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    CLEAN BANDIT Styled and tuned F82 M4. SLICK M4 F82 with power and poise. Passion brought forth the assassin… Keren Zeng’s ingrained love for the BMW brand has helped him deliver a killer blow with this M4. Flawless victory! Words: Daniel Bevis. Photos: Kevin Uy.

    Assassins come in many forms. Followers of classic Japanese folklore will be familiar with the concept of the ninja or shinobi, whose function was to act as a covert spy and saboteur. Fans of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series will know the assassins to be as gentlemanly and respected as they are deadly, fusing the cloaked secrecy of the ninja with the necessity to always leave their victims with a receipt.

    And, of course, there’s the ragtag group of misfit assassins that this BMW M4 falls into; rubbing shoulders with James Bond and Liam Neeson, it’s the sort of character that’ll kick your door in, carry out the lethal task in broad daylight, utter a witty quip, shoot the cuffs on their impeccably tailored suit, and effect their graceful egress. Possibly leaping off a ledge and onto a plane or something.

    This car could never be a shinobi. Look at it, it’s bright orange. But it does neatly intertwine the twin cannons of flawlessly sharp aesthetics and brutal firepower; a sublimely crafted art piece packing a horsepower figure that begins with a five. It’s primarily a functional thing, as evidenced by its gait being hunkered aggressively down rather than stylistically stanced, with the tyres displaying a usefully chunky spread of sidewall. But at the same time, its looks and sense of purpose are razor-edged. This is not a thing to be messed with, unless you’re planning on that being the last thing you ever do.

    This creation is the vision-made-real of one Keren Zeng, proprietor of an automotive aftermarket shop in Victoria B.C, Canada, and lifelong BMW-fancier. “When I was in seventh grade I saw the E46 M3 on the cover of Need for Speed 9 for the first time, and I immediately fell in love with that car,” he says.

    “Since then my dream machines have always been #BMW-M cars. And when the M4 came out, I placed an order without hesitation!” This long-held obsession is more than a videogame-induced fantasy, however. The passion runs somewhat deeper than that. “Owning a #BMW in my home country back when I was growing up was very, very hard,” he explains. “Not just because of the price, but also the limited availability. I loved to memorise all the car brands when I was little, and my father bought me all kinds of toy cars and asked me what models they were. I remember my favourite was the BMW 8 Series, which was a birthday gift from my father. And I was lucky enough to experience BMWs when I was a little older; at the age of 17 I drove my friend’s E92 M3, and I was totally blown away by the handling, the sound and the performance of the car. And from that time, BMW M cars have planted a very deep root in my heart.”

    You see, this is no cynical tale of somebody throwing a bunch of money at an on-trend motor to win Instagram points, this is the culmination of a lifetime of aspirations and yearning. When Keren came to open up his Canadian business, the time was right to dive into the fragrantly alluring waters of M car ownership. Well, almost… he had a little practice with a 435i first.

    “In 2013 in Montreal, I first saw a 435i in real life,” he breathlessly recalls. “I spied it at the downtown parking lot and the colour was Mineral grey – it immediately caught my attention; the shape of the car, the M badge just up the side vent, and the aggressive face. I told myself that one day I would own a car like this. And later that year, my dream came true.”

    Neat use of ‘one day’ there, this is clearly a guy who likes to get things done with no time to shilly-shally. An Estoril blue example was bought, and duly subjected to KW coilovers, Vorsteiner wheels, Akrapovič exhaust, a feisty remap, and all the aero stuff in the M Performance catalogue. With this makeover successfully dealt with, Keren felt it was time to join the big leagues and really make that dream a reality. His name was inked on a shiny new M4’s pink slip, and the planets obligingly aligned.

    “I had a pretty clear plan for the M4 from day one, based on what I’d learned from the 435i,” he explains, which makes perfect sense really. Combining age-old dreaming with first-hand experience tends to forge strong mental images. “My first set of wheels were BBS CI-Rs, powdercoated satin black. However, after having them for half a year I decided to go with HRE for its Forged series, choosing the Classic 300 – I respect classic cars and wanted to combine the retro with the modern, although in order to do so you can’t just put a classic rim on a new car, the colour choice has to be very careful. So I went with Dark Brushed Clear for the outer lip and barrel, and Satin Bronze for the face, both of which match perfectly with the Sakhir orange paint.”

