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    Additional options for the #BMW-7-Series / #BMW-7-Series-G11 / #BMW-7-Series-G12 / #BMW-G11 / #BMW-G12

    From March #2017 there will be a broader choice of driver assistance systems for 7 Series models. The systems will be included in the optional equipment package ‘ #Driving-Assistant-Plus ’ and will offer the driver effective assistance in many different situations, ultimately leading the way to automated driving.

    A further addition to the range of Driving Assistant Plus functions is the #ActiveAssist-Collision-Avoidance system. Should a rapid lane change become necessary in order to avoid a suddenly appearing obstacle, it provides steering assistance at speeds of up to 100mph. The Cross Traffic Alert function, also included in the equipment package from March, provides visual and acoustic signals if the traffic signs identified by the stereo camera should indicate that the driver has overlooked a road with right of way.

    The new Driving Assistant Plus features are complemented by the #Wrong-Way-Driving-Alert feature. This system analyses navigation data in order to provide information on hazardous situations. It intervenes when the vehicle is driving in the wrong direction into one-way streets, roundabouts or motorway entrances.

    Lastly for the #BMW 7 Series in conjunction with the #Surround-View system drivers of a 7 Series will in future also have access to the #Remote-3D-View feature, the Surround View system which provides them with permanent access to a three-dimensional live image of their vehicle and its surroundings which can be transmitted to their smartphone via the #BMW-Connected feature.
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