound to be past their best, leading to play in suspension and steering components. The Black Series kit has been developed for track and firms everything up. This gives a very tight and direct feel to the handling.

    When it came to the outside, Revo wanted a more aggressive look – but it had to be functional. The RS3-style front bumper certainly does the trick, and together with the honeycomb grille also helps airflow to the engine. With Revo’s own light weight 8x19in RV019 wheels fitted, the front arches would have needed some work, plus the RS3-style front bumper was designed to fit wide arches, so a set of fatter arches were also added. The car is essentially finished now. All that’s left to do is find some time and decent weather to go and lay down some performance times.

    Of course, you don’t have to go to the extent that Revo has with their stunning creation. You could use some of the upgrades to create a highly competent and fun road car that can also be used for the odd track thrash. And with A3 2.0 TFSIs starting at around £3k, building an S3-beater needn’t brake the bank either. Just go and see team Revo...

    SPECIFICATION #Audi-A3-2.0TFSI-Quattro / #2005 / #Audi-A3 / #Audi / #Audi-A3 / #Garrett / #Audi-A3-8P / #Quattro / #Audi-A3-2.0TFSI-Quattro-8P / #REVO-A3-Savage / #Revo /

    Engine 2.0 TFSI, #Garrett-GTX3071R , #Revo built engine using #Carrillo rods and pistons, #Scorpion turbo-back exhaust with down turned tailpipe, Revo Intake kit, Revo runner flap delete kit, #HPFP and upgraded RS4 injectors, TT RS low pressure fuel pump, TT RS fuel pump ECU, Revo catch can kit, Revo boost tap kit, Revo throttle pipe, Revo engine mounts, #Forge-Motorsport silicone hose kit, Revo FMIC, #NGK Spark plugs BKR8EIX, AEM water/meth injection.

    Power 480-485bhp (at the wheels) and 550-580Nm

    Suspension #Bilstein Clubsport coilovers, #Eibach ARBs front and rear, Powerflex Black Series bushes, Wavetrack LSD, uprated clutch and flywheel.

    Brakes Revo/Alcon big brake kit Wheels and Tyres Revo RV019 alloys in gloss black with Dunlop Sportmaxx.

    Interior Fully stripped out, including sound deadening, with only top of dash remaining, Custom Cages FIA/MSA-spec welded-in roll cage, bespoke Cobra Suzuka Pro GT seats, bespoke Cobra harness and pad kit, flocked door cards with red door pulls, gauges (boost/EGT/OT/AFR) in custom flocked panel, fire extinguisher kit, Sparco steering wheel, battery, DV+ supplied by #Demon-Tweeks , AEM water meth kit.

    Exterior RS3 style front bumper and grille, RS3 style rear bumper with gloss black rear diffuser, Plastics4Performance polycarbonate side and rear windows, custom gloss red wrap with Revo graphics, black Audi rings, Revo badge, rear wiper delete, gloss black rear spoiler.

    Thanks Revo’s master tech/racecar engineer Kev Brown for building the beast. Our partners/suppliers: Bilstein, Cobra, Demontweeks, Dunlop, Eibach, Forge, Meguiars, Powerflex, Scorpion, Wavetrack and special thanks to Revo MD Mark Yates for instigating the project and driving it with his enthusiasm and wealth of motorsport knowledge.

    Top Revo’s Paul Farenden was test pilot for the shoot.

    Top: Only the dash remains inside Above right: Cobra seats and harnesses with Revo branding Facing page: The 2.0 TFSI is running Stage 4 and over 480bhp at the wheels.

    Facing page top Revo RV019 wheels and big brakes Left: Fully committed on track at Bedford Above: Final checks before the track session Above right: The FIA multi-point roll cage.

    Top: The Revo A3 is a monster on track.


    Huge thanks to Bedford Autodrome, Motorsport Vision and also MSV Trackdays for allowing us to shoot the A3 at one of their events. If you haven’t been, Bedford is a fantastic venue with a huge amount of run off, allowing you to really push your car to the limit. MSV Trackdays run events at many circuits, which is a great way to spend a day. Head to
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