    In order to get the car sitting lower over these broad, chunky rims, Keren opted for Swift springs to work with the stock M4 dampers, keeping in mind that the car’s a daily driver and the factory chassis setup is already pretty mind-blowing. A set of Fall- Line Motorsports anti-roll bars found their way into the mix with the aim of making the car “track ready” (Keren’s words; he’s not playing games here), while the engine inhales and exhales a lot more freely thanks to an Eventuri cold air intake and full Akrapovič exhaust system, all remapped to make the most of those bonus horses. ETG’s clever ones-and-zeroes tuning is marketed as offering gains of 89hp and 96lb ft of torque over stock, which is certainly not to be sniffed at, and it also offers a bunch of boltons such as a speed limiter removal, transmission software and traction control reflashing, and even throttle-blipping and overrun exhaust popping. As you might imagine, Keren was pretty liberal with the box-ticking that day.

    “I love clean cars, so when I choose the style of my car, I always believe that less is more,” he explains. “In order to match the body colour and details, all of my exterior pieces are carbon fibre. And the same goes for the interior – the carbon fibre upgrades are there to enhance the spirit of the M Performance brand rather than try to turn it into something else.” In addition to this OEM+ approach, there’s also been a fairly substantial input from iND, whose comprehensive range of aftermarket add-ons has been raided to yield such trophies as black kidney grilles, black boot badges, painted front reflectors to eliminate the garishness of the factory items, and painted side markers in the same vein. The overarching principle here is to hone and refine the cohesiveness of BMW’s own design and the M division’s enhancements to it; think of this car as being the next little step down the M4’s evolutionary path. “My favourite modifications are the wheels and the exhaust,” Keren continues.

    “The way the HREs look and the way the Akrapovič sounds are just total eye and ear candies, it transforms the M4.” And all the while, as he gazes fondly over his creation, you can hear his brain ticking away, formulating new schemes and stratagems. It’s not finished, of course: “The orange turns so many heads, people are always taking photos of it,” he ponders. “I’m considering wrapping it in camo for the show season…”

    Well, that’d certainly help the M4 to fulfil its destiny as a stealthy assassin. A sneakily applied camo would help it slither under the radar and carry out its evil deeds. As long as Keren doesn’t have the engine running, naturally – all that popping and crackling is a bit of a giveaway.

    DATA FILE #BMW-F82 / #BMW-M4 / #BMW-M4-F82 / #BMW-M4-Akrapovic / #BMW-M4-M-DCT / #BMW-M4-M-DCT-F82 / #BMW-4-Series / #BMW-4-Series-F82 / #HRE-Classic / #HRE / #2017 / #Akrapovic

    ENGINE AND TRANSMISSION 3.0-litre twin-turbo straight-six S55B30 / , #Akrapovič exhaust system, #ETG remap, #Eventuri intake, seven-speed M-DCT gearbox

    CHASSIS 9.5x20” (front) and 10.5x20” (rear) #HRE-Classic-300 , 255/30 (f) and 285/30 (r) Michelin Pilot Sport, #Fall-Line-Motorsports front and rear anti-roll bars, Swift springs

    EXTERIOR Sakhir orange, #M-Performance rear spoiler, #RKP front lip, Kohlenstoff rear diffuser, #iND front painted reflectors, iND black grilles, iND painted trunk emblem, iND painted side markers

    INTERIOR M Performance Alcantara steering wheel, #DCT console trim and DCT gear knob cover

    THANKS Kevin King Uy for the photoshoot, Cat from iND for all the modifications, Kelvin from #ETG-Tuning-Group , #HRE , #Akrapovi , #BMW-Victoria , #KZ-Auto-Group
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    Grace Under Fire E46 M3 track car. There may be an international bestselling author behind the wheel, but when this E46 is on track, none of that matters. It’s all about the endless pursuit of refinement, development, and evolution… Words: Dan Bevis Photography: Chris Frosin.

    Grace Under Fire Best-selling author, Peter James, has a rather novel promotional tool – an E46 M3 track car!

    Roy Grace is a pretty forthright guy. One who never likes to be late. He’s a Brighton-based Detective Superintendent, a systematic problem-solver, a dabbler in the occult, a professional maverick. He’s also entirely fictional; fans of crime fiction will no doubt be familiar with Peter James and his stream of bestsellers featuring the beleaguered but ever-plucky copper. And the crossover with our own specialist interests is well-documented too – regular readers may recall Peter’s #BMW 1800 Ti/SA that featured in these pages not too long ago. The man is a bit of a petrolhead; in addition to racing his Ti/SA at as many classic events as his jam-packed schedule of writing and book tours will allow, he also runs an Austin A35 racer and a Fiat Abarth Evocation, with his wife, Lara, taking the wheel whenever possible too.

    Now, being a novelist requires a certain amount of PR. In addition to the reviews in the Sunday supplements and what-have-you, it’s necessary to get out there, to allow the fans to put a face to the name; book tours are the traditional way to do this, but Peter’s decided to go one better. The car you see here today is, in effect, a rolling advert for the Roy Grace series – the livery changes to showcase the latest title, and the registration number, ‘A PJ 800K’, is a fairly clear statement.

    But of course, the decision-making process for choosing which car to use as a promotional vehicle (in the most literal possible sense) is thornier than merely finding something with wheels and plastering the name down the side. That may be all well and good for your local scrappy, who’ll happily plonk a stickered-up and immobile Rover 400 in a layby and leave it to rot, but for a fervent and considered motoring enthusiast, a man famed for his attention to detail, this would have to be an impressive machine. Some careful consideration was required.

    There are two briefs to fulfil here, then. Firstly – what would Roy Grace (a man, remember, who doesn’t like to be late) tool around in, were he suddenly to be spirited from the page and into reality? And what does an author do in his downtime, what should he drive to blow off the steam of deadline pressures without overly taxing his valuable stable of race cars? Well, the answer to all of this is clear: the E46 M3.

    You’d deduced as much already, of course. The E46 M3 is the answer to a great many questions, and it’s certainly the perfect choice for Mr James and his track day aspirations. So while we were chewing the fat with Peter about his 1800 Ti/SA at a recent Goodwood test day, he pointed us in the direction of his associate Chris Bayross – the man who built the E46 and handles the task of keeping it running. “The M3 was purchased from Aberdeen about three or four years ago,” Chris explains, gently easing himself into the story with ready familiarity, much as he would, margarita in hand, into a just-so jacuzzi. He’s a pretty casual sort of bon viveur, is Chris. “It’s a 2002 E46, and at the time had about 80k on the clock. Peter already had a track car in the form of a Mk2 Volkswagen Golf – an RE2000 conversion no less, running about 185hp – but while this was super-quick on short circuits, it ran out of legs on the longer tracks. And of course it was front-wheel drive; PJ’s preference has always been RWD.”

    The initial purpose of the M3 at this point was to fulfil a dual role; firstly to act as a sort of scout mission vehicle, visiting circuits as a learning exercise in advance of race meets in the Ti/SA, and secondly… well just to be a bit of fun, really. As entertaining as the Golf was, Peter just wanted something a bit brawnier for weekend thrills. And who could blame him?

    “As found, the car was a smart-looking Schnitzerkitted vehicle,” Chris recalls. “You know the uniform: silver, black leather, 19-inch wheels… Anyway, with the aim of fulfilling the ‘fun’ side of the brief, I uprated the front pads and opened up the air ducts in the bumper to try to improve the stopping a bit. With 350hp-odd and weighing about as much as Hampshire, there had been a few trips that ended with the brake pedal touching that plush BMW carpet – that’s what initially set us down the road of modifying and uprating!”

    Step one of the upgrade process came in the form of some YellowStuff pads, along with braided lines and Endless RF fluid. Chris also fitted some meaty 3-inch ducting directly on to the front discs, something he describes as “strong, accurate, and bombproof”. While not as urgent as a multi-piston setup, this arrangement proved to be fade-free and eager enough – but this was far from the ultimate solution. We’ll return to the brakes later…

    “The car proved itself to be pretty reliable on the whole,” Chris reasons. “Sure, there was the odd mishap – the rear offside wheel parting company at Silverstone was a particularly memorable one. PJ insists that it was life imitating art – The Wheelbolt Murderer, perhaps?! Or maybe just no-one checking that the bolts were done up beforehand. But it was generally a strong and reliable thing, and fun too. Of course, the rear chassis and subframe needed repairing – they all do, they’re made of cheese – and I discovered once I got in there that someone had been in to fix it before. They thought that superglue and underseal might do the job. It doesn’t.”

    The guys were very much enjoying the learn-as-you- go nature of the project, which was delivering on the aims of the initial plan with gusto. And you can’t really go wrong with an S54 motor, a manual ’box and a generous approach to frittering tyres, can you? Interestingly, the next stage in the project was spurred on by Peter’s impending nuptials. “The normal way it goes is ‘wedding ring on, track day toy gone’,” Chris grins. “But in this case, it simply meant reworking the M3 for greater safety. A half-cage was fitted, courtesy of the excellent Chris Tullett, complete with extra crossbars and a harness bar. The sunroof was removed and plated over, which usefully removed a good 20kg of bad weight from high up in the car, and the whole leather interior came out too, with the front seats being replaced by HANScompatible buckets.” Those who’ve followed Peter’s motoring exploits will probably be aware of his keenness for HANS devices. If you want to see why, search YouTube for ‘Peter James high speed crash’. Caution: it may make you wince a little.

    “A lot of weight was shed,” Chris continues, with the cheeky implication that the weight reduction he’d been pushing for could somehow be signed off on the ticket of ‘safety’. “And while the car was being taken apart anyway, it was fitted with a billet flywheel and sports clutch – an awesome upgrade, which makes the best naturally-aspirated engine in the world even better. It was turning into a very different car by now – getting properly fast and serious.”

    It was around this time in the project’s evolution that the Roy Grace livery was first applied; while the M3 was becoming increasingly track-focused, it was always the intention to keep it road-legal, and so its role as a PR vehicle was obvious. “You’ve got to be a bit more careful now if you’re picking your nose or coming sideways out of a junction,” Chris smirks. “It does attract a bit of attention!” These road duties explain why, for all its Lotus-esque gram-saving, you’ll still find the air-con, electric windows and stereo inside, as well as the full dash. It gets driven to and from events, so there’s no point turning the thing into some sort of torture device.

    “The most recent refit happened at the start of this year,” says Chris. “PJ had decided to start a car collection as an investment, which included buying an ’1988 Mercedes-Benz 500SL R107 for Lara to use as a runaround. And in the course of these new acquisitions, a Phoenix yellow E46 turned up in Glasgow, which couldn’t have dovetailed more perfectly with the Grace M3’s newfound track direction. It was in mint condition – a much-overused phrase, but appropriate. A beautiful two-owner car with 55k on the clock. It also had KSport eight-pot front brakes, Porsche Brembos on the rears, KW Variant 2 suspension, and a carbon fibre Eventuri intake.”

    So what did Chris and Peter do with this pristine and thoroughly capable E46? That’s right, they tore it to bits, harvesting all the tasty upgrades for the silver track car. The 500SL and the shiny new Aston Martin (oh, didn’t we mention that? Yep, a Vanquish Volante had appeared) were unceremoniously booted out onto the drive while the transfer of M3 parts went on in the garage. “Happy days!” laughs Chris. “What a result! Serious upgrades to the track M3, and collector’s value restored to the yellow one, turning it back into a very nice and original road car. It certainly made a lot of financial sense!”

    Indeed, the results are already speaking for themselves. On the day we shot Peter’s M3 at Goodwood, he was lapping a whole 13 seconds quicker than he had been the previous year, which is certainly not to be sniffed at. “It’s great to see how people, no matter how deep their pockets, really enjoy the journey of modifying, developing and improving,” says Chris. “It’s so much more fulfilling than buying off-the-peg, isn’t it? Be it a car-mad M3 tuner from Glasgow or an international bestselling scribe from West Sussex, petrolheads just love their motors.” And with that, he’s hit the nail on the head – rem acu tetigisti. Hot cars are the great leveller; once you’re out on track, it doesn’t matter who you are, it’s all about what you’re driving and how you drive it. So while the outside of the car may be slathered in the title of the latest Roy Grace thriller, inside it’s just Peter and his perspiration. He may write books to chill the spines of millions, but when he’s out in the E46, it’s his own spine that’s taking the brunt – simply man, machine, a well-deserved sense of achievement, and an eye on the next step. Which is just the way it should be.

    TECHNICAL DATA #BMW-M3-Track-Car / #BMW-M3-Track-Car-E46 / #BMW-M3-E46 / #BMW-E46 / #BMW-M3 / #BMW-3-Series / #BMW-3-Series-E46 / #BMW-3-Series-M3 /

    ENGINE AND TRANSMISSION: #S54B32 / #S54 3.2-litre straight-six, #AC-Schnitzer-ECU upgrade, AC Schnitzer cat-back exhaust system, #Eventuri carbon fibre intake, approx. 375hp, stock gearbox/diff, lightweight billet flywheel, sports clutch, rebuilt rear axle with new bearings and backing plates

    CHASSIS: Various 18-inch wheels (Team Dynamics Pro-Race 1.2 for shoot) with Yokohama A048s (or Continental wets), hubcentric spacers, #KW-Variant-2 coilovers, adjustable front droplinks, adjustable rear lower arms, polybushed rear axle, K-Sport eight-pot front callipers with 356mm discs and Ferodo DS2500 pads, Porsche rear Brembos, braided brake lines, Endless RF brake fluid, three-inch air ducting direct to front discs

    EXTERIOR: #AC-Schnitzer rear spoiler, SEAT Cupra R front splitter, sunroof removed and plated, livery showcasing Peter James’ latest book

    INTERIOR: Corbeau Revolution HANS-compatible seats with MoT-compliant adjustability, Sparco five-point harnesses, air-con, stereo and electric windows retained, Chris Tullett rear roll-cage with extra crossbars and harness bar

    “You’ve got to be careful if you’re picking your nose or coming sideways out of a junction. It does attract a bit of attention!”

    Peter’s M3 gets plenty of regular exercise on road and track and sports a SEAT Cupra R front splitter; as a rolling PR canvas for his latest Roy Grace novel it takes some beating.

    S54 now breathes through an Eventuri air intake and makes circa 375hp.
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    The E36 M3 GT Imola Individual is a rare beast and modified examples, like this slick machine, are rarer still. The E36 is fast becoming the appreciating #BMW classic of the moment, and you’ll struggle to find one finer than Mikey Townsend’s M3 GT Imola Individual. Words: Ben Koflach. Photos: Scott Paterson.

    Things at the upper end of the E36 market have seen a sea of change in the last few years. After some time spent as perhaps the least desirable models of the 3 Series range, they’re now on the up in terms of resale values – for a good one at least. And the most desirable of all the models? The ultra-rare M3 Evolution Imola Individual.

    With just 50 examples produced for the UK (and only a further 200 for the entirety of mainland Europe), the M3 GT II, often labelled the GT2, was a final hurrah for the E36. It built on the legend that had been forged with the M3 GT. However, rather than being based on the 3.0-litre M3 and being coloured British Racing green, the GT II used the 3.2-litre six-speed M3 Evo as a base and came in stunning Imola red.

    M3 GT Class II front corner splitters and a rear wing to match, an interior combination of Imola red Nappa leather and anthracite Alcantara and plenty of the usual options boxes ticked as standard made the GT II special. Mikey Townsend was lucky enough to pick this one up at the beginning of last year and proceeded to put his own stamp on the ultra-rare M3.

    Mikey’s far from a stranger to BMWs. As an ex-paratrooper stationed in Germany for a number of years he was lucky enough to have an E30 M3 as his first one, bought for just DM6500 – less than £3000. “If only I knew what I had back then!” laughed the 32-year-old. “I’d have put it away in storage instead of driving it like a loon everywhere.” Sure enough, by the age of 18 Mikey was an ex-E30 M3 owner, having written it off, but he was hooked on BMWs from then on. An E46 M3 followed later, with an E36 M3 Coupé and a Convertible spliced with countless non-M Three and Five series models – you name it, Mikey’s probably had one. However, his latest purchase is the most special of them all.

    “My brother has an M3 GT II, number 16, which he got in 2007, and I’ve wanted one ever since he got it,” Mikey told us. “It was inevitable that I would end up with one, it was just a matter of when. Then this one popped up and was only half-an-hour from me, so I had to take a look.”

    What Mikey had before him was M3 GT Imola Individual, number 48 of 50. It was an immaculate, carefully restored piece of Bavarian history which had been given a select range of modifications to boot including KW V3 coilovers and a number of small touches. Along with those it came with all of the original parts so that it could be restored to its rare original guise if required.

    “I’ve been choosy as to what I do with it,” Mikey explained. “That’s why I’ve only really gone for Schnitzer styling and the best replacement parts available. Everything I’ve done is totally reversible as I’ve got all of the original parts in the garage. Everyone says: ‘you can’t modify it, it’s too rare!’ Well, tell me it doesn’t look good!”

    When he bought the car it was sitting on three-piece Hartge wheels. These were not purchased as part of the deal and so the first thing Mikey did was get the standard wheels refurbished to a better-than-new condition before bolting them up to the car and rolling it home. Once the wheels were on and shod in brand-new Michelins, Mikey got the car home and didn’t hang about with his plans to get it looking the way he wanted.

    “The body had already been recently resprayed and fully rust treated and Waxoyl’d underneath, so everything I got for it had to be mint. This meant new or completely refurbished parts throughout,” Mikey explained. His private plate was purchased and transferred onto the M3, while a Storm Motorwerks weighted gear knob was fitted alongside the previous owner’s addition of Amaretta Anthracite Alcantara gaiters.

    Another upgrade for the interior was a selection of genuine BMW Motorsport International door sill trims and a matching carbon fibre glovebox trim. The badge on the back of the rear wing was also swapped for one that Mikey had made by Taylor Made Decals, denoting the car’s 48/50 production number.

    Mikey’s next trip out in the car was to go and get a special little something for under the bonnet, as he explains: “I took her for a blast over to Luton to see Bilal and Imran at Evolve. I had been speaking to Bilal for a while about an Eventuri intake for the E36 but he said that there hadn’t been enough interest in them to warrant producing them.

    However, he said to bring the car down for them to have a look at anyway. No sooner had I got there and spoken to Bilal was the car in the workshop, with the old air box being stripped off and measurements being taken for a custom kit. Dyno runs were done before and after, both with standard mapping. It was hitting 306/307hp as standard but with the Eventuri it was hitting at least 315hp on each run with much stronger and consistent torque gains!

    Gaining an extra 10hp from the kit was really surprising and the sound it makes is awesome, especially on wide open throttle.”

    A neat touch is that Eventuris all feature a serial number, and Mikey managed to bag number 48 to match his car. It a little plaque on the carbon heat sheild and is just one example of the painstaking detail he goes to in his pursuit of perfection.

    Mikey’s next addition to the car was, again, to the engine bay in the form of a genuine AC Schnitzer carbon fibre strut brace. However, the carbon’s clear coat had aged badly and gone slightly yellow in places. Of course, that wasn’t good enough for Mikey’s GT II and so it was sent off to be carefully re-lacquered, with the engine cover being colour-coded at the same time – a neat touch.

    With the M3 looking and feeling better than ever, all that was left was for Mikey to put a couple more of his own touches on the exterior. This started with a set of anthracite M3 Contour wheels – mint, of course – and some AC Schnitzer Cup 2 wing mirrors.

    However, the biggest change was yet to come, as Mickey explains: “I stumbled across the current wheels by chance really. I was looking for something else but got chatting to this guy with an Estoril blue E36 M3 Evo. He sent me a few photos of it and said that he had these rims on it but wanted to go back to the originals. These wheels are my favourite. I’ve always loved them and have always said that if I could have any wheels on the E36 it would be them. He was after cash quick so I got them for £1000 with new tyres, too,” Mikey told us. “It was a case of being in the right place at the right time – literally three weeks before Gaydon BMW Festival last year, so it was all good!”

    With the AC Schnitzer theme that Mikey already had running throughout his GT, those final touches were the perfect additions. However, the only worry he now had was that it was all becoming a little too ACS-themed and might detract from just how special the GT is; not the worst problem to have, you might be think, but it was easily solved by simply swapping back to the original M3 mirrors, which has worked a treat.

    The final addition was an AC Schnitzer exhaust – another rare part, which makes the S50 a little more vocal and brings a welcome lift to the rear end. It was bolted up with Hack Engineering billet exhaust hangers, too. No stone has been left unturned with this M3.

    “Because of the size a few people were saying that the wheels would never fit – but that’s the beauty of having the KW V3s: I could get it stanced perfectly! With a few goes it was spot-on, with no rubbing,” concluded Mikey. With a thorough polish up and some fresh AC Schnitzer graphics for them, the wheels were the perfect addition to set the car off.

    Undoubtedly Mikey has more plans for the GT but you can rest assured that each and every addition will be as carefully considered as all of those so far. E36s are on the up, and with something as rare and as special as his GT Imola Individual it would be too easy to damage it with the wrong modifications. Premium parts, great taste and a respect for the rarity have culminated in one very special M3.

    DATA FILE #BMW-E36 / #BMW-M3-GT-Imola-Individual / #BMW-M3-GT-Imola-Individual-E36 / #BMW-M3-E36 / #BMW-M3-GT / #BMW-M3-GT-E36 / #BMW / #AC-Schnitzer / #AC-Schnitzer-Type-1 / #BMW-Motorsport / #BMW-M /

    ENGINE AND TRANSMISSION 3.2-litre straight-six #S50B32 / #BMW-S50 / #S50 / , #Eventuri carbon fibre intake with build number matched to chassis number, #ARP con-rod bolts, colour-coded engine cover, AC Schnitzer exhaust, #Hack-Engineering billet exhaust mounts. Standard six-speed manual gearbox, #Rogue-Engineering gearbox mounts, braided clutch line, standard 3.23 final drive LSD

    CHASSIS 8.5x17” (front) and 10x17” (rear) #AC-Schnitzer-Type-1-Racing three-piece wheels with 215/40 (front) and 245/35 (rear) Hankook V12 tyres, #KW-V3 coilovers, #AC-Schnitzer carbon fibre strut brace. Standard brakes with drilled and grooved discs front and rear, braided brake lines

    EXTERIOR Full respray in original Individual Imola red, Class II front spoiler removed, factory Class II rear spoiler, BMW Motorsport Individual side moulding badges, custom build number plaque

    INTERIOR Individual upholstery (including Imola red door inserts and seat centre sections, Amaretta Anthracite seat bolsters), Amaretta Anthracite-trimmed steering wheel with Imola stitching by Royal Steering wheels, extended Imola leather by Bespoke Leather, Storm Motorwerks gear knob, Storm Motorwerks cigarette lighter blank, AC Schnitzer alloy pedal set, AC Schnitzer door pins, BMW Motorsport International carbon fibre glovebox trim, BMW-Motorsport International door sill trims, Harman Kardon speakers

    THANKS Bilal and Imran at Eventuri, Jim at Vines, Steven at Taylor Made Decals, Ben at Hack Engineering, friends and family
